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A glowing commendation for all to see

  1. Looks delicious. Would you mind sharing the recipe?

  2. Yes ofc!! I found this YouTuber who is an amazing vegan cook! Ill link the video as well.

  3. You know she would never take all of those children out by herself.

  4. You will not be invited. No one wants you around.

  5. Looks great. Did you use a vegan whipped cream?

  6. Clearly shows she is as ugly on the outside as she is on the inside. Not amount of plastic surgery or procedures can fix that.

  7. Well from the looks of that cheese tray, they had quite a feast.

  8. I will gladly send all recipes to whomever would like them. All is vegan and delicious here 綽

  9. Would love your recipes. Everything looks delicious.

  10. What is wrong with you Hilarious? Are you so high/drunk that you that you are getting the real baby mixed up with your doll baby? That is NOT how you hold a baby or let a baby sleep. You are disgusting.

  11. He's sick of your shit, Larry. Ok? He's totally not going to speak to you anymore when he's in his 30s. Ok?

  12. I wouldnt be surprised if he went no contact with her a lot sooner than 30.

  13. Hilarious, MariLu would be a lot happier sitting next to Carmen with you holding the baby you just bought.

  14. Of course she does. Why else would she tuck her shirt in so it is on display for the paparazzi. She is always disgusting.

  15. Poor little MariLu is crying and try to get away from this creature who always hurts her. Yeah Hilarious, a real happy family picture.

  16. No one cares what you recommend Hilarious. Absolutely no one.

  17. I am sure the order has been placed. You know Hilarious isnt cooking.

  18. Oh Hilarious, your crazy season never stops.

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