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  1. You see a cartoon character and I see a potential romantic partner.

  2. The two sticks are some of the restrictive legislations in states for LGBTQIA+ issues?

  3. Yeah as someone who is living this bullshit as a sapphic trans woman who has been around sports my whole life, I'm glad that Cascadia seems to get the moment

  4. I have it on pretty good authority that this tifo was designed by a trans woman. Cascadia gets it.

  5. Lithuanian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender. LGBT.

  6. What's the hardest part about roller blading? Telling your parents you're Lithuanian

  7. I figured rope burns from poorly-tied bondage.

  8. Well Blaney is the obvious choice here. Outside of that...I think Cindric got a Daytona 500 tattoo or at least joked about it. I would imagine BJ McLeod may have some lol

  9. BJ has 78 skulls tattooed all over his body, and one in his head.

  10. You're just making up data. OP doesn't even call themself ugly in the green text.

  11. Most of those are just average looking guys who turn girls off because of their shitty personality, but call themselves ugly as an excuse.

  12. Suarez at dirt Bristol 2021. Little did we know that was just a preview of Trackhouse

  13. I put in my 2 weeks on Monday, quitting MST. I just can't stand to hear about profitability being an all time high in one breath, while saying that wanting a living wage is entitlement. I'm working the pricing project this morning, and there are more than 1300 labels, and lost are jacking up prices. This company just makes me sick.


  15. We were at an impasse when you opted to engage in personal attacks.

  16. Yes, yes. You're a very persecuted boy, and everyone should feel very sorry for you.

  17. You're perpetually wrong. Im not at all persecuted and nobody should feel sorry for me.

  18. I predict Chase Elliott finishes outside the top 10 at the Watkins Glen race

  19. Honestly, Chase's road course reputation has outrun his talent at this point.

  20. You might wanna see the stats since he's been in cup on them...

  21. Chase and Byron were big pulls from other organizations. I wouldn't exactly call either driver a big risk based on their their performance prior to their JRM signing.

  22. The real question is does Chevy really even need a deep pipeline? HMS and Trackhouse are set for foreseeable future, RCR has AD and can maybe hang on to Reddick and Kaulig has a young driver in Haley and can probably snag Gragson for next season

  23. Well, basically I copied the schedule we have now. Then I added fins for wind resistance. And this racing stripe I feel is pretty sharp.

  24. Can you tell me what date this one was released? I wouldn't mind giving it a listen!

  25. FWIW, I think the "Little Nazis" is one of the absolute best episodes of the pod, and because it's about actual Nazis your dad won't realize it's about conservatives (until it's too late)

  26. Ah yes, a decade of shame knowing you have a weird fetish will do that to you.

  27. Damn. People storming the Capital and the President puts out a tweet that puts his VP in even more danger.

  28. TBH, I wouldn't be surprised if he is keeping quiet for his own safety. The Trumpets are already comfortable with the idea of killing him and speaking out could ignite one to follow through.

  29. To be fair, the parties don't work in a true democratic fashion. Never have, really.

  30. True facts. If they did, Trump would have been against Bernie in 2016

  31. Unrelated, but I love how the script on Gasly and Albon flipped. I still remember how everyone thought Gasly was terrible after he got dropped from Red Bull for Albon in 2019. Now Gasly's a great driver waiting on his opportunity and Albon is a bust.

  32. Albion did well earlier this year, so he's also not a bust anymore.

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