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  1. Spotlighting? Like, shining a bright light at them?

  2. stops them in their's treated as poaching

  3. I use a thrustmaster T150 and it's never given me any issues

  4. Lmao...Noah Gragson did that nearly every race in the 22 season

  5. who thought it was a good idea to give him white fire suits anyways?

  6. My local short track runs year round because it doesn't snow down here...but season

  7. Al da time-a you gotta leave-a da space-a! - Fernando Alonso, 2012.

  8. God damn I've never actually seen or heard that clip but I read this in Fernando's voice every time

  9. how do you guys even go so long on the road?? Do your companies force you to do that? Do you choose the routes? Do you get more time off the longer you're away? I'm looking to get into dump trucking and don't understand how you can be on the road for that long which is why I am choosing local.

  10. This is 100% accurate for my wife and I...she wants to go into all the stores and buy all the things and walk around...I just want to go in get what I need and get back home

  11. I can't answer this question...I've never failed an inspection

  12. Right there Mr. Kim...aim it right there and leave the rest of us alone

  13. Same thing happened to Max and redbull in my driver career. He’s a solo Red Bull fighting both Mercs and Ferrari’s lmao.

  14. Cost cap ran a little too close for comfort in season one

  15. Except no they don''s been illegal since the 1800s there and gets you excommunicated from the church for adultery if you're found to be practicing polygamy...the only way that people can legally get away with it is outside of Utah, usually in Nevada or Arizona, and they get away with it legally by divorcing wives in succession to marry the next and they all file income taxes separately instead of as a married couple...that's how the Brown family and many others get away with it...those families are also not welcome in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

  16. Ok Napping Gator. Wasn't quite a smear campaign. It was just a small sentence to rile you up and make you get all sassy and to enable you to put me down and see how mean and hateful you can be over such a tiny statement.

  17. I didn't put you down or be mean and, however, stated an outright falsehood and I corrected it and your spelling

  18. He wrote Billy Bob loves Charlene

  19. im guessing its so they can still drink with their helmets

  20. This strikes me as a patronization of Americans...we keep complaining about F1 wanting our money but not accepting our drivers so they half heartedly shoved an American in the worst team in can't have someone like Geunther Steiner saying Americans have no place in F1 and Americans aren't competitive enough for F1 and them help to exacerbate that very wrong opinion by putting the American in the worst car in the field

  21. Really? I always associated it with stereotypical redneck conservative entertainment like monster trucks and NASCAR.

  22. You would be surprised to know that alot of nascar is not conservative either

  23. Yeah, I was purposely misinterpreting to imply you were raping a comatose Michael like one would a pocket pussy. I guess I found how dark we can go.

  24. There's a difference between dark and downright disgusting

  25. I've seen this stat so many times already and it still never fails to amaze me.

  26. That's like Kurt Busch...the last full time driver in Nascar to race against Dale Earnhardt Sr. was still 3 years from birth when Sr. had his rookie year in 1975...little things like this make you realize that you're old, our favorite drivers are old, and these new guys are just babies

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