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  1. It's like that 8-Bit Theater arc where Fighter is on every team

  2. Professional wrestling? I mean I've heard not good stories about locker room antics, but wrestlers seem a bit more chill today.

  3. To whomever was saying "wow, are they doing the camera stuff different? It's more controlled now, nice," that last 10 seconds says "no."

  4. "Where you touchin', huh? Where you touchin'? I smash all y'all!"

  5. Damn, Uce, you really did yourself like that to do Riddle like that.

  6. I used to have this view, so I don't know if I'm fit to answer, but it's along the lines of saying that a person chooses the consequences of their actions when they choose their actions. Like, you hear now and then a prominent person get arrested for something stupid or vile, and one of the things you'll hear people say is that they "threw everything away." Or they'll get a divorce, or ruin a friendship, or something, and they'll have "thrown everything away."

  7. Ahh didn't know he played basketball. Thanks

  8. Baseball. Satnam Singh played basketball (and Omos, too)

  9. Do you measure your Ds if it's hard or flaccid? (Serious question cuz em a virgin)

  10. Erect. Flaccid size has little to do with erect size aside from setting the minimum.

  11. Guy who went through so much shit, but instead of being evil, he is just kind. Plus the trope crouching moron hidden badass.

  12. Kind like Kenshiro, or kind like Jonathan Joestar?

  13. Despite all the clothes we usually get cycled around, even the occasional Paragus set which seems to pop in every few months or so, we still only had about 1 chance or so to get the Tapion set years ago.

  14. The 1 Corinthians 13 thing. Try to act with patience, kindness, etc. and try to make them part of who I am.

  15. Ok, so for Attributes, adding points to:

  16. I'll be honest, I chose the female majin because I thought it was cute.

  17. Wow, the chain came right off Boar's collar. I was expecting a malfunction somewhere, but I more thought it'd be Dennis's chain just coming off because it was too loose.

  18. I feel like in the internal way things are ranked, it goes SmackDown, RAW, NXT 2.0, NXT UK, NXT Level Up, Main Event, whatever else they have.

  19. Oh, internally? Yeah, it'd probably be ranked somewhere around there.

  20. I don't know if that's Goku's big strategy, just a way of saying "we need to catch him off guard somehow," or if Goku's giving a damning assessment of the situation ("we ain't got no way of beating him if he blocks").

  21. "Don't drink the water. Don't even touch it. Not one drop."

  22. Before-school and afterschool activities. Hard to do when you don't exactly have a reliable car.

  23. I think also against Hyo. There's a part in their fight where Hyo starts using hokuto shinken and Ken thinks that if he was 1cm closer he would have died.

  24. Perfect fairness, someone coming physically close to killing him is most of his fights with other skilled fighters. Any technique from Nanto or Taizan (Ryuga's Tenrou Ken, especially) that left a mark on his face or chest, if just a little bit deeper, could've caused serious damage, for example.

  25. Must've been an antique lamp in there

  26. So, uh, I think the confusion comes from "

  27. Universalists kinda agree with you there

  28. Gohan starts out weak AF in DBZ Attack of the Saiyans, but when he’s brought up to a comparable level to the rest, he ends up being the second strongest behind Goku.

  29. There is actually a lot of cultural history in this subject. For instance the German suplex originated in Finland. Worth reading about for sure.

  30. this a German Chocolate Cake situation?


  32. I saw the artwork, saw Tapion, and very briefly got my hopes sky high that we'd be getting his awesome gear. Hell, you could probably make the DQ8 Hero, too.

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