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  1. I wish they would have just had natural conversations about things instead of everything feeling forced. And the games were just unnecessary too, it basically took as long to introduce and explain them as they did play them. Just let the conversations flow.

  2. The one where Bob and Teddy were on the trip to pick up the oven or whatever it was and Teddy made the trip a million times longer than it should have been because he kept making a million stops and talking to a million people and in the end Bob was supposed to feel bad because he didn’t want to talk and get to know every single person he comes into contact with.

  3. Omg what episode is that😭 my bad for this almost a year ago reply

  4. Not an episode, an actual thing lol you’ll have to google it

  5. I came up with Hissy Fit when someone posted a pic of their cat with a wig on in this sub and asked for good names. Sissy Fit works better thematically with the show for sure!

  6. I could be wrong, but I don't think Naomi's ankles were caved inward. She was balanced on the heels of her shoes going back like that. His way was cheating.

  7. Yeah definitely, that’s why I said it was a valiant effort lol his was nowhere near her level of skill

  8. Flying pikachu v is different from regular pikachu v

  9. It’s just a cartoon with very few consistencies between episodes. There aren’t long episodes long plots. So I’m really not sure what you even mean by spoilers. Also not sure what you mean by the Jimmy Pesto thing because he still hasn’t been in an episode since season 11. So unless you saw a spoiler somewhere else about a future episode, you may have seen something unofficial.

  10. It’s my most watched holiday movie now. Saw the 2021 show in person last year. Can’t make it to one this year, wish they’d do a Hulu recording every year.

  11. I forgot so much of this season. It felt so rushed compared to Uk 2

  12. And the fact that it came out soooo soon after UK2 finished airing felt so weird

  13. “Took criticism from her peers in stride” is where you lost me lol

  14. How I’m currently feeling on my Uber ride home with no hookup in sight on grindr

  15. Still wouldn’t write home about her being THE fashion queen, not even just for this season when Starlet, Sminty, Cheddar, Peppa, Dakota, and Danny were there. Which typing this out, wow there were so many fashionable queens with amazing runway packages this season

  16. Yeah it's a uno reverse from the usual UK season where it's stiff competition in the challenges but no on the runway.

  17. One of the very few characters brave enough to kick Louise

  18. It took this long… to add… remade wii sports holes….

  19. It’s not overrated, it’s rated just where it should be as everyone agrees it’s a pretty hollow experience compared to the past animal crossing games with too much missing.

  20. I feel like everyone I talk to things the same way as me about the game. Yet when I search 'top rated switch games' it's always in the top. I guess the ratings are from when u start the game where it's fun and new.

  21. It’s still definitely a super fun game for quite a while, especially if you’ve never played one before, but it’s still not as good as the others

  22. I believe it's against the sub rules to mention or highlight this specific queen, unlike Sherry Pie or Soju, but yea, it's the season 4 winner

  23. It’s not. You can click the about section of the sun to see the rules

  24. It (Trixie) was in (was wearing) a fucking tent (a fucking tent)

  25. Ohhhhhh got it thanks lol I was like am I too high for this right now?

  26. I just took my gummie and I’m lost so it can’t be that. …yet.

  27. Thank you for the power in numbers sis. It definitely can’t be us

  28. If it were digital maybe I would have taken the bite

  29. As far as I know the switch has never had a seal

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