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  1. I’ve had issues here lately with auto launch smashing me into the station, especially with other traffic. So much so that I disabled it and take off manually. Auto dock has been rock solid so far but I have been practicing landing just in case it gives out.

  2. For licensing (and Standard Edition) purposes check out the Oracle software licensing guide. Basically x86 processor cores count as .5, so a dual core cpu = 1 Oracle processor for licensing. Standard Edition can be deployed on servers with as many CPU’s and cores as you want but at the end of the day will only use 4.

  3. I took the “mine x of y” missions from all the Fed factions in Rana and then found stations to buy the stuff. Took me about a month of casual play but I made Admiral and 2B in credits. There is really no reason to rush and turn the game into a second or third job. Have some fun!

  4. I assume you've already explored the craziest and most stunning nebulae out there, such as Veil West, NGC 6884, Altera's Eye, LBN 623, NGC 6565, etc.

  5. Nice! Where can I find out more about the abandoned outposts and derelict generation ships?

  6. If it’s a Radeon RX 6 series then there is a bug with the orbit lines that makes them look like garbage. It started around update 12

  7. I also learned the other day that without a DSS hotspots won’t show up, even if you have previously scanned the planet and discovered the hotspots in the ring. Had to run back to the station and grab it.

  8. Can’t you just find a station that has those to sell and do the purchase and transport?

  9. Unfortunately this CG specifically says it must be mined. I read that in another post. My mistake. I wonder how the CG would know you mined it vs buying it but the language is in there about mining it specifically.

  10. We used to have 2 VNX5400’s. They were awesome but have since been replaced by Unity’s. Set the management ip’s once you can get to the web page for spa and spb. If I remember correctly the engineering password is messner. If it’s been wiped you should be able to set the admin password and sync spb to spa. When you create pools try to keep them all on the same shelf (DAE).

  11. I just finished mine by going to Rana and taking the “mine x of y” missions from the Fed factions only. Then jumping to Tau Ceti, buying the stuff and bringing it back. It’s not the fastest way to get it, but I did make 2B+ credits working my way to Admiral. Don’t take the bromelite missions. Palladium is hard to find. Once you get allied with those factions you’ll get regular missions valued at 50M credits each. I used my Cutter with 720T of cargo.

  12. From one Rear Admiral to another: terrific work! o7 Good job keeping your sanity as well.

  13. Hahahaha I wish I had a count of how many trips between Rana and Tau Ceti I have made over the past month and a half. Is there a logbook or something somewhere?

  14. There's a travel history on the right side panel if I remember correctly, but I don't know how far back those logs go.

  15. they are using live data to load test orders in the system. We process hundreds of thousands of orders per hour, so the tests are essential. In the other DEV environments, the email addresses weren't pulled in. however, oracle suggested a profile option to improve the speed that the sales orders were processed. An unknown effect was pulling in the contact data, which triggered a status change outbound email.

  16. If you’re Oracle Cloud and using their smtp service than cut the dev node off from smtp so it can’t send email. On the cloud console check email delivery and remove smtp approved users for the compartment that houses the dev servers. That should effectively cut the dev server off from sending any email. Don’t mess with the production compartment though! (Just wanted to throw that in there).

  17. I have the LongMill earlier version, not the MK2. It’s a great machine and I’ve had no issues with it. I primarily do woodworking with it and have the Makita router in it, not a spindle. There is a guy on YouTube that uses the LongMill exclusively - Bucky’s Customs. Check out some of his videos to see it in action. He also has the MK2. Components on the LongMill seem to be easily sourced, and they publish their designs and files so you can 3D print your own parts if you wanted.

  18. I only use ressuply for my Fleet Carrier, mining in Lalande 34968.

  19. Great! Thanks for the guide! My plan is to use it as my personal base but I also want to do trading and deep space exploration with it.

  20. I’m right there with you, except about 60% on Post Captain. I did Imperial first so I’m using the Cutter to do the hauling missions for Fed. Hope you finish soon!

  21. Oracle ERP - if it’s E-Business suite 12.2.x or 12.1.3 requires extra patching after setting the instance to use Java web start for Mac-OS. Check Oracle Support - using Java web start with e-business suite doc id 2188898.1. Also I’ve had better luck using Firefox Extended Support Release than Safari on Mac OS. Good luck!

  22. Technically you can run all 3 db’s from one oracle software installation unless you need isolation for patching of each db independent of each other. You should be able to create /oracle/software/19c/db04 without issue, and if you use the installer it will update the central oraInventory accordingly.

  23. Did you get the model just from the CV joint photo? (:

  24. Look at the Axial SCX10 III. They have a new one called Base Camp that's a good entry level.

  25. No it’s good right out of the box. You can upgrade stuff on it as you like but no need to migrate to something else in a few months. Take a look at some of the other SCX10 III models on their website. They are pricier than the Base Camp but all are good.

  26. I kitted out a Pyrhon for cargo and strictly did Boom Missions.. and any military electronic delivery Missions to rank up to get my Corvette.

  27. I used my Imperial Cutter on Rana to take “Mine x amounts of” missions. You can jump over to Tau Ceti and buy the stuff, then haul it back. So far I’ve made about 1.2B and am all the way to Fed Post Captain. Don’t take Bromelite missions though, and make sure the mission has a 6 day time. After you build your reputation you’ll regularly get 50 million credit missions for 325 units of silver for example.

  28. The 6000 series has issues even on 22.5.1 with disappearing orbit lines. Pretty stable though. The newer drivers do crash trying to land on planets. Glad you guys are looking into it.

  29. Wing Mining Missions (the Conda is probably the best for this). Takes some preparations, but it can be very lucrative (especially when done in a wing).

  30. +1 for this. I’m currently working the Rana - Tau Ceti loop for Fed rep while taking the mining missions. I’ve made almost 700 million so far, and I take reputation payout when possible. It’s kind of slow though. It’s my Commanders “day job” until I get that sweet sweet Corvette!

  31. That's really interesting. I just bought the parts to hold the indicator in my DWP611 with a 1/4" collet in there. I bought a series of 1/4" rod connectors and then mount the indicator to one of those and the rod is held in the collet. I can also offset the indicator to the side and spin it in a circle to see if I'm level and the like.

  32. There are a couple of 3D printed 65mm sharpie holders on Thingiverse you could probably use for paint markers instead. I printed some to use in my DIY CNC for testing last year.

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