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  1. Tell your friend gracias and to come join us pepinos!!!

  2. Alec is such a moron. He was set. Ireland was basically an adult & he was moving into another phase of his career.

  3. Just when I thought she couldn't disgust me more. Why on earth would you publicize that?! THIRST TRAP.

  4. So is North, Psalm, Saint, True and Aire.

  5. I’ve never seen him do Souvenir in concert. Song makes me emotional but watching him perform it here, I got teary. He is so so good! ♥️

  6. She posts this crap because she's trying to convince herself that she doesn't care what strangers think. When in reality she's a THIRST TRAP who needs 1 million IG followers. It's like all those videos where she tries to tell people that she is there for them when really she wants them to be there for her. And if she actually worked on herself, instead of trying to preach to her "community" then people wouldn't call her out on her 24/7/365 lying.

  7. Does he always speak in monotone? Dude is quite full of himself.

  8. You can scroll back thru her posts and find the time when she didn't limit comments because it goes from over 10,000 comments (lots of bad) to 30 lol.

  9. Be prepared to spend a few minutes if you decide to read Alec writing about Alec - it’s a long article. Kind of to be expected as Alec has always been Alec’s favorite subject. Anyhoo… Some interesting points, admittedly- however… Mainly it’s Alec blaming EVERYONE ELSE for all the bad things that have happened to him over the recent past. Although, this was written right after Carmen’s birth so many of his more egregious incidents are not addressed. Surprisingly, Alec doesn’t mention the airplane fiasco. Had he, Alec surely would have found a way to blame the Department of Transportation for targeting Alec personally and lying about him refusing to stop playing Words With Friends.

  10. You know, I remember hearing about Words With Friends and I thought that was how he met Hillary. He wouldn't turn off his phone on the plane because he was playing WWF with her?

  11. OMG I hate Davina! She blocked me on Twitter and IG (lololololololol). She doesn’t dress her age for one thing and she really thinks she knows more than anyone else (i.e., the dude with the overpriced house)!

  12. Lol and the other women do dress their age? Also talking badly about a woman’s choice of clothes? Isn’t that a big no no?

  13. Um not when she looks ridiculous. She's in her 40s, they are all younger than her (except probably Mary who also doesn't dress her age).

  14. Being a Baldwin is going to be synonymous with being a liar, " I didn't pull the trigger", " I'm from Spain"...

  15. It's me Carmen, I took this pic and posted it on IG!

  16. I just went to look and those comments are gone?

  17. Aleeeeeek is fast and loose with the delete button if the comments are not all sunshine and rainbows and smile emojis. I’m sure those two commenters have now also been blocked.

  18. There are a ton of those "I'm paying $5000" ones though lol! He blocked me on IG for asking a legit question he didn't like. Then I got another IG but I don't follow him. And now that he also has comments limited I can't even comment anymore! 🤣

  19. Because she’s actually even tinier irl. I met her at Bloomingdale’s once. I’m 5’2 and she was a good 4 inches + shorter than me. Super toned but also like so, so, so lean. Couldn’t have weight more than 70 lbs. she’s teeny tiny. It’s easier to be petite and dress well when you’re wildly small than normal small, if that makes sense? Like this makes her look much bigger than she is… because she’s wildly small.

  20. I really felt like they had to quickly tie it all up because of CA’s diagnosis, it felt very unfair to me, but I never wanted the show to end in the first place. It was so twisty and turny and so funny. Their chemistry was amazing! Could have watched them forever! Such a great show.

  21. At this mid-point break, I think Cloud is my favorite character. You never know what she's going to pull or not pull next.

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