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  1. Ah yes, Kanye has all the truth about everything and is exposing all these truths to the world. How devine and special he is to have all this knowledge. Where does he get all this truthful information from. Is he in touch with a devine being who has chosen Kanye to be the messenger or more like trawling through all the internet fuckwits and dime a dozen conspiracy idiots who for some reason only they have the truth.

  2. The Qataris are Sunnis and Iran is mostly Shia so it's ok. They almost hate each other anyway.

  3. I didn't know Qatar did. It's odd they would make concessions to allow protest signs etc when they didn't need to. However Qatar and Iran have a common foe the Saudis so there maybe better relations than what I thought.

  4. It seems to me those who are making the most out of that conflict are those who are going around the sanctions buying lots of cheap Russian oil while not helping Ukraine financially or otherwise.

  5. Yes, India is doing well out of it with cheap oil and coal. Not sure the US is doing well out if it with donating weapons at the US expense.

  6. Donating the weapons cost money yes, but the weapons are all US manufacturing jobs being funded by the federal government. It's a large cash injection into the local economies

  7. Sort of. The government needs to purchase these weapons off of private industry or are dipping into reserve stock and replenishing with new. It will depend on where these industries are at in needing to hire extra staff or they are utilising what they have. Plus the Govt is donating cash to prop up Ukraine's economy plus the EU is contributing as well.

  8. Yep. That's their hang up. Again, religious people intruding on individual rights.

  9. As if these fucking governments don't have better things to do in governing the country but to intervene into the personal, private lives of individuals. What is their hang up about grown adults having consensual sex in private. It's just sex, that's it. It's not terrorism, it doesn't affect the environment, it's not affecting the economy or state security or infrastructure or affecting others. Just leave people alone, we are not children.

  10. It's hard times for sure but pet food. It's expensive. You can buy cheap food or food banks, pasta, rice etc is cheaper than pet food. I think this is a one off anecdote for dramatic affect.

  11. What's the consequences or the law about leaving the religion, Apostasy in Indonesia. I'd be staying quiet as hundreds of thousands would be doing in many Islamic countries and playing along. Some apply the death penalty let alone the the complete rejection by the family and even shame killings by relatives. I don't envy your situation.

  12. Well you must admit Putins regime and the police state are pretty astute at suppressing dissent of its own people. So they are the go to for totalitarian states.

  13. Hmm, I'll take this with a bucket of salt. If it's somehow true then I'm sure the push wasn't hard enough to go down the stairs and out of a "window".

  14. The first source I saw running this was the Daily Wire, then other sites put it up… not sure how I feel about that.

  15. Well typically it's about getting the hits first then retracting the headline after, if it's deemed false or inaccurate.

  16. out of curiosity, what percentage is weapons grade uranium?

  17. 20 kilos of 90% enriched uranium makes a nuclear warhead, there abouts.

  18. This would be good if they can get it right.

  19. Imagine your president is so fragile and insecure that you are 100 percent certain that thousands of men, women, and children will be jailed, beaten, and killed over this.

  20. Fucking dictators are all the same since ever. Extremely thin skinned, paranoid and easily offended with child like retribution.

  21. Damn. They are hit and miss for sure, especially through uber eats. Might be different eating in. Room for another competitor

  22. No bloody room in their store to eat in, only about 5 tables. Uber eats is shit anyway, pricey delivery and some menu items don't transfer well into takeaway items.

  23. Try the Sporting Globe (near cinemas) they do wings. They are a bit pricey this place but Mondays, I think, do half price Wings and Rib dishes. It maybe my imagination but when we went for half price night, I'm sure the servings were a tad smaller to compensate the price. So not that special of a "Special".

  24. It's an un explainable mystery. So we just start the story at God creating the earth.. it's just easier that way. Odd though that he created Mars and Pluto and planet destroying meteors etc. Maybe these other planets were trial runs... not sure why he created a moon either, decoration maybe. Fucking idiots that believe this creation shit. Holes in their idiotic story all over the place yet they still believe this shit without question.

  25. Who marked you down, why would this suggestion have been marked down. I'm baffled.

  26. Fuck that. Give Russia an ultimatum not fucking negotiations. Cant be making compromises with tyrants who started this war.

  27. I think it's more then arrogance. I think they believed their own bullshit. They believed they were a legit military rival to the US, an equal. All the while they ignored how the corruption they fostered was rotting them from the inside.

