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  1. I'm more interested in whether this is capable of hitting flying enemies.

  2. Oh damn I never thought of that before. That's a good question because her auto does "sprout" out of the ground instead of shooting projectiles. I can't really imagine for it sprout super tall just to hit things like hydro bird mimics.

  3. Honestly I'm fine with the lack of reaction or weak ass crystalize shield but for the love of god don't destroy geo constructs randomly.

  4. Construct is one of the main thing that makes Geo different from other element because only Geo has constructs. I absolutely love the idea of them having constructs but goddamn the limit of 3 and how easy they are to be destroyed don't make sense.

  5. Eula gets infinite poise when her burst is active?? I always have to pair Eula with Zhongli because she gets knocked around so easily :o

  6. Wait she doesn't? I very rarely use her nowadays so maybe I'm remembering it wrongly but iirc she's pretty much uninterruptable when her burst is up. A lot of people also said she has infinite poise when her burst is up so I think she really does have it. Maybe she doesn't? Maybe it's just a very2 high poise but not infinite like Raiden.

  7. I conversely see a lot of posts saying Eula gets knocked around too :p

  8. Apparently she does have infinite poise.

  9. Oh you sweet summer child. Either you don't know much, or just trolling. I put my bet on the latter.

  10. Like Cyno’s joke resistance? Or a gooood resistance ?

  11. Yeah catalyst users already have low poise in the first place so it needs to be an actual good interruption resistance bonus to make up for it. Catalyst user + cyno's level of interruption resistance would pretty much not change anything.

  12. Damn your bar for "broken" is so damn low.

  13. You okay? Sounds like you're a bit unhinged there.

  14. Dude she looks like a generic NPC number #23409.

  15. Does hyperbloom teams needs Nilou? Or does bountiful cores affacted by eletro?

  16. Well at least Suzuran is a really good operator. One of my friends got Nightingale and Shining as her earliest 6* operators. That's much worse lol

  17. If it only works with sumeru npcs then does that mean....

  18. No dendro Wifi coverage outside of Sumeru

  19. Abyss was always like that, tailor made to whatever the running banners are.

  20. Yeah it has been like this for a very long time already. The current abyss is also the same so I don't see why some people are surprised tbh (except if they're new players).

  21. Disregarding damage or anything else, in this showcase it seems like it really does have standard ICD because it procs spread every 2 ticks, instead of every ticks. Damage in beta is usually questionable and unreliable to be taken seriously as release version damage so I'll take any other info for now.

  22. I guess it's like A/B testing method or split testing, where different samples are given or shown to the users picked at random, and then the results are used to determine which variant leaves the best result to further improve the final product. Some beta testers get Nahida with normal ICD and some get her with no ICD. Maybe some get Nahida with different ICD.


  24. I guess she'll mark them but the initial hit doesn't damage them.

  25. Not even Raiden Shogun's Eternity Slash that split islands in 2 can't break that shield

  26. The only thing that I can remember that can damage wooden shield mitachurl when they're blocking towards the damage source is when they're frozen (vulnerable to all damage), Yelan's E, Zhongli's burst (damages them and petrified enemies also work the same like frozen enemies), and uhh... can't think of anything else tbh. It can even block deployed AoE damage like kokomi's E if they're holding the shield towards the source/center. Truly the strongest shield in Teyvat.

  27. You cannot get 5* weapon in character event banner though. So I think you just spent primos on Standard Banner, or Weapon Banner. You are guaranteed to get 5* character in character event banner.

  28. Not everyone one has zhongli plus this is not about team comps clearly the discerption doesn’t match the character’s ability so basically they’re lying to us

  29. They're not really "lying" though because Cyno does get interruption resistance bonus from his burst, albeit a pretty weak one. It's just that they should specify how much resistance to interruption it actually gives.

  30. If i kept a secret from you.. say we are in a relationship and im cheating, am I lying to you or not? That’s essentially it, withholding information like that is the same as lying especially if its a selling point and myhoyo profits from it and people actually spend money on this game

  31. Wow what a load of useless thing you just said. This is a game, not a love relationship. What I'm saying is, he DOES get interruption resistance, which is the total opposite of "not getting resistance to interruption so they're lying". And I also specifically said in my previous comment that MHY really should just specify how much of resistance we actually get from any skill/burst, instead of leaving us in the dark.

  32. Siege is so generous she donated them to Mostima

  33. From what I can see rn, majority of people do think that Nahida as a dendro driver will have no problem with dendro application. That's not the problem for most people.

  34. Isn't this real life? No matter what choices you make you die either way.

  35. I'd say I would rather die of suffocation from Utage's chest rather than getting assimilated into sea noodles, or turned into cancer crystals.

  36. I really hope that Baizhu's snake does something like the poison spit from 2:28.

  37. Imagine if it turns out that Baizhu is the 5* character that's designed to be a fast off-field dendro enabler.

  38. And I bet every new character will need his mats. Thank god there is Zhongli.

  39. At this point I guess I'll be using his Fat-ass Shield™️ for the protection and anti-stagger (the most important one) until genshin went out of service.

  40. God I love her design so much. That pink suit her so much. I just cant stress enough how I love her character design. It also compliments the chessboard forehead splendidly.

  41. Dang, i hoped they will put Yae and Nahida together to pull for their both weapons

  42. That'd be nice for me too tbh. I still don't have Kagura's Verity and getting Nahida's weapon is also good. But yeah sadly Nahida running with Yoimiya is already pretty much confirmed.

  43. all the passives themselves are now really good on Yae but I really hate that it has only 25% uptime, it's really a bad passive tbh

  44. It's a really good passive, which is why it has downtime. It's still one of the best 4* weapon in the game because of that beefy crit it gives. But yeah I also don't really like to use it because of the RNG and especially the downtime. The stat stick is really good tho

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