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Mom names her newborn daughter after her best friend

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  1. This is clearly as good as an admission of guilt, lock them both up now - no trial needed.

  2. That, together with surveillance footage, tires imprints, ballistic and probably phone data will be part of the trial evidence and another nail in the case

  3. Yes, you have to take them to designated areas forcing you to use your body, therefore legally violating your bodily autonomy. You cannot simply leave them in their crib for weeks.

  4. Leaving a newborn in a hospital is minimum use of your body unless the mother lives there permanently. Is the prolife movement also angry at the safe haven laws? Are those the next on the chopping block?

  5. I’m talking about a mother that’s at home with her newborn. She must take that baby somewhere if she doesn’t want to be a mother, and she must use her body to do that.

  6. Are you challenged? Parents have the body autonomy to walk to a hospital, police station, church, fire station and leave a baby there. That’s pretty good autonomy in my books.

  7. This is a crime against humanity.

  8. Nah nutritionally close to a Nutella sandwich without the hazelnuts

  9. I don't understand why some Americans are so desperate to compare their struggles with the government to the situation in Afghanistan. It seems very insensitive

  10. I know, Afghanistan follows the Koran opinion about abortion which also follows the Bible opinion of first breath being when life begins. Churches in the west don’t follow religious commands about abortions.

  11. Those are officers of the Guardia Civil, Spain's national police force. Most buildings in Spain are literally brick and mortar, no wood studs or drywall. That's how they're all still standing after 500 years.

  12. Well most of the old ones are stone, in all fairness

  13. At this point the wall seems soft

  14. She isn't getting "harassed" for performing an abortion. The investigation's due to sharing info about of her patients and an underage rape victim.

  15. Not about the patient but about the AG investigation of her and his complaint to the medical board.

  16. The AG was first accusing the doctor of not informing the state of a crime (she did informed all needed agencies medical and law) and when that was proven a lie, the AG went for her licenses because she talked publicly about that investigation. That’s what this article is about. Wow nobody reads anything

  17. Also no seven year old going to Disney on ice, musicals or theater because they are men on costumes, dresses and makeup. Oh the horror

  18. I was gonna say similar. Not to disparage drag queens but to a seven year old they're no functional difference between a drag queen and a circus clown. They're just flamboyant over the top personalities in garish costumes.

  19. For me the difference is that the drag show is an adult dress flamboyant and you can make the show as sexual or not as you want. In a beauty pageant you are dressing up a seven year as an adult in a sexualized style (hair, makeup and short skirt dresses) to look like teenagers at least.

  20. I see like palliative care, if you’re not ok with stopping treatment when someone has a terminal illness and only given pain medication, then you are not ok with giving palliative care in the womb either. And that’s important to know, so you know your spouse will keep you alive no matter the outcome, and the same with any other family members including children.

  21. "Some, when they find themselves with child through their sin, use drugs to procure abortion, and when (as often happens) they die with their offspring, they enter the lower world laden with the guilt not only of adultery against Christ but also of suicide and child murder."

  22. They do for tax purposes, a lot, for the middle class is just a discount on your taxes, for the very rich have accounting firms dedicated to it. I am conflicted, I wouldn’t want to discourage donations but I would rather have some programs directly funded by the government instead of well intentioned individuals

  23. Do you think they ever talk about how they’ve both made out with Natalie Portman?

  24. I am sure they did, it has to be one of those party facts about themselves. It’s so weird to think he was once married to Demi Moore

  25. Obesity advancement or cosmetic industry advancement?

  26. Obesity and cardiovascular probably, if they can dissolve fat deposits in arteries

  27. Well, it's Israel who literally are the definition of an apartheid regime, and it's Israel who are ethnically cleansing Palestinians. So, work it out

  28. I don’t support either part. When one stopped killing the other didn’t stop. The Palestinians could have had a nation and territory of their own AND most of them would have been able to apply for residency and citizenship of Israel. I don’t blame Israel to pass laws to stop people committing terrorists acts against civilians to live and obtain residency in Israel. Same thing had happened in Europe and citizenships have been rescinded when possible.

