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  1. I hate that position so I avoid it and just front the bill in hopes ppl return the favor. If not, you know who to trust, or not.

  2. Maybe just take public transit, 3 times is a lot for a pretty simple test. I'm not berating you, but some people just can't do it. My little sister is literally a lawsuit behind the wheel, but she passed her g2. Also are you nervous driving?

  3. My entire family (including me) are alcoholics. I've been drinking for so long I don't even taste it. People get scared cuz I can chug vodka like water and not even make a face (not proud but meh). My friend can't even drink 2 shots with out feeling sick but no one in her family drinks. It could be the environment you were raised in, genetics, or just it's not your thing. Like I can't smoke weed or even smell it, it's not gross it's just I don't like it.

  4. Funny dumb? I walked straight thru a glass door, and didn't even stop cuz I was so embarrassed and wanted to look tough in front of the girl I was with and she definitely friendzoned me after that. Serious dumb? Sold drugs that probably ruined people's lives.

  5. What happened when you walked through the door? Did you get cut, or bleed or anything. For some reason your story of the glass door reminded me of that "This is fine" meme with the dog and the fire lol.

  6. The door just turned into little pieces, like almost no resistance and just kept walking in stride but I did have a little bump on my forehead. Funniest part is I could see in her face she wanted to laugh but she just went along with it too. And basically 1-11. 11 being fetty.

  7. Opposite happened to me. I had an active arrest warrant that I didn't know about, I moved 4 or 5 units down cuz the new tenant had a kid and I had a 2 bedroom unit but only I lived there, so I agreed. Probably a week later the pigs bust that door down looking for me. Me and my landlord already signed the change of address form for my probation officer, so it was a huge matter of red tape, everyone pointing fingers at different factions of the police department. Even at that, the warrant was nulled a month prior to all of this and that made it more confusing for headquarters and SIU had to step in. Luckily her child wasn't home, it was a Saturday morning so I'm gonna assume weekends with the child's father. Regardless, police are dumb. In every department. But she got a pretty decent settlement, upwards of 100k. It just goes to show how incompetent police are and how they don't understand how their incompetence can change people's lives. Yet they don't care.

  8. He started off good, spitta put him on game and spitta promotes independence. He just went off rails. Followed his pops. Jlr dropped him cuz he thought SOG was gonna take off, but It was really just a spin off of jet life.

  9. Never really understood why he tried to push the SOG “brand” instead of Jet Life. I don’t have a slight clue about how this GILDAN hustling business goes though 😂

  10. We can only get blood from other 0- donors.

  11. Batman. He sets this shit up on purpose. And then they'll team up and beat up someone else.

  12. Think it's a joke? Bring a charcuterie board on a first date, watch who eats the cheese

  13. Aren't they a pain to wash?

  14. Lol we beleived anything and didn't question ahjt if it made "sense". We lived in the "source: trust me bro" era.

  15. I understand the joke, but no joke, I took a lil break from life and visited my uncle for the weekend, had a few drinks and fell asleep on the couch and dreamt I was late for school and I started rushing and it was dark I tripped on the ottoman so hard and life kicked in. My uncle flicked the lights on and laughed so hard at me. This was Friday night lol.

  16. Whenever anybody says anything about having two jobs, I always say "I got two jobs!" in a Caribbean accent...

  17. Lol my dad use to buy those and keep them in the truck and I'd steal them all the time and he just bought me my own pack eventually. Funny commercial tho.

  18. Lol how would she know what she would bring to the table for him? It's a random person? Homies ego is beyond a gym/insta bro. 7/10 is a compliment now he looks like a 10/10 douchebag

  19. Depends on why I'm feeling down. Just fk life, lil peep, girl troubles, 90s/00s RNB, feeling unjustified, rage against the machine.

  20. I grew up wanting to be a firefighter, for lack of better terms I wasn't "qualified" but now I wonder if I could do some volunteer firework...I think it'd be a great experience and maybe turn into a "qualified" person to turn my childhood dream into reality. I say, go for it my guy!

  21. Maybe dude was in a rush and had no time to return it, but put in a complaint and prove you know the current and previous locations.

  22. Forca Portugal. I'm half chop, and cr7 has been regarded as one of the best players in my generation.

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