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  1. If they are both Bengali then ask them to watch কুলের আচার।

  2. It's more like colonial and colonies and yet to be colonized

  3. This explains joins so much better than all the SQL books I read

  4. Poverty. I'm not rich but I'm so glad that I don't have to worry about food on my plate now.

  5. The first thing you should learn about a language are its slangs

  6. 18-55 is a vast improvement over the other kit lenses.

  7. 350 quid is a lot of money. I'm a hobbyist at the end of the day. Would I see much of a difference between the two?

  8. In that case why don't you get the body and a prime lens?

  9. We have neither PR review nor Peer review. Everything goes straight in.

  10. Lots of memories with these from childhood.

  11. The elephants are getting more invasive as we cut down more forests.

  12. I don't know whether to laugh or cry. Wholesome story!

  13. ছিল বেড়াল । হয়ে গেলো রুমাল?

  14. Rarely anyone from online will check on you diligently. What about real life people you know? Friends or family?

  15. যে কোনো ধ্বনি বাচক শব্দ । ঠাস ঠাস দ্রুম দ্রাম ধরণের। কিংবা দৃঘাঞ্চু।

  16. James Holmes killed 12 people and injured 70 others at a movie theater on July 20, 2012. He had no known criminal background before the shooting occurred. Before the shooting, Holmes booby-trapped his apartment with explosives, which were defused one day later by a bomb squad.

  17. Seems like he was trying hard not to do it. Just needed one person to talk to him...

  18. অতি উৎসাহী উঁকি ঝুঁকি মারা পাবলিক কি ভাবে সামলান?

  19. দাদা একটা ছোট্ট কথা আছে

  20. বলুন দাদা প্লিজ। ইনবক্সে বলতে চান?

  21. Not gonna lie this seems a bit morbid. Like if I was a parent and my kid was doing this?!

  22. I did more morbid things as a kid, but grew up to be okay

  23. Tomorrow is Valentines' day in some parts of India ;)

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