  29. The Palestinians had their own country until it was taken from them by an arbitrary British decision. They're the victims of colonialism and in those circumstances attacking the gun-toting oppressor is self-defence. You know, like with Nelson Mandela

  30. Palestine was never a country, they were a province of either Egypt or the Ottoman Empire and then the British empire. Let’s not make up history.

  31. It’s such a poor argument because you can easily flip it and ask them if they’d be ok with someone wanting to abort a baby that’s lgbt. They’d either have to admit it’s murder and killing lgbt people is wrong or they’d have to admit apathy on getting rid of lgbt people.

  32. Why would they be ok? LGBT is not a illness and/or impairs anyone’s life quality.

  33. Ok and 🙄 thousands of healthy babies are aborted every year and pro choicers still advocate for their death because the mother doesn’t want them. So, if it’s ok to kill kids because you don’t want them lots of people don’t want a gay child and the argument has nothing to do with quality of life. You clearly don’t have any comprehension on what we’re all talking about.

  34. So explain,why do you equate Down syndrome with LGBTQ? There are a lot of things some parents don’t want. Ginger kids, short kids, fat kids, depressed kids but you only talk about LGBTQ. Amazing.

  35. They have a problem with the term “heart” because there is no fully-formed heart at that gestational age. I find switching the term to “cardiac activity compatible with life” just as acceptable.

  36. Trying making a heart beat with no heart chambers. It is not a heart, no chambers, no beating and not moving blood around. There’s not even cardiac activity, compatible with life or not, if you’re going to lie it’s not going to look good. It is an electric pulse.

  37. Disinformation is real thing, plenty of people win libel lawsuits and Twitter is private not the government

  38. Is this from 2002? Can we post the prolife bombings? If it is because of loss of life…

  39. Funny story lol... On our way back from Iraq we were in Kuwait for 2 weeks. And I did in fact meet a male marine that had a tramp stamp 😳😅

  40. What’s a tramp stamp? I am afraid of googling it

  41. Extra info: I was adopted from China, my uncle is a catholic priest, and I’ve decided to change my phone number as soon as possible.

  42. Wow she is a piece of shit. I am so sorry for you. I wouldn’t call her mother either, how she dares.

  43. Is that a house or an office? I am so confused

  44. I've said ir before, but it's crazy how much men on here need the approval of the older women they don't want to date. You never really hear w9men whining abiut how "men with small dicks don't approve of women liking big ones".

  45. I am a woman and I don’t find age gaps creepy among people with established lives and minds. Younger than mid/late twenties should date similar ages, 30s and up is different and most people are mature enough to handle different life experiences/ stages.

  46. It’s actually more likely that a father of a young woman wants her to pursue a career, travel and avoid predatory old men as well as feckless youth. I’m in my late 40s and this is the standard attitude for all the men I know with daughters in their teens and early 20s. They know there’s no rush to settle down and that older guys chasing young women do it because women their own age won’t tolerate their shit.

  47. My father was like this. He thought I was smart and wanted me to be able to study whatever I wanted and start a career if I wanted (he would have been disappointed if I went to become a housewife but that’s a different discussion). He wanted me to have a family at one point but to be able to take care of myself first

  48. Yes! I hate games. You are into me, great! You’re not, feel bad but I will get over it and I prefer to know early on.

  49. And playing against Serbia instead of Morocco

  50. At least treat them humanely after murdering them…logic??

  51. Taking into account is in Indiana. I guess you prefer that the women also die with their fetuses. Strange prolife stand

  52. That is true. It kinda weird I feel like I'm the only person that actually sees the fact that modern society see unborn children life's as disposable and replaceable,where I live I don't think this mindset is common but I think it is common, but I live in suburbs of the southern state. But it seems like most of society views having children kinda like they do an exotic pet, they don't actually value there children as really humans until later in life and I'm taking like 7 to 10 years old later

  53. How previous societies valued the lives of children, unborn or born?

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