  28. True. Their own propaganda got to them. Big impressive Red Square parades amounted to very little in the end.

  29. Russia is so sour and utterly ignorant that NATO and others dared to support Ukraine. Their mindset was so stubborn and paralyzed to the fact that Ukraine is theirs and subservient to Putin and that Ukraine should do what it is told, that they are now shell socked at the response. Putin and the Kremlin are utterly humiliated and offended that someone stood up to Putin and look them in the eye and said, "go fuck yourself".

  30. Well the Chinese Communist Party does not permit open demonstrations, it's just the Chinese are prepared to push back when they have had enough. The Communists will do everything they can with shutting off social media, round up and imprison demonstrators and trigger the state police into action. Chinese people will fight back when they have had enough of being treated like shit.

  31. I though covering women wasn't about protecting them, but to stop them from enticing men into demonic frenzies by their innate femininity... From what I can see, the men are terrified of the power women have over them and are doing all they can to suppress/repress it. All of the shit the middle easterners (the crazy ones... there are normal men over there.. just not enough) put on women are because the men are too weak to manage their own bodies.

  32. Your correct. I'm just being a bit sarcastic.

  33. So women should then also need to be covered up head to toe to ensure they don't get harassed buy the sexual urges of men. And men can't drink alcohol as they are likely to harasse women. Sounds fair to me...

  34. The Nazi swastika is at a 45-degree angle. This is Hindu or Buddhist.

  35. Even if you are correct, the intelect level of the uneducated in the US would always,see a Nazi symbol. And why just Buddhist and Jews. ????

  36. No fucking way. No one will go except China, Russia, Venezuela, Iran and Syria if they qualified. No validation of this fucked up regime.

  37. What does this say about human society? I'm not sure what's worse - the fact that she thinks this is a worthwhile endeavor, the fact that she's actually allowed to sue the company, or that it actually made the fucking news. What is wrong with people?

  38. What it says is that we have mechanisms in place to ensure there is not an unvetted free range for manufacturers, businesses, corperations etc to dupe consumers into buying their product as opposed to others. Sure the prep time for macaroni and cheese is a frivolous and silly issue to take to fight in court but it's their money and time. If there are others selling the same thing and the competitive edge is the prep time and they have lied or deceived the buyer with 3.5 mins, then that's unfair to the other brands who told the truth and said it actually takes minimum 10 mins prep time. Now it's petty for sure but this goes up the chain to all sorts of products and services that actually do matter. It's the principle and bigger picture. Corporations need to follow the law.

  39. The subject matter is frivolous but the principal is correct. Businesses / companies / services are out to make profit out of consumers, fine, no issues with profit. However making a profit can bring out greed and scrupulous marketing charlatans. However in taking your money the deal / sale needs to be fair and correct. From buying a new house to macaroni and cheese, if the sale was based on lies, false or misleading advertising, coercion or deception then the only way consumers can fight back or get justice and businesses are kept in line then suing or buying another brand are the tools.

  40. Someone who speaks Italian maybe translate what maybe going on. Looks like she is cutting herself as a threat to police to stop chasing her or something and / or the cops are trying to stop her from harming herself. ??

  41. One option is not to be a prick about it at all, and simply don't buy anything. Millions are starving in the world - you'll survive a couple of hours without a chocolate bar.

  42. Oh fuck me not the " millions are starving in the world" come back. It's not about the fucking chocolate bar but about managers and supervisors hiring 16 year olds in the service industry to deal with the front end with customers of all variations. When a store fucks up with poor service, customers are not to just accept it in fear of being targeted as an asshole because they want the issue resolved. If a customer is reasonable and polite ( not the shit Reddit throws out ) then they should not have to pander to the " just leave the poor minimum wage kid alone" and don't worry about it. How about paying them more, hiring older more experienced workers who have broader shoulders to work the front end or have supervisors on hand to take over when they stuff up.

  43. For a fair % of people, the price is irrelevant. Obviously the minority but enough for it to be profitable.

  44. Profit is fine but if it requires price gouging in hope enough will pay the insulting prices to be successful then the business is short sighted and doomed.

  45. Jesus, get over it and move on as there are a thousand other issues to worry about in governing a country.

  46. A confident, truthful and trasparent government should not be so paranoid and offended and afraid when it is openly criticised. Democracy requires strength from freedom of speech and freedom of association for the people. The people are the masters with power and the police and government are the servants. Serve well and the people will vote you back in.

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