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  1. Jason Isaacs would be amazing as a live action Grand Inquisitor I hope that happens one day.

  2. Explain to me how the Grand Inquisitor would come back from the death he had?

  3. For Kenobi and/or a flashback in Ahsoka?

  4. That's what I'm thinking. Loads of flashbacks. I think scenes with Hayden's face will be flashbacks.

  5. Sure. But they just had Free Guy, which was a non-established IP (albeit one that had a ton of references.) Plus if they really wanted they could have made series (which would have worked better for the property) Plus they are severely lacking in the Big Fantasy "Epic" category when it comes to Disney+, Amazon and Netflix have them beat on that. And Willow doesn't fall under that category. So hindsight it was a dumb move on Disney part to let it go.

  6. Willow could become a big fantasy epic but I don't count on it.

  7. Lol that newscaster is Andrew Neil. He is renowned as a very tough interviewer and he takes no bullshit at all. Boris Johnson simply refused to be interviewed by him before the last election.

  8. Bet you $20 bucks he would swear up and down in his nasal-ly voice that it was actually the British chap who was severely triggered and he wasn't at all bothered.

  9. Jokes aside, Seagal holds pro Russian-nationalism, anti-Ukrainian views, and is very political. I dare say he’s quite popular there.

  10. Like Tom Cruise and Scientology. Find a niche where you will be infinitely admired and respected because you supposedly lend a little bit of credence to a cause. Let your vanity go wild.

  11. It’s like a who’s who of crazy in Hollywood.

  12. except I don't count Kevin Sorbo doing straight to hallmark and Christian book store DVD movies about coming to Jesus moments being part of Hollywood. Anyone can get a camera and cut together a movie on a PC.

  13. Even better; the gun is for self-defense. They don't give crap about others than themselves and their family, same with the mask, they don't care about others.

  14. That’s a massive difference. I hate the “not voting is the same as voting for the other person” ideology.

  15. If you hate it then vote. There is basically only a couple of blocks.

  16. Glass had plenty of problems. Terrible battery life, poor video and audio recording, limited app support, Glass wasn't officially recommended to be worn all day due to eye strain and migraines it created, very expensive, etc.

  17. We will, its the company they bought North and their focals product. All I want it to do is exactly what wear OS does, without different watch faces. Just AOD time and date, good notification triage as wear OS does, and google maps as the glass explorer edition did. No audio, except maybe a chime for notifications (or vibration), because I have Bluetooth earbuds for that, no camera. Wifi, GPS, BTLE, and compass are also good additions.

  18. It's not based on UWP. It's based on XAML Island similar to File Explorer header, Notepad, Paint, etc.

  19. paint is considered bugged and broken until it gets a dark mode theme.

  20. yeah but red states are doing what Georgia did and allowing the legislatures to decide the outcome of each precinct if they don't like the vote #s that came out.

  21. So put the criminal in jail he can’t serve as president doing 20 to life

  22. We can only hope The Georgia DA will do so, or Leticia James, or SDNY

  23. This is the real question. HPD is absolutely positively useless

  24. Incorrect. HPD is great. The judges letting murders out on bond who re-offend because their case is pending forever and bond out again (doing this multiple times with multiple felony indictments) are the real problem.

  25. wrong on all three, thanks for assuming. I always vote blue glad not to actually live in harris county. couldn't pay me to with crime the way it is and it's mostly due to the judges and the DAs office. You change those two things and HCSO and HPD could do a much better job.

  26. Hah #2 is interesting because it almost feels true and yet it would be by accident if that was the case

  27. If someone said the same of Trump I could believe it. Before becoming a republican he donated to Hillary, bill, Schumer, pelosi, and many others.

  28. It's kind of a common theme with conservatives lately. They keep repeating their talking points long after the expiration date.

  29. Wow a trashed box and no VIP points 😔

  30. Yes. Pixel 6 pro. No screen protector yet so no fingerprint problems.

  31. Would the females have 6 nipples like a sow?


  33. If the Democrats would just make DC and Puerto Rico States we could forestall a fascist takeover. It doesn't look like we will ever again have the bare minimum to get that passed though. We need that Voting Rights Bill before the midterms in any case, by hook or crook we need it or it's game over and none of these other bills Democrats are focusing on will mean anything, we have less than 9 months before we lose the House, and we will lose the House.

  34. That wouldn't sit well with DINO Manchin and Sinema and the other moderate democrats. Also PR isn't a given that it would be blue. The governor of PR was shilling hard for trump until the hurricane hit and when Trump botched the response he told all mainland ppl from PR to vote democrat.

  35. All the more reason to give them the opportunity to become a state along with guaranteed-D DC. It’s a worthy cause regardless of its partisan impact, and the downside where it sends Republicans to Congress would at the very least inject new, probably more moderate blood into the GOP.

  36. UV buttplug optional - but highly recommended. Bleach chasers will be around on the snack tray shortly.

  37. gwyneth paltrow will also come by to the women to sell them fake homeopathic BS.

  38. So you would waste your vote on Jill stein or Kanye who don't have a chance or would you sit it out?

  39. This is what Tesla should have posted for the images. So much better. Thank you!

  40. I suppose they didnt feel they needed to because of the apple tesla effect

  41. As a texan can confirm this sounds right

  42. SMH my head, Blue Origin would have deployed in 2 days... 4... wait shoot it's on back order... 7 days... okay now we lost it okay maybe it's best not to let Amazon do it.

  43. However blue origin technically doesn't go to space.

  44. There isn't one but if you connect the dots... Google made the OS with Samsung. Watches that Google said are compatible and will get the update have to arbitrarily wait. Google said that. The also said those getting the update would require a full wipe to get the new OS. If it requires a wipe it requires little engineering because it's not porting over user data or apps. The Samsung watch has a OneUI skin on top of wear os. Presumably Google already knows what a skinless watch will look like, which would be a fossil or pixel watch. Skins are always built on top of the no skin UI. Also furthering the idea is the fact that no one else has released a watch with wear os 3 when a company like mobvoi cranks out watches frequently and could easily do so.

  45. Please don't state something as fact when you acknowledge it is only speculation.

  46. I didn't call it a fact. It's also pretty obvious.

  47. Nexus 6Ps would fail, custom kernels that would disable the performance cores would revive the phone.

  48. and those 6Ps with custom kernels would probably still run faster than my 5X did with the bad flash storage, almost as bad when you didn't use trim apps frequently on the nexus 7 (1st edition). Luckily I didn't have one of the 5X units that boot looped.

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