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  1. I dont think there is a clear cut answer here. Coffee recipes are always guidelines more than exact science. Replicating a "recipe" is near impossible.

  2. Thats one of the perks of living in Scotland, our water is basically like mineral water but from the tap. Makes for great coffee!

  3. Yeah it's definitely not the case everywhere here, you get the odd old sink with years old pipes, or things like that, but there's some pretty heavy laws making sure it's amazing quality as much as possible, and yeah. You really don't need to buy mineral water in shops, though

  4. Ive heard copenhagen water is extremely hard

  5. How to properly maintain a clean apartment

  6. Fellow stagg. Better heat retention, faster flow

  7. Can tou send it to me as well please

  8. What would be a good starting point on the comandante for this method?

  9. I use a stainless steel dispersion screen from Flair Espross under my filter in my Stagg X. No chance of clogging up the drain holes with it.

  10. Ordered one a couple a days ago, and I'm really looking forward to brewing with it. I've had a glass V60 for a year now, and I've found that most recipes (even those favouring a sweetness-forward profile) end up highlighting mostly acidity. It's a nice, pleasant and interesting acidity. Like when the roaster writes 'honey and pineapple' I certainly get the bright pineapple acidity, but less of a honey sweetness.

  11. My v60 grind range on a comandante was usually between 18-22 clicks depending on the coffee. For the stagg x i tend to stick more around the 17-20 clicks

  12. Thanks heaps! And, it that with a multi-pour brew method (like a 4:6 recipe), or more like a Scott Rao recipe?

  13. Hey, So I want to treat myself with a flat bed brewer, debating whether i should get the april brewer or stagg x. Already own a v60. Just to change things up a bit. Didnt find many posts about these brewers but was wondering if people here have experience with both or one of them and could share. Hard decision

  14. Happened to mine once. The lid is pressure fit so once I pushed it back up it stayed in place just fine. Customer support from Comandante is really good if you still have an issue with it.

  15. this worked, thank you. feel dumb for not trying that before. im too careful with it

  16. The skerton is just not a good grinder to begin with

  17. what i have been doing and finding greaet results with is -

  18. Think about stirring sugar in water or just letting it disolve.

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