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  1. People like to clown the CHL sometimes for having such a big skill gap but that's still a stupid number of points. That's in something like 70 games too. This absolute mad lad was averaging 4 points a fucking game

  2. There's a 91 that's pretty competitive when an Ice Man stepped into it

  3. Yeah but that’s not open for someone like Daly to come in and run 6 races in. That car is only for international drivers who want to make like 1-2 random starts. Trackhouse wants to have quite a few different drivers in that car and not run it anywhere near full-time. No room for a guy wanting to do 6 races.

  4. Agreed but one start in that 91 would do more good for Daly than 6 starts in the 50. That car was terrible last year

  5. We used to League race this bad boy and my god, that's some of the most fun I've ever had racing!

  6. Isn't it chartered? The 16 car last season proved having multiple drivers isn't a good idea. Their performance changed drastically with only AJ behind the wheel

  7. That wasn't a multiple driver issue. That was a who the drivers were issue.

  8. Disagreed. AJ didn't do as well without being full-time. When he got in that car towards the later part of the season, they showed real speed.

  9. What’s the only driver to win only four races races in his career for four different teams?

  10. It's not Karma farming. I don't care about karma; it's meaningless. I do care about how pathetic PD is for not fixing it, which is the entire point of this post. I will keep waving the flag until they fix this inexcusable problem.

  11. Not to be a dick but after 9 months, might be time to trust PD is going to fix it. A post every month isn't going to make this whole thing magically get fixed. Maybe writing them an email or something but a post on this sub rarely makes anything meaningful happen

  12. You mean "not going to fix it", right? PD isn't going to care about an email. They don't do the communication thing. But they already did acknowledge the problem I think within the first month of release. So they know about it anyway.

  13. So what does posting every month accomplish if they're already aware of it?

  14. No, I don't think we should be copying F1 or any other team sport for that matter.

  15. I was born into a Gordon family so that one was pretty much made for me!

  16. In 1990, when Cope won his two races, he also DNFed 10 times, 8 of which were engine or mechanical failures. Even in his best season, his cars weren't holding up roughly a third of the time.

  17. I think Waltrip fans make him better than he actually was, but good for Dale for taking a chance on him and it paid off with 4 wins. Certainly proved he could compete with better equipment. I didn’t think he was bad with Wood Brothers either, but he would have never gotten 12 years to prove himself with the results he had.

  18. At some point I'd agree except at plate racing. Whether it was Gen 4,5 or 6 he always seemed to get near the front at the end of those plate races. Even in his terrible years

  19. Gran Turismo 7. I usually try to stay up to date with the NHL too but GT7 is my main racing fix

  20. You didn't even write the post, what particular buddies are you referring to? Or are you just making up stories now. If you think bringing a list of topics is normal, you need to get out more.

  21. So in reference to your made up friends you said, "those particular buddies"? Glad to confirm they're made up

  22. Took several months hiatus since release and found myself enjoying this game again.

  23. Tsukuba is one of my favourites on this game and has been since at least GT5. You can attack that course more than any other, I find!

  24. Holy hell, I feels like just yesterday we saw Logano crowned. This offseason is going by fast thus far!

  25. I once woke up in the Operating room from a knee surgery. It was completely planned that way but I always woke up in the recovery room in my previous 6 operations. The doctor noticed my heartrate rise fairly quickly and said "Don't worry, you're already stapled shut"

  26. Corn chips are no place for a mighty warrior

  27. reminds me of the Matthews - McDavid - Scheifele line for team North America

  28. Darlington. It feels like home for NASCAR even though almost every team is based in NC and NASCAR was founded in Daytona.

  29. What in the hell is this question? I think of them the same as people who were Richard Petty fans that turned to Loy Allen fans. Who cares?

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