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  1. Fun fact, the nobles wanted to move the capital back to Coimbra after the earthquake but the ruler (another noble, the king got PTSD and never lived under a roof again, the court moved to a tent) said no and built back Lisbon. Better than before but as it goes, the neat urban planning only lasted till he died we fucked up again not 2 centuries later with bad urban expansion

  2. errotic urban planning, my favourite

  3. My favorite thinkers are saint Thomas Aquinas and saint Augustine.

  4. Our greatest philosopher is Constantin Rădulescu-Motru. Besides philosophy, he is one of the first psychologists in Europe. And an important sociologist as well, having influenced even Durkheim. Although a lot of people here won't even know who he is. The philosophy and psychology section of our Academy, of which he was president between 1938 and 1941, is named in his honor.

  5. Cioran is not a philosopher per se, he himself states he is an anti-philosopher. Also, Cioran hated Camus. You can find a video on YouTube where he says Camus came to him and said to him he need to get in with the new ideas or something like that, to which Cioran said "Pai futu-ti mama ma-tii". He also said Camus had the philosophical knowledge of a schoolteacher.

  6. Și aici as mai plusa: ce aptitudini dovedite/rezultate au? Câți bani nefiscalizati fac din pregătiri chiar cu elevii de la clasa lor (aka șpagă deghizata).

  7. tu realizezi ca profesorii fac meditații PENTRU ca salariile sunt prea mici nu?

  8. Intrăm într-un cerc vicios aici și sunt curios care e cauza și care e efectul. La școală și liceu am avut nu doar eu, ci o mare parte din generația mea, parte de profesori care predau deliberat prost pentru a face meditații cu ei. Sunt curios daca mărirea salariului ar stopa aceasta practică sau meditațiile pentru materiile de la scoala. Și atenție, insist foarte mult pe cele de la școala, nu pe cele pentru admiterea în învățământul superior. Pentru a trage cu ochiul la un astfel de scenariu, am putea face o paralelă zicem medicii? Li s-au mărit salariile substanțial, dar șpăgile s-au oprit? Nu zic sa nu marim salariile, sunt indecente și jenante pentru importanta funcției lor. Ce mi-aș dori eu este sa existe și mecanisme de control al performanțelor, sancțiuni aspre pentru practica meditațiilor cu elevii de la clasa. Adică să văd că banii nu se fut doar pentru capital electoral.

  9. Omule nimeni nu ar face ore de meditații pe 100 de lei dupa ce ies căpiați de la școala daca nu ar avea nevoie de bani. Aveai rata de 500 de lei cu salariu de 2.600. Iti creste banca rata aia la 800. Ce pula mea faci cu 1.800?

  10. This meme symbolises, psychoanalytically speaking, the impotence of the father.

  11. Yes, look up Carl Jung's concept of the Anima/Animus.

  12. "Your insistence to conquer everything you set your eyes upon is grotesque"

  13. Speaking for Eastern Europe, you first need to have money to be financially literate. There is nothing to be financially literate about when you have money just for food and utilities, if you even have enough for that.

  14. The questions measuring financial literary are so fundamental that you should get all of them correctly if you paid any attention in a halfway decent school. No actual experience with having actual money needed.

  15. The only reason people are pushed into financial literacy is so that they go on and play with banks, banks who will use the money people deposit HOPING they will make profits and pay us poor suckers what we gave them in the first place. All is well when you might also get some interest back on some saving account....

  16. 🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱

  17. Psychology is philosophy and philosophy is psychology. The line is blurred at best. Modern psychology is bad philosophy though.

  18. Germanii se dovedesc a fi oameni de cultură

  19. As spune ca mai degrabă arata eficienta germana: sa aiba forme CLAR de femeie sa nu am NICIUN DUBIU ca e femeie.

  20. Probabil mai putine, Anglia si Olanda sunt renumite pt cutitari. Am stat 2 ani in Olanda si am vazut cu ochii mei, umbla baietii cu machete in pantaloni in loc de chiloti. Nu se iau de "civili", e gang warfare.

  21. no, we cannot, because Capitalism, more precisely Capital.

  22. Are there any reccomendations for books/fiction like this? I get kinda tired of cosmic horror exclusively about humans always being insignificant and wrongfully arrogant and getting destroyed or whatever because of it.

  23. there's no need for fiction to get your fix of this, we created the nuclear bomb

  24. I spent €23 at Lidl in Romania 2 weeks ago on half a kilo of chicken tenders, half a kilo of minced beef, some vitelo tonato (veal with tuna sauce), some deluxe cream cheese with almonds and prunes, some mortadella, some prosciutto cotto, romaine lettuce, fancy cherry tomatoes, some apricot glazed waffers, a basil plant, a pack of sliced smoked cheese, garlic, onions, a fresh baguette and probably some more but I don't remember.

  25. The West literally colonised the East through economics, capital, not physical chains.

  26. Labelling kids as mentally ill because they want to go outside and play with their friends instead of sitting down without moving for 6-8 hours listening to mostly boring idiots who treat them as receptacles for curriculum.

  27. Hippies were a counter-culture movement that was a small minority of the mainstream culture they were pushing back against.

  28. And precisely the things that hippies were against when it came to where their country and the world was heading to only got much, much worse.

  29. My silver lining here is that when the older generation finally dies off and we are left in charge the shared experience will unite us in carving out a better system rather than perpetuating the current one that clearly did not work for either of our generations when we really needed them to.

  30. I know shared trauma seems like it would unite people to change the circumstances that perpetuated the trauma done onto them, but Israel is doing to the Palestinians what the Nazis did to them.

  31. "Domnule Iohannis, as vrea sa ne unim!"

  32. IPA is also the International Psychoanalytic Association

  33. Netanyahu was and is in charge of an administration that literally enforces apartheid laws.

  34. A lot of people won’t have kids until they can afford them, unlike their parents.

  35. Problem is most won't be able to afford kids before they are too old to have kids.

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