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  1. Catch-up time! Here's the full list as of yesterday's stories of the last known locations of our various living, non-compleated Walkers (ones with unknown locations bolded):

  2. How about the Forgotten Realms planeswalkers? Where’s my cool Phyrexian invasion of Aber-Toril?!?!?!

  3. As it stands this is incredibly underpowered - most time walk effects are 5 mana in just one color and have no downside.

  4. It’s a pretty simple Jazz-style melody over a Hip-Hop or Trap-style sampled beat. The harmony is just a tonic, predominant, and tonic chord. The rhythm is a very basic straight Jazz drum line with an emphasis on the “and” of 4. The melody is very much in the style of mid-20th century Jazz singers like Nina Simone, and the melody line itself is almost entirely just a minor pentatonic with some typical Jazz phrasing.

  5. Thanks mymaloneyman! :) Can I DM you with some questions? I wanna find more songs like this and I'm wondering which trait I should most search for.

  6. The most stand-out feature is the melody. I’d look for Alicia Keys, Nina Simone, and Aretha Franklin. Alicia Keys specifically has many songs with a similar simple beat and electronic instrumentation.

  7. Because of equal-tempered tuning, nobody needs to change tuning except out of tradition. They just transpose.

  8. The cost of living (and the average income) in South Africa is about 50% of the cost of living in the US.

  9. I spoke poorly. I was more thinking about the arguments about specific wavelengths (A440 v. A432, for example). There’s a lot of “pseudoscience” in that area, but I don’t think there has ever been true double-blind scientific method based studies?

  10. There have been studies on A=432 Hz tuning and A=440 Hz. There is no difference except one is lower and one is higher, and that’s for the simple fact that equal tempered tuning does not align with rational numbers. Even if it did, seconds are a human creation. They are purely arbitrary, and there is no reason why mathematically beautiful divisions of an arbitrary measurement would have any effect on biological response.

  11. Honestly, I’m impressed that it has en passant programmed in. Most of these shovelware games are thrown together in five minutes in js.

  12. Probably something faster and older like Java, I doubt these things run web games

  13. My liberal arts ass not knowing the difference between Java and JavaScript: :o

  14. It’s also one of the most common words in the English language, at spot 1677. Considering its association with song, there are literally millions of songs that include the word dance.

  15. Is there something I should be googling to understand this post?

  16. Each mode in the Western canon has associated feelings, but those feelings are extrinsic and situational (aeolian=sad, etc). The feeling attached to each Raga is built into the Raga, and the chalan are natural ornaments that accentuate these feelings. If one were to change the chalan, they would not be singing the original Raga. As such, they are more often used for improvisation than for composition due to their unchanging structure.

  17. The language by which photos are interpreted and constructed is decidedly not universal. The same goes for music, sculpture, or any kind of art — they are universal languages only in the sense that language is universal language.

  18. If it was white to move, it would be as simple as PF6#.

  19. A surprisingly large amount of arsenic is an inconsequential amount of arsenic. Arsenic doesn’t accumulate in the body, so safe doses don’t build up over time.

  20. I'm more curious about the logistics behind this. When you say every comic, do you mean every comic with Spider-Man man as the title character? Did you read Amazing Spider-Man, or all the other titles as well? Seems like this would be a lifelong mission, and incredibly expensive, if you bought every issue.

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