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Why I'm Suing YouTube.

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Here are some of the 150+ workers who just walked out of the Amazon Air Hub in San Bernardino to demand higher wages. Biggest Amazon walkout yet in the Inland Empire

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  1. Trans people are the current bogeyman, so I'm guessing they're responsible this time. Maybe we just need to figure out which sort of gender identity or sexual orientation pisses off God in just the right way to make it rain more, since that's apparently what controls weather?

  2. People who never gave a damn about women's sports are now super concerned about trans in sports. Iirc Utah passed a law and in the entire state there was 1 trans athlete in the entire state.

  3. Bonneville salt flats are only 500 miles from the west coast. We pump oil many times that distance. It's not that it's not easy, it's that it isn't profitable. That's why it hasn't been done.

  4. It's an order of magnitude more expensive. Not just not profitable.

  5. But I'm saying they did not explain to him that the reason under CA law that it isnt a search is that contraband is siezed but cannot be used to incriminate him.

  6. Dude was super belligerent. He didn't want to hear anything.

  7. Hey this video is long but I strongly encourage you to watch it. Maybe at 1.25x but watch it if you can. Or listen to it in the background. He put a lot into this and it is worth the watch to the end.


  9. I'm trying to download it but it won't open will try later ty.

  10. Except this has been happening pretty much annually, sooooo....

  11. Everyday on reddit is another 1 in a million lobster.

  12. What utter shit. This is the rich once again devastating the environment.

  13. The eggs are made of plain gelatin in a mold, so if one happens to get stuck, your body heat will eventually melt it and it'll slip out :)

  14. I mean, I suppose you could collect the used eggs and pop them back in the fridge, but it doesn't seem sanitary lol. Gelatin is cheap enough, I'd make a fresh batch every time

  15. This better not awaken something in me! I don't even like jello.

  16. In my country (Czech Republic), the teachers know that students go for a beer or two during afternoon break, but they probably wouldn't allow drinking in school (I think that's actually against the school code?)

  17. Creative differences as in she didn’t want Haley Joel Osment to play Harry Potter and wanted an all British cast.

  18. In the year 2002 Chris Columbus made Haley Joel Osment blue.

  19. Myth: Three Americans every year die from rabies. Fact: Four Americans die every year from rabies.

  20. Well the good news is 4 people already died this year from rabies so the rest of us have nothing to worry about. Quota met.

  21. We have lots of these places in the Poconos. Had a guy try to jump scare my little brother who is 6'7" the guy stumbled backwards when he went to look up and yells "fuck me you're tall".

  22. The mods suck. How is this technology related?

  23. Treating people like machines and getting the most out of them for as little in pay as is practical probably does make Amazon an enormous amount of money. However the negative headlines, law suits, and loss of workers must cost them an enormous amount of money too..

  24. It cost them nothing. They have zero competition in their area. I challenge anyone to give me a realistic alternative for someone home bound.

  25. Around our department we test all of the hose once a year and repair what we can in house. Then if anything is left over we offer it to the firefighters to use at home. I have one for a chainsaw chain covers. I know several have them for toolbox liners. Pretty handy.

  26. That's cool I didn't know they could be repaired do you cut off the damage and replace the end? Must be a nice size size line for a chainsaw scabbard.

  27. Yea we have a hydraulic hose repair machine, its called the

  28. The drunk driver caused my grandmother to flip her car. She died on impact.

  29. That was Hayden. 😂 He absolutely did that and it’s hilarious.

  30. What would you recommend I listen to on my maiden Hayden voyage?

  31. I've found letting go of Amazon was not as hard as I thought it would be. There are lots of booksellers so that was easy, sometimes wait a few more days but its no big deal. Cancelling Prime so a few less movies but not many. And the movies that I've bought are still on there so its no big deal. The only thing I miss really is my Alexa doesn't play specific songs anymore since Im not a prime subscriber. If you ask it to play Colors by Black Pumas it will play Color-adjacent songs but not that actual song, I miss that. But the rest of Amazon can go fuck itself

  32. Well if all you ever buy on Amazon is books then yeah it is very easy to get around. But I have a handicap so I order everything I can online vs brick and mortar. I have yet to have one person suggest a realistic alternative. Clothing, dry food, household items, toiletries etc.

  33. People have been tired of Walmart for decades it's almost meaningless.

  34. Some jobs need to be done by Americans only. Think government work, or even government contract work. That's one reason. Other companies want native US English speakers many insurance companies are this way. Some jobs just require a knowledge of the US that a foreign person wouldn't have. Travel agents for example.

  35. Marion Mitchell. His mother took his middle name and gave it to the younger brother because she liked him more.

  36. The fact that it took six security guards to physically restrain John Wayne and stop him from storming the stage and attacking her in an unhinged fit of rage, as Clint Eastwood laughed and booed her...


  38. My second favorite thing norm has ever done. First being "chairman of the bored"

  39. Hm counting I failed my freshman year lmao thinking it's gonna be the same just gonna set me back a graduation year

  40. What I wouldn't give to have an opportunity to listen to the adults who told me to take school more seriously when I was your age. I figured I'd just do a trade but got hurt pretty bad so now I'm pushing 40 and starting school again in a couple of weeks.

  41. Maybe we can get multiple families going together in one large multi family home. But first check with Dave Chappell and the other nimby to make sure it "fits the neighborhood".

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