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  1. He’s young and a beast. Make that trade and pay him

  2. Quenton Jackson impressed me the most so that’s my pick . I think Echenique could be a solid backup big somewhere else.

  3. Swaggy P aka Nick Young should have been a 20 ppg guy

  4. No he sucks. He doesn’t deserve to make the team.

  5. Stop mentioning Morris on here. He sucks

  6. As a long time nuggets fan he does not suck sir. He's probably 1 or 2 bench pg and a capable starting one

  7. I should have said…It would suck if we traded for him to be our starting point guard. He doesn’t suck as a player.

  8. I think we could get more for Beal.

  9. Are we sure Carson Wentz is a better quarterback than Sam Howell???

  10. Jameson Williams easy. He is a top 3 pick without his injury

  11. Folks gonna realize how cold Mclaurin really is with a capable quarterback.

  12. If the Jets offer a Adams/Tyreek deal….We should take it

  13. Jameson Williams is by far the best receiver in this class. Anyone who says otherwise needs to be drug tested. If it wasn’t for the ACL injury, these other receivers wouldn’t even be mentioned as a possibility to go ahead of him. This guy is like mixture of Ja’Marr Chase and Tyreek Hill.

  14. I think you mean London. Williams is a great prospect but is one dimensional at this stage. He had 1 year at Bama too. He’s good but you’re a little overboard

  15. I dont think London will be able to separate from NFL corners

  16. Last two moves are head scratchers

  17. Wall could play with Bron. They would win more than half their games

  18. He’s super overrated. He was the 4th best receiver on Steelers last year

  19. Rui not starting is angering me more each day.

  20. They had the hype last year and choked in finals

  21. No. Lets see what Wentz has and get a new QB for our new coach next year.

  22. Get Ron and his out of touch self out of here asap.

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