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  1. Sorry, I don't quite get what you mean. The weapon stat values are the same as you would see ingame. With an addition of the "Takedowns" field (Whatever it means in that context)

  2. Weapon stats ingame are utterly ridiculous. Logic behind counting KD must have been figured out by a stoned chimpanzee. I wonder what is the actual quality of data captured by the stats you exposed by your new tool.

  3. I may be wrong, but (I think) the kd they show for weapons is about killing a player wielding the same weapon. But I am not sure. I don't show kd for weapons on the site atm, but Kills and deaths separately.

  4. If I'm playing knight I usually just use the charge attack to get through the doors. Feels badass

  5. Zur Gesichts/ und Blickrichtungserkennung gibt es schon einige Lösungen. Als Stichwort würde ich nach "Gaze Detection/tracking" suchen. Normalerweise geben die Modelle auch den "Augenzustand" zurück.

  6. Sounds hilarious and fun. The new map would be a good place to host this too

  7. When I play Agatha on Coxwell, I stay alive as peasant as long as possible.

  8. Idk why exactly it happens, but my game often bugs out on Bridgetown, letting me spawn as a peasant during the whole round. It can be easily fixed, but I usually just roll with it :D

  9. Imagine if they added a short cooldown for nearby horns when one is used (in a parallel universe)

  10. What skin is that, it looks dope? Nice environmental kill always fun to do

  11. It's the skin you get from the new campaign

  12. Sometimes when I come across you in game I want to tbag you so you btfo me and put me in these videos.

  13. You can jump straight to almost every banner as well as the far gate controls. Super useful

  14. The real question would be: does it work? can you actually get there?

  15. I've no idea. My plan was to jump on that small wooden pillar and then to the other side 🤷‍♂️

  16. I love the downed mason archer who's committed till the end

  17. I just rewatched and noticed there are actually 2 downed archers on the deck haha. The other one is showing more classic archer behaviour tho

  18. This is why games in this genre die, exact posts and attitudes like this

  19. Imo it's the communities becoming smaller and more elitist/toxic that kills such games. Not a non-serious post or his remark.

  20. Oh Gott, sie haben alle den Balenciaga-Blick x.x

  21. There’s also a massive keep at the end of the Bridgetown bridge. Feels like the perfect place for a final objective/VIP fight! Really hope they add one.

  22. Yea I was thinking the same. I went in there in spectator mode and noticed that it's really bare bones when it comes to props, decorations and stuff. So prolly designed to only be a spawn area from the start. But hope never dies, right? Right?

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