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  1. You just broke it in, no it’s ready for some real usage

  2. Or when you hit slightly uneven pavement or a puddle deeper than half an inch

  3. I feel like I’m always on call and obligated to respond. Sucks

  4. On the contrary, you’re more free because you always know exactly who called and that you aren’t going to miss them if they leave their house in the next five minutes. When I had a landline, especially before Caller ID, I was glued to that fucker (and the house) and there was always anxiety if I came home to find the message light blinking. What did I miss? Is someone in the hospital or jail? Did the restaurant change my schedule again and now I have to be in 20 minutes ago?

  5. Depending on the embassy I actually could understand. Remember that outside of the US tipping isn't commonplace. Most people from outside the country don't even know itnis expected, and in many countries it is actually rude to tip the waiter (as it means you thinknthey are underpaid for the work)

  6. I can’t imagine going to work in foreign relations and actively fucking over the local citizens because things are done differently where I live.

  7. Tipping at a restaurant, yes. But tipping for delivery is a different situation. Don’t even get me started on tipping for carry out.

  8. Tipping someone at a restaurant when they stay in one building and didn’t necessarily drive themselves there is different from tipping someone who drives all over on their own dime and wastes their time waiting to be let into secure buildings, playing phone tag with customers who screwed up the address, and sitting in traffic/stopping to fill up?

  9. Simple and direct like slingshotting out of the galaxy to take a jaunt to the moon?

  10. Yes, the ancient history major is always the alpha male in a group.

  11. I have a rule: if any acquaintance, coworker, or friend asks me for money, I will give them $20, no questions asked besides, "do you need to borrow $20?". It's not much but it goes a long way when you're truly broke.

  12. How many times do you do this for the same person?

  13. When did people start getting nervous about talking on the phone? I was kid in the 80's and a teen in the 90's and we talked on the phone all the time. What changed?

  14. We got second jobs to pay inflated housing costs and started taking classes to pick up those nEw SkIlLs that are supposed to somehow make us more money. You text someone and that’s that. Get a text, you can reply when you want. Call, and suddenly 45 minutes are gone, the floor is still dirty, assignments aren’t done, and the laundry gets forgotten in the washer and then smells like mildew.

  15. What the other comment said. It’s a service and people want it.

  16. Restaurants don’t like taking calls where there’s more room for error or dealing with a language barrier either.

  17. “I had been working as a chocolate grater until our handle wrapper left, when I assumed her duties in addition to my own.”

  18. This obsession they have with “appropriate” dress. They’ll make grudging concessions that in cErTaIn InDuStRiEs it can make sense to dress in jeans or sleeveless shirts or whatever, but with the implication that there’s a moral standard being violated.

  19. The benefit of that avatar is that seeing it on someone's reddit profile is a pretty easy marker that you can ignore anything they're saying because it's all fucking garbage.

  20. You used to have to dig through the post history for Jordan Peterson.

  21. Nope, just deleted. I think he's checking out this post and trying to do damage control.

  22. OOP: ”Nobody wants to hear this but it’s true.”

  23. I’m having trouble picturing a house that’s so big that stepmom couldn’t hear OP moving furniture, but where the only space to practice is the kitchen (except even then, only with the furniture moved) and OP’s room is so tiny.

  24. The majority of Americans thought he shouldn’t be elected in the first place, and we see what good that did.

  25. Great, let’s hope there’s a second January 6th inquiry………

  26. Two chickens and a bushel of apples or gtfo

  27. Also update LW: "Also despite me claiming all the customers hate Mike, literally no one has ever complained about him."

  28. You joke but a few years back I was on blood thinners due to a surgery I had and about a week later I got a bad nosebleed.

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