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Doug Ford Swallows a Bee Live During Press Conference

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  1. Or you know you could do your civic duty.

  2. Kinda typical American Catholics. Rarely go but maybe on certain occasions. And I'm fairly sure Linda's family was Catholic. Also, imagine Louise's confirmation lol

  3. I use to roll them into "joints" subconsciously until i noticed how cringe it must look. Does the ink still rub off if you hold it for too long?

  4. Lol I actually practiced balling up like this and even tho I don't smoke no more I still get asked to roll up for ppl.

  5. All depends where ur going. Where I'm at, people arent very religious, it's cold for 6 months, food portions are different and our health care system is currently on a downward spiral.

  6. I think he was actually real just deranged. Most of BB is based on an exaggeration of real life problems. But that's just my take. Realistically it's a cartoon so u can't take everything at face value.

  7. Gene is pretty great and I agree his episodes are underrated but he also has my least favorite episode of all time - Mommy Boy.

  8. Definitely my least favorite episode. It was super weird but it kinda shows a theme of Freud's theories and Im not certain of that but that was the first thing I thought of the first time (also only time) I watched it.

  9. 5 billion dollars has been missing for COVID relief, not sure where that went either

  10. I can explain why it's 8 years of on and off.....ur heads the shape of a light bulb

  11. Meth, not even once.

  12. Nope. Buy an entire condo and lower rent to attract tenants, continue income flow, obvious put something into a tsfa and make everything back in 3 years.

  13. Try some of the horror escape rooms. Ur completely safe and it's kinda like starring in ur personal horror movie.

  14. That sounds so fun! I definitely will if I ever get the chance.

  15. It does gives u the creeps but in ur mind u know ur safe so it's all laughter when it's done.

  16. I hope he returns. I don't care if it's just 2 mins a quarter, he lead us to a chip and personally I was upset he left.

  17. I fractured 2 fingers and the paramedics asked if I wanna head to the emergency room, nah sir....I'll be ok in a month....not sitting around in pain for 8 hours

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