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I’m an undertaker and I picked up my first suicide tonight. The hardest part was what the husband said to me.

This goes a long way to restore my faith in the people of Earth

The process of taking a painful L

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  1. no,the car is smart and there are zero carbon emissions. Elon can be Elon, I don't care

  2. The people I know who are anti covid vax and think they know more than everyone else never went to college.

  3. you have met my sister, the only one of 5 who didn't go to college and the only one who isn't vaxxed

  4. You may be right. When people have to pay for health care, they tend to resist going to the doctor until it's nearly too late. They also distrust doctors more.

  5. unless there is some solid reason to investigate Buster in relation to Stephen's death, I believe it is grossly unfair to convict Buster on the basis of rumour. His mother and brother are murdered and his father is convicted of their murder. I don't know how he can cope at this point

  6. I think O was complicit and gets what she deserves. I heard she scrubbed the internet of that interview, which is telling if true.

  7. racism pointed at anyone is evil and I believe that Oprah and Gayle labled the RF as racist with facts not in evidence

  8. Fairy!! Thank you. I think we have that here. I am in Australia.

  9. also, turn the shirt inside out and put Fairy on the inside and the outside of the stain, works better than just on one side of the shirt with grease

  10. I think they further wanted to tie Tyler Perry him for his support, financial and otherwise. Does anyone know if there was a godmother?

  11. Most husbands would not be too happy to hear his wife baptized their child while he was out of town working. A baptism can be scheduled at any time. They waited two years to get the child bapped, what was the hurry to do it now? Except for PR purposes and even that could have waited a week.

  12. Her victory is pyrrhic at best and will be short lived.

  13. They’re out of money. Titles are everything to her and she’s desperate to cling to any prospective deals. Without the royal ties, she can’t get what she wants…endless money and attention

  14. how can they be out of money if they got 100 million from Netflix plus Spotify and Spare? The Montecito shitshow could not be draining them that quickly

  15. When they feel much, much sicker than they ever have before... when they realize they are starting to have trouble breathing... survival mode kicks in, and they will do anything to save themselves - even getting help from the hated medical profession. They can always go back to saying "don't trust doctors" on social media if they recover.

  16. Oh shoot, you're right. TW is probably planning to have NF specials on her children at various stages of their lives. And how she's the best mother ever.

  17. it doesn't seem like those kids have bonded to her though, from what has been shown. I can see Meghan in the Joan Crawford role punishing them to make them participate

  18. family members and mom's boyfriend seem to be the most frequent abusers, retired school social worker here who made more reports of CSA then I care to remember

  19. when I drive my old jeep, people seem more courteous and let me in front of them when I am in traffic, etc. I find not so much with the Tesla although a few people ask me about it when they spot me in a parking lot, questions like "where the fuck is your engine?" when I am taking grocery bags out of the frunk

  20. I hate to break it to her but that’s what dating is for .. to really get to know the person… perhaps they should have dated for longer than 30 minutes 🫠

  21. I really hate this, I don't want to think that life isn't fair anymore. I just hope William is able to protect his family from the toxic duo who I believe would take any opportunity to hurt William, Kate and their children

  22. 💯🏆⬆️ Megsy is getting more and more desperate for Royal connections…

  23. she is a grifter and a race baiter. What she is doing will send race relations backwards. She is guilty of slandering Lady Hussey, an elderly woman, who was no doubt deaply wounded by her accusations of racism. Maybe Ngozi could solicit money from Meghan and Oprah

  24. I am so over his poor pitiful Harry dialogue. Many people are really suffering,-those with cancer, people who have also lost loved ones,etc He is so self-centered

  25. Maggie was his target. He eliminated Paul so he wouldn't stop him from killing Maggie - his real target. Which is why she got the @weird text message". He had been planning it for months. Just like he said. Guilty. Case closed.

  26. I thought Paul was the target because of the boat crash, being sued and never living it down. Alex was looking for sympathy and to hide his thefts for sure

  27. wow, you are a wonderful, compassionate person, thank you for offering such kindness to this grieving husband

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