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  1. World’s greatest detective is not allowed to be a detective

  2. NP View: Minor inconveniences are oppression when it happens to me.

  3. Yah this is… definitely not for me. I don’t want immersion I just wanna play a game.

  4. As stated in the Bible? No, not in the slightest. Was there a point where there were two people who we would consider the first Homo Sapiens? Kinda? It’s pretty murky from what I understand.

  5. With 90% of truckers vaccinated, even with the increased security checks, it’s not going to be the apocalyptic empty shelves everywhere all the time. I’m getting quite annoyed every time we try to have something implemented I get told that slight inconveniences must be treated like the end of days.

  6. I dig it, honestly. I’m sure there’s better examples of urban hell from HK but this spot has a nice vibe to it.

  7. So Christians of all backgrounds came together to support a blasphemous belief based on lies and oppression.

  8. How can you be a follower of Jesus Christ and have the desire to purposely piss people off? Especially people who have a conservative perspective? I'm also curious on why you sell Satanic merch to people if you claim to be a Christian. I am very confused.

  9. Christianity is a broad spectrum full of different philosophies on how best to serve Christ. The apostle Paul did remind the church in Ephesus not to allow obscene speech and to be respectable, but this was under the threat of persecution and imprisonment, and for the sake of the survivability of the church. Merch is merch, not necessarily a reflection of the person you are, but what you are providing to others. If the guy is being Christ in the world to the people coming in, there’s nothing particularly wrong with it, especially if we do believe in Christ’s supremacy over the Devil. As well, if people are going to be shitbags, then it’s not a moral wrong to piss them off if they aren’t going to listen to reason.

  10. The most critically acclaimed spider man movie is obviously the worst

  11. The most critically acclaimed spider man movie is obviously the worst

  12. “Absolutely not, you know the kind of FREAKS up there who drool all over you!”

  13. Nope. These were cultural laws for a specific people and time, we’re called to a moral and ethical approach in our lives. Is cheating on your spouse bad? Absolutely. Is it a capital offence? Hard no.


  15. If we can set up enough barricades do you think we can get them to just march out of town?

  16. Yah, that’s what happens when you make stuff up about the scriptures and pretend it’s helping people, they have no moral leg to stand on so they double down.

  17. I’m getting to the point I won’t even associate with people who are proudly right-wing, especially in the church. People are hurt, starving, sick, desperate and these folks are willing to to devote all this energy to maintaining cultural supremacy and denigrating the scriptures for the sake of their own scruples.

  18. Not especially but that’s just Pandemic shit, we keep trudging on.

  19. Yeah I definitely feel that. My mom works for a hospital and says that the next variants will probably be less problematic at least. We're all triple vaxxed so if we get sick it probably won't be that terrible. I believe what she said because the head doctor of the COVID team goes on the local news and says the same things. The cases in my state are finally trending down as well. I'm just worried about my partner because he lives in a state with a super high positivity rate and he's having a really hard time with depression as well. He's double vaxxed so that's good but unfortunately he had J&J so he's not eligible for a second Pfizer booster.

  20. You do the same, keep the faith, we’ll get through it

  21. I’m interested to see what project Iñaritu will be doing next and the “discourse” between marvel fanboys and cinematic purists.

  22. Because they feel entitled to any beautiful woman they fixate on.

  23. I’d love to see someone, anyone, hire the 8BBB for their media. Nintendo, Valve, anyone, they always bring their A-game and it shows.

  24. I hate to say it, I like driving Cruzes. I wouldn’t say no if it was a good deal.

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