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  1. Thanks, I really appreciate it. If you or anyone else has any kind of guide, video, manual, etc that would explain how to do the repair, I'd greatly appreciate it. I've been on

  2. There aren't any places that work on motorcycles? They usually can do scooters as well.

  3. I've called and none around me do unfortunately.

  4. Dan Dee doesn't appear to have a website, and it's unclear if they're still in operation. I have tried to locate phone numbers and emails, have also posted on their Facebook page. No responses.

  5. This is my five-year-old daughter's favorite stuffed animal she takes everywhere. Despite over a year of searching I have not found a single trace of another one of these existing anywhere. I will happily pay someone $100 if they can find another one of this exact stuff animal. It's about 14 inches tall and is a pastel rainbow color, and it's made by DanDee.

  6. I have an iPad Air 4 (2020) and somehow it must have gotten dropped or knocked something in such a way that the power/sleep button on the top cracked and got stuck in the down position. Now anytime I plug in the iPad, update it, restore it, etc., it boots into recovery mode (presumably because the power button is perpetually depressed).

  7. It’s ‘The Invention of Lying’ with Beatles songs

  8. I'd definitely be curious to know if there were any Groundhog Day-type movies before Groundhog Day. Groundhog Day is a great one to mention in this thread as it's basically become a genre in itself - tons of movies are explained as "Groundhog Day in X" (e.g. Happy Death Day is "Groundhog Day as a horror movie").

  9. I'm trying to stay as blind as possible (have never played it but am interested), and many of the reviews/comments talk about solving mysteries, etc. I'm curious to know if there's one main overarching mystery (or a handful of main mysteries) that you're trying to figure out, or is it like there are a bunch of little mysteries you discover and solve that are unrelated to each other? I realize that's not a very articulate question, I'm just trying to figure out if this is a game where you're exploring with the goal of figuring out the answers to a big mystery (and when you solve it, you've "beaten" the game, or if it's more like exploration for exploration's sake, and you figure out some unrelated mysteries along the way.

  10. My daughter has this DanDee Collector's Choice rainbow plush duck and it's her favorite thing in the world, but there have been some close calls and I'm very worried she'll lose it so I'm looking for a backup. I have not been able to find a single reference to or picture of this duck online save for one sold eBay listing from a few months ago (where I got these pictures from). Otherwise this duck doesn't seem to exist! If anyone has any idea where I could find this, or if anyone has one they'd be willing to sell (I can assure you it would go to a good home!), I would really appreciate it!

  11. Is there any update on the release date for New Pokemon Snap? I thought when it was announced this summer it was clearly stated to be coming out this year, but I've heard nothing more about a release date and can't find anything online. Just curious if anything has been announced regarding the release date that I missed.

  12. I do/did side work at a high-end place like you’re talking about. Not exactly a scam but run by a bunch of shady fuckers that count on everyone missing their payments and getting repoed. I’ve fixed everything from DeLorians to A 488 Pista there but mostly it’s high end SUVs and a ton of lame Jeeps with an assload of mods on them.

  13. That lines up with what others are saying, they're legit (in that they're not a scam or laundering money) but they rely on basically charging high interest and repoing cars when people can't pay.

  14. In my area its two reasons: the first being it is a really good way to launder money, and the second is a good way for the owner of the "dealership" to drive an exotic without having to actually buy one ( just drive it on the dealer plate).

  15. How does the money laundering aspect work with respect to these dealers? That was something I was wondering about. I'm sure not all these shady dealers are in it for that purpose, but there have to be some. I've definitely driven by or walked into a few where they seem confused there's an actual person there and what to do about it.

  16. Have you tried switching to a different WiFi radio channel? There may be some interference in that area.

  17. The Netgear wizard automatically assigned it a channel as part of setup (maybe 153?) and as part of troubleshooting I changed the 5G channel to "auto" and so Netgear changed the channel to something else and it was still just as slow.

  18. I replaced the slow access point with an identical Nighthawk router configured the same way and it was just as slow. I hadn't tried that new router elsewhere or in the place the other access points are so I can't say if that new router worked better elsewhere or not.

  19. Why are people all of a sudden trying to sell basic Switches with no games/accessories for $400+? Normally Switches on Facebook marketplace, craigslist, etc. near me are <$300 (since they're only $300 new), but all of a sudden I see a ton of people trying to sell the standard base model (i.e. not limited editions) for over $400. Is there some shortage due to coronavirus going on that people are trying to capitalize on?

  20. When was the last time you cleaned lint out of the bobbin case and added some oil?

  21. Have never oiled it, but regularly clean out the lint from the bobbin area.

  22. Thanks. Is there anything specific in there you'd point me to for this?

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