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  1. It's been a little bit since I did a giveaway! I think since the last time I posted I started a couple of collections on the GSMP, (A/V Field Trip, Sounds on Scope).

  2. Hey, sorry if this has been asked already but when does this first round end?? Thanks!!

  3. Was planning to leave the first round up for 30-days, so early feb. I’ve been working on some new features for the second round :)

  4. Scroll the screen around a bit to find the canvas, sometimes the links don’t pull with the correct orientation on mobile the first time around. I’m working on patching this now… once you find the canvas simply select a cell to add a color to it (you can do this once per minute). You can also zoom in/out with the mouse wheel or pinch zoom on mobile.

  5. i made a simple overlayscript modifying the old rplace tampermonkey script. Al it does is display your pixel image over the canvas at your designated position under sources.

  6. You da real MVP, can’t wait to play around with your code 💜🙌🏻

  7. Can anyone help me with 420 bottom left orange?

  8. For sure, I’ll hop in with you over there.

  9. The best thing to get the people going would be if there was a message this time. End wallstreet corruption, or something like that so that everybody gets it.

  10. Hey Nathanello good to see you back I knew you wouldn’t be gone for long 🙊

  11. 100%, there’s been some amazing art all around. Physical Utility’s QR code blew my mind

  12. Was planning on 30-days, but if the board fills up sooner and it becomes more of a pixel defense game then I could call it early if that’s what the community wants.

  13. 3BY has nearly traded their full float today 👀

  14. They actually traded well over thier float today by about 30mil shares

  15. Looks like they’re going to do it again today (and much earlier).

  16. Omg. I put one blue dot for the loopring logo yesterday and the whole thing is there now! Yaaaay!

  17. That Loopring logo came together quick 💙

  18. I did the first dot, everyone just knew what to do. Amazing

  19. The guys over at MixTape are developing exactly that, a token gated music streaming platform.

  20. Thanks for sharing this brother, it’s been a lot of fun to see the GME-related artwork coming together 💜

  21. Props to who ever made that diamond, it looks incredible

  22. I'm having fun with it, r(slash)place with being able to actually work on something without it being immediately erased.

  23. It’s definitely a small community playing the game currently. I hope to see it grow to at least a few more players, but I agree it’s fun when you’re able to have your own section without it being immediately overwritten

  24. Can’t speak for the community, but I don’t hold anything against you. I’ve enjoyed your stuff in the past, you hit a rough patch, and I’m just glad you did what you needed to get out of it. This community can be great, but any online community can also be toxic in circumstances. So glad you took a breather, got your bearings, and came back to face whatever the response is. It shows strong character. You could have easily came back with an alt account and not worried.

  25. Here to support your healing🤜🦍🤛

  26. I have watched this horizontal line grow for 220 days and I’ll be here to watch it for another 220 if I need to. Good luck hedgies 🍻

  27. Still using the HOOD huh… u know they “own” a non disclosed portion of FTX right? Gonna be fun when some court gets into that…

  28. I’m sure Vlad will find a way to inflate his daily “active” user metrics with this nonsense.

  29. It’s 40 weeks, not exactly 9 months. So that would be January 8th.

  30. Wallet 0.9.9 released the other day as well. Sure seems like things are adding up :)

  31. gentlemen, it is with great pleasure to inform you

  32. Closing in on grey for the week too. Open was $20.55 and the current price isn’t too far below that. Trading sideways intensifies :)

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