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Are the Space Marines using Cameleoline or it is other stealth technology?

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  1. Sorry the fire on the confiscated bottle. It being something new figured it’d be easy for someone to spot. Guess not

  2. Ah gotcha I wasn't tracking KO confiscated. I've heard bad things so never sought it out

  3. We had a bottle come in broken that we got to sample and everyone loved it unfortunately I was not here

  4. Mfs buying 11 bottles. Haven't found a single bottle in 3 years.

  5. I bought 18 bottles. I hate the shit.

  6. Well if that price makes you cringe, when working at Keeneland we had a couple of Blanton Barrels selected for our private sale. 1 pour was $50. The amount of money people will blow is absurd. I had a lady order a round for her and her friends to pour over the bread pudding.

  7. Pouring Blanton's over bread pudding is an excellent use of an average bourbon in a fancy bottle

  8. We have very different definitions of fair

  9. You mean in general or spirits shoppe specifically

  10. go to the Common room. Its the better game store. they have posts up looking for players and the atmosphere is much more welcoming than other stores.

  11. I've always heard common room is the better store, but why? I've never found game preserve to be terrible and common room has never had anything I'm looking for in stock. What makes it better?

  12. Everything I've gone to the game preserve they act like it's a bother to assist me. They have always been rude and dismissive of customers. Common room has much more variety of players who are more friendly. Neither me nor any of friends have had good experiences at game preserve. They seem to see themselves for "pro" gamers.

  13. Interesting. It's been years since I've gone to either with any regularity.

  14. I just want to embalm my entire body in Old Tub. Can’t ever find that stuff

  15. To my surprise I received my sgt castus today! Out of the blue. The email I received 2 days ago now makes sense. I got an email from GW saying my order was on the way. Only thing is I haven't ordered anything. I look at the invoice and it shows thr order that contained castus. I was thinking did they screw up and going to send a whole other order despite receiving it back in December? It appears it was just that one missing peice of the order. Kudos to them for actually getting it to me I thought for sure I wasn't getting one after they discontinued and I hadn't gotten it initially.

  16. I'm glad they fulfilled but another example of shit customer service by not communicating and explaining. The situation was not easily discernible from the invoices and packing lists sent.

  17. Touché, they don't seem to be the most communicable and rely on you to push the matter. However that they did end up fulfilling the free model even though I never inquired about it after receiving the order shows effort. They could have simply moved on but kept the order open on their end to make sure even the freebie was fulfilled

  18. Yeah maybe my eBay feedback would be neutral lol

  19. Able to try it, for sure agree. Thanks for the recommendation.

  20. Lol why on earth would you think that they are doing anything fantasy and old world related yet?

  21. 1.) cause those are the only warhawks I member

  22. Well, i hope it's a lot of disposable income.

  23. Protip, don't do what I did and but 3.5k points of daemons in a month, then remember you're not playing a mobile game and you actually have to put this somewhere, let alone assemble and paint.

  24. Pretty simple actually, with right approach.

  25. Did the snow get your back label all wet and soggy

  26. Happy turkey Tuesday! Finally got to try this awesome Wild Turkey. A blend of 13-16 year old whiskies chosen by Eddie Russel go honor is father the iconic Jimmy Russell. Bottled at 45.5 % AbV. Let’s dive in 👇🏽👇🏽

  27. What kills me is this sat on shelves forever, was definitely called a shelf turd, and people were really negative on it. I enjoyed from the get go and always meant to buy another. After 3-4 years of seeing them all over suddenly they were gone before I got another. Cheers!

  28. Insurance should cover all if they can't match the small section. Sounds like you got a fair adjuster. Congrats!

  29. You know I always thought the can was supposed to be upside down but I would love to learn I've been doing it wrong for years!!

  30. If it's expensive I buy it. I ain't no scrub. NAS? Low Proof? Over Oaked to the point it's like I'm licking sawdust off the wood shop floor? No problem. $$$$$ = quality.

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