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  1. Oh, this is breathtakingly beautiful. I hope you make copies and frame them.

  2. This is yet another demonstration for the urgent need of Judicial reform including who qualifies for commissions.

  3. Responded in another thread before I found this one. I have 3 messages the remain after being read.

  4. Yea, I’m not sure if anyone is actually surprised by this outcome…

  5. I'm not surprised. The funds aren't insignificant and should be clawed back quickly so those funds can be repurposed.

  6. We don't have time for fun & games.

  7. I have 3 messages that remain after being read.

  8. United Utilities and all of the other utilities companies are evil capitalist cunts that need dismantling. We need to nationalise all critical infrastructure instead of it being commoditised for the benefit of fucking shareholders.

  9. Word. I've lamented that the UK is increasingly falling to US style predatory capitalism. Protect the

  10. This is such a bizarre and distressing set of circumstances with a SCOTUS judge and his wife and nobody seems to have a clue as to what can be done about it.

  11. If after a full investigation Thomas and his wife were collaborating including his dissents on related cases, he should be impeached by congress and removed from his position.

  12. As the Supreme Court returns Monday, these cases will be heard, I'm not optimistic. ^

  13. Cruz may single-handedly torpedo GOP chances in S. Texas.

  14. "Determined response" sounds promising but is probably going to more weapons sent, sanctions and a very strongly worded letter

  15. Could it also mean sending ships and subs to major infrastructure areas?

  16. can't really do much more when the risk of nuclear warfare is on the table and we really don't want to be 100 km of that table

  17. Is Putin serious or only saber rattling/fear mongering on nuclear weapons to strengthen his position? It is unthinkable to me.

  18. Whoa, that is an excellent site and explanation. Thanks for sharing that. I'm going to be lost there for awhile.

  19. So the flash Trump to get the base, then when they become the candidate they remove ties with Trump to try and get the independents? Is that what’s happening?

  20. That and those independents and some Republican women aren't going to let the Dobbs decision stand and have mobilized in numbers.

  21. I haven’t heard the term Dobbs before. What’s that mean?

  22. Dobbs is the case that the Supreme Court ruled in favor of to overturn Roe v Wade.

  23. Lord knows we need that watered-down beer after losing a couple fingers in the rat-sausage machine at the factory. Maybe if we delay coming home, our twelve kids will be asleep in our overcrowded tenement and won't have to see our bloody stumps until they've scabbed over, at least.

  24. Silly, 10 of your 12 kids are working overtime in an electronics factory.

  25. *Can* you impeach someone for the actions of their spouse? I mean, I realize impeachment is a political process not a legal one, but still. Even with Ginny being a seditionist, don't we need to show that Clarence himself was fully on board with her plots?

  26. I think if coordination with her activities and his role as a judge can be proven, then yes. That would be very difficult though. I included her because of her involvement with overturning the election and cases related to that reaching the Supreme Court.

  27. Does he mean more price gouging? From companies currently making record profits and raising prices anyway?

  28. Indeed and it will spread beyond Florida. I read an article recently that the production of fertilizer in the area will shut down which will lead to higher food prices. sigh.

  29. So nice to have someone taking it seriously and not arguing with the weather service over a picture he drew.

  30. Oh wow, I'd forgotten about that.

  31. Does anyone remember the 2003 aurora that was so bright you could see your shadow? I'll never, ever forget it.

  32. That would have been cool. I moved here at the end of 2006.

  33. It was amazing. The entire sky was engulfed with every type of aurora including what I called the crown. It was during a meteor shower too. It was absolutely spectacular. People who were around for the historic one in the 60s said it rivaled that one. I am one lucky duck to have seen it with some friends.

  34. And repugnantcans are still crying about Hillary's emails...

  35. Hillary didn't need immunity, apparently Navarro needs it and wants it before cooperating. hummm. One thing isn't like the other.

  36. I'm going to protect and defend the constitution by violating it. Wtf are they teaching at Yale Law?

  37. How to maximize your billable hours?

  38. Id love to see an actual breakdown becuase this just sounds like a bunch of made up numbers.

  39. Here is a report that really gets into the weeds.

  40. I mean one of those two articles is discussing how Bitcoin is actually hastening the switch to renewables and that most large scale miners are renewable, or claim to be.

  41. The linked .pdf is from The Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) that did the actual research. I understand your skepticism but reading this document from engineers and scientists on this subject might provide more granular information and insights.

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