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  1. There’s no nice way to tell him. One year without brushing his teeth all while smoking too?! Wtf. That’s absolutely disgusting

  2. He’s charging $150 for nose bleeds to his show in my city lol

  3. Shred your cabbage, add salt & pepper. Sauté till nice and cooked through. Boil some bow tie pasta and mix together. Delicious and so easy!

  4. We used to mix 6 beers, 2 red bulls and vodka in a jug lol was pretty good. Don’t remember much

  5. What do you mean bro! I work 9-5 and I play COD I have a understanding of War!

  6. I spent some time in London ont and noticed a lot of abandoned buildings scattered throughout the city.

  7. The music is eerie, or the fact they made it available for streaming?

  8. The fact it’s available to this day

  9. Can I ask why it’s weird for you? No Judgment here just pointing out that it’s pretty common to have music from deceased artists on Spotify…Nick Drake, Michael Jackson, Nina Simone, John Lennon…I could go on those are just what pop into my mind. I would hope the legacy of an artist’s music continues after they are gone!

  10. He made made music about ufos and mysteriously vanished in the desert without a trace. That’s it.

  11. “2 billliiooon dollars” dr evil voice

  12. “2 billliiooon dollars” dr evil voice

  13. This photo gets posted once a week on this sub lol

  14. Keep given’r learn from your mistakes. You’ll get it! We have all made mistakes and still do. Live and learn!

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