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James Corden Leaving ‘The Late Late Show’ In 2023

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  1. Simple, have Chibnall write it. He's already shot the show in its foot multiple times. He definitely has the skillset and ego to write up something he thinks is a writer's gift to mankind, but it's the complete, total opposite

  2. Hiya! Any chance I could grab the Mirkwood Campaign from you? 😃 it's the only thing I don't have really and I'm a couple years too late from the humble bundle sale 😭

  3. If only it were that easy. But hey if you can arrange interviews for a job that can arrange for a working visa and help out with the move, why not? If not, stop trolling around, telling people to move.

  4. Would you love to be pleased by someone from the internet?

  5. Jodie Whittaker was absolutely miscast as the Doctor. Time and time again, guests, either of her older male companions Dan or Graham absolutely outshine her in every episode. Peter Davison played a meeker, passive Doctor, but he had a personality. He was charming. Jodie feels like Ten-lite who's acting Doctor-y. She's not exactly a phenomenal actress. You know which guest could've been an amazing female Doctor? Annabel Scholey. She has presence, gravitas, charisma and that mature otherworldy essence about her. Shame. Really it is. Chibnall's writing, showrunning and lore breaking ideas didn't help her tenure either

  6. If there's one fellow who I'd love to see take on Late Late Show on the level that Craig once took it, Sean Evans. He's not as entertaining or hilarious as Ferguson, but he's absolutely genuine and just as charismatic. Guests and viewers like him. Hot Ones as a format is perma-viral. Everyone will be in for a great time

  7. As someone who has found some level of enjoyment in every Star Wars film, I’m forbidden from speaking about it with other Star Wars fans. 🙃

  8. Mainly because the sequels had potential, but were absolute crap. But good on you for enjoying em

  9. I love to not miss out when you're around the area. Fancy a trip around Tung Chung? Would love to give your girls the attention and warmth they deserve :P

  10. 東涌? I have alr been there before😎

  11. Would love to meet you some time so I can help out in making your content 😜

  12. Thanks! We appreciate the heads-up and hopefully this doesn't happen again. Can't wait to play the game and congratulations to the devs! You guys just published another game! Woooooo

  13. Would appreciate the opportunity to discuss Mordenkanen's Monsters of the Multiverse.


  15. Moved in with a homie that doesn't have a console, so we're looking for a couch co-op that's deeper than the Overcooked, Tony Hawk, Rayman and racing kinda stuff.

  16. Not much in the way of Playstation, I'm afraid. Not supporting backwards compatibility like Microsoft does means PS doesn't have access to splitscreen titles of old. That said, there's It Takes Two, Knack, A Way Out ( highly recommended), and Little Big Planet for platformers. if you want sorta an rpg, you can never go wrong with Borderlands. There's also the fantastic Divinity Original Sin 2 if you want a true rpg experience. There's also Diablo 3 and then there's a host of fighting games you can choose to settle roomie disputes with hahaha

  17. Charles Xavier as Jace, the Mind Sculptor would be on brand. He can read an opponent's library. Filter-draw your own. Sending creatures back to hands.

  18. Holy crap! These are absolutely stunning! Well done mate!

  19. I'm on Xbox too and I thought I was losing my mind. I just got into ESO and shelled out money for the Blackwood Collection. This is worrying me like crazy. Any explanations, results on your end?

  20. Thanks for doing this! I've always wanted to grab it, but a massive game backlog in multiple consoles has pretty much stopped me from picking this one up hahaha. Would love to get my hands on this as I'm a massive fan of Crytek and dark fantasy in general :D

  21. They're absolutely cute and I'd love to take em off you for my dinner 😜

  22. NA Key would be fantastic! As a lifelong Crysis fan with all three games on my Xbox One S, to see it in my Series X in its full glory :D

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