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MEGAThread 2 -- SCOTUS Abortion Decision

Listen, get educated, and get involved.

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  1. Why does it cross over with writings in Daniel, Isaiah, and statements from Christ?

  2. So you're saying he wanted to talk about Rome currently, in code, so he wrote this extensive letter that included passages about the end of days that correlate with far past Scriptures? Seems like a bit of a stretch.

  3. The point being it actually gets to the people he’s writing to. It’s especially clear in his writing concerning the beasts and Babylon that he’s addressing Rome as well as the number of the beast itself being a numerological code. The point being that the church in Rome was suffering, and John wanted to send word, support, and admonishment to the churches in Asia, without making it obvious he was writing anything overtly dissenting.

  4. We kinda skipped Canada day last year here in Calgary, after the reports of the unmarked graves at Residential Schools came out. There were some festivities, we were still dealing with Covid complications, but everything was much less flag-waving and more reserved. Biggest crowd was for the indigenous demonstration in Eau Claire park, with some fireworks that evening. This year’s a bit more gung-ho, more festivities, more for edification and education, less about how great the country is and more how we can care for it and the people in it. Having an off year for these kinds of celebrations can be a pretty good thing to have.

  5. I don’t go, been through one-too-many investment gospel sermons, but I did go through a bit of 1st Kings.

  6. I think what you're missing is that the Supreme Court is NOT the legislature. The reason they decided as they did is because the basis that Roe and Casey were founded on are not in the constitution. The Supreme Court's entire job is to judge whether something is, or is not, commensurate with the text of the constitution. They determined that this ruling was not. Now the states are free to make their own laws rather than be FORCED by the federal government to do things that their citizens don't want. You know what line you're missing in your stupid poem? The one from the infants being murdered for the last 60 years. They didn't have a voice, and they never will, because of the heinous wickedness that Roe arbitrarily subjugated the entire country into.

  7. No infants have been murdered by an abortion, an infant is an already born person. Quit being dramatic.

  8. I recommend you look up the story of Kermit Gosnell. Then also look up the laws being passed by states like NY, NJ, and VA. The blue states have been moving toward “abortion” up until birth.

  9. No, they haven’t, except in cases of danger to the mother; the main factor being maintaining red tape during such periods where time is of the essence can put the mother in danger based on how fast a board of ethics can push the paperwork through.

  10. What book? Bible? The one translation?

  11. Because the specific language constitutes a descriptor of Levitical proceedings which would have multiple witnesses. As well, bleeding outright in the temple would be considered unclean and desecrating the holy place, the rest of the miscarriage business would be carried out elsewhere, it’s not like plan b happens right away.

  12. You are still assuming the word is miscarry. What if it’s not?

  13. Considering the past crew verses mentioned that this brings the curse, it’s pretty clear cut. As well, this is the interpretation that’s been around for centuries, and only recently has this passage been more readily ignored which I assume you can understand why. Even if this isn’t talking about miscarriage, (and I’ll remind you that the passage also stipulates that the husband is blameless for the result, which is an important caveat given the blood price for causing a woman to miscarry) that doesn’t change the fact that abortion in general is not a spiritual matter, it’s a medical one.

  14. I’m sorry but we have different views on this. I see it as denying a life. I’ll try not to use the word baby or child anymore. Is that better? Am I wrong to say that it’s denying a life? What constitutes life is the next question huh? Do you not see the hoops you are jumping through?

  15. Yes you’re wrong to say it’s denying a life, it’s not a life. It can be, down the road, but it’s not an individual life. Beyond that, even if it was, a woman is under no obligation to bring that life to term.

  16. Are you people just on a loop or something? Because there’s not been a single cogent argument from any pro-lifer I’ve seen in the past two days, “don’t kill babies” isn’t an argument when a fetus is not a baby. Is a fetus a teenager? Is a fetus a full grown adult? No, it’s a fetus.

  17. Exactly, it’s clear cut the anti-abortion leaders in 1998 were men who would never get pregnant. The amount of fake “transphobe” comments makes it clear the difference between the sexism in society and transphobia is a joke to these commenters to be used as a childish gotcha and not a real issue that affects peoples’ lives everyday.

  18. They are doing damn good job of that... People think it's left versus the right, politicians shake hands and laugh with each other in the back. And we're too busy blaming each other like we make the laws or the rules.

  19. People keep saying politicians but the reality is the rich. There are good politicians, there’s merit in a strong and secure government. The rich are who’s dividing us, but that doesn’t mean both sides have merit. All it takes is one immoral argument to create conflict, in this situation, there is a clear side who is wrong, but you have only to convince one side to buy into the bullshit in order to create conflict.

  20. It could work with an extended background orchestra fading into the beat before Damon comes on for the first chorus.

  21. This isn’t enough, there needs to be at least ten more slots.

  22. Not design-design. This is more under mechanical exhibition and proof of concept. It does take a lot of work to make something like this functional, it’s entertaining, and can be a great tool in teaching how timing in gear systems work.

  23. Exactly, and this is why conservatives will have no place in his kingdom, as they were willing to perpetuate lies about fetuses over the well-being of the mother.

  24. This was pushed by republicans as part of the pro-life agenda.

  25. Grow up, it’s still happening. Happens in Protestant churches too.

  26. I mean, the raiminess was pretty fucking awful. There were some parts I liked, some I didn’t, but god fucking almighty if I ever see a translucent shot again it’ll be too soon.

  27. Vatican continues to revel in unbiblical blasphemy. Nothing new.

  28. I wonder why we're not consistent in our treatment of religions. Someone doing that to a Muslim's Quran would be considered deeply hateful.

  29. Our book is not a holy item, and we are not victims of the Muslim faith in the west. If someone in Iran or Pakistan wants to burn a Quran, or if a person in the west who is within the Muslim community wants to do it in protest, they can go right ahead, here there’s no good reason to burn them.

  30. Are you people ever not on the lookout for chances to be even more despicable?

  31. Because the inverse doesn’t get asses in pews and tithes in the collection plate. It’s hard to sell faith as the work and mission of Christ and not the First National Bank of the Divine

  32. What the fuck, they have a different point of view and share it here, then you decide to go go straight to “god I hate this country”. I thought Canada was open to different ideas, views and cultures?

  33. There’s a limit to how stupid an opinion can be before people are under no obligation to entertain it.

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