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LIVE AEW Dynamite 12/1/21 Discussion

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  1. Honestly think this is what killed WWE for me for good. I was an occasional viewer at the time and me and my friends all met up to watch WM and we were speculating who Braun's partner would be all night only for that bullshit to happen.

  2. I remember getting excited with people around here that it might be a returning Adrian Neville/PAC, and that we'd see a Red Arrow off of Braun's shoulders.

  3. I don't think anyone was sure about how possible it was, we just fantasized it

  4. I'd say Toontown, but someone already basically remade the entire game, totally free to play. They call it "Toontown Rewritten," or something like that.

  5. Just to be clear, the stakes aren't whether or not abortion is made legal vs illegal. The stakes are whether or not there's a recognized constitutional right to abortion. If SCOTUS overturns Roe, it's almost certainly going to go back down to the states to regulate abortion as they see fit, which means you'll see splits along political lines as to what is and isn't allowed.

  6. Tax stuff in one folder, fanfictions in the other

  7. Summer job. Worked as a cashier at a convenience store.

  8. People, having to scan IDs of customers who were obviously over the smoking age to let them buy a pack of cigarettes, the people, selling specifically numbered lottery tickets, the people, working the EBT card reader, and the people.

  9. Wait, recommend to everyone, or everyone who already likes anime?

  10. I think I found the prosecuting attorney here. Did you manage to get your grandma locked up yet?

  11. And as one of my former law professors found out, if you do try to pull the surprise evidence trick, not only do you lose, the judge orders you to take education in how to lawyer.

  12. Depends on the level of AI, I guess? I just don't want any Maverick Wars.

  13. I felt a little weird the night before my first class. Had some kinda brain fog, and felt (this is gonna sound weird) a bit to the side of where I actually was? Like, I'd feel like I was a few more inches to the left than my body would be. This lasted a long ass time.

  14. They're called pancakes because they're cakes you make in a pan.

  15. That AIDS denial is a thing. I learned that today.

  16. Wait, is? Was, absolutely, but I didn't know people still denied it

  17. Whatever the fuck was on Cody's back (dead skin?) turned black REAL FUCKING QUICK

  18. Y'know what? Not gonna knock him. He landed on a flaming table with all his back

  19. Far left and right? Corruption in the "establishment" members of the big two parties (in the US).

  20. Hera actually messed with the birth of Heracles to keep him from being born but failed. Heracles' mother feared that Hera would do worse to her so she left Heracles to die of exposure. Athena found him and brought him to Hera who didn't realize who the baby was and breastfed him. He was a bit too aggressive so Hera pulled him off, creating the Milky Way, and Athena returned him to his mortal parents (his mother and stepfather).

  21. Oh, she didn't know it was Heracles? That makes more sense.

  22. Wait, didn't Hera later drive Heracles to madness, making him kill his entire family? And that was entirely because Heracles was born from one of Zeus's "trysts?"

  23. Basically the Winston Churchill vs Theodore Roosevelt one. That one is my favourite.

  24. The whole battle? Not blaming you there

  25. I was wondering how the semester would play out.

  26. The Obelisk ("pointed pillar," among other translations) of Axum.

  27. Isn't that why it happened? Mabel won KotR so he was naturally No.1 Contender, logic be damned?

  28. About 9 years ago, I kept reading these Rage Comic things, and a bunch of them referenced this site. And here we are.

  29. I would love to hear your stories about how this site has evolved. I find the evolution of social media fascinating

  30. Not sure how much I can tell you about the evolution of the site. Wasn't paying that much attention, aside from the memes. Off the top of my head

  31. Fist of the North Star. A good number of the filler episodes.

  32. 1 hour in, and no replies. Seems these beans simply shan't be spilled.

  33. I dont understand why they dont just remaster the budokai or tenkaichi series. Give the people what they want

  34. They did an HD re-release for Budokai 1 and 3. Replaced the Yamamoto soundtrack. Not sure if anyone was happy about that, even though some of us recognized the need.

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