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  1. Ooh, I used to do this on purpose in DF2014! I liked to carve out a big chunk of the frozen river, build a drawbridge upstream, and dig out channels to divert the river when it thaws in the spring. The drawbridge acts like a dam that can be dropped in case of an invasion, and water floods the entrance of the fort to drown and flush out any intruders. Just be sure to construct a way to drain the water out of the entrance, or things will get quite FUN!

  2. Thats sounds fun, might try it at some point when I get more experience

  3. How do you have all the extra population and food information on the bar up top?

  4. I created my world and the game asked me if I want to play a tutorial before embarking. And that's a tutorial map

  5. I had Veigar in enemy team with 180k dmg and 2k ap. 40 mins game bc Darius refused to end. He was just trying to get his stacks

  6. I remember doing that. I used tally marks on A4 page to count my runs and it was full after a while.. But it was a while ago. Good luck mate anyways.

  7. Does anybody remember revive+tp karthus?

  8. Star wars + Kenshi. This could work very well.

  9. Jojo's bizarre adventures and Kenshi... You know, pretty sure that could work.

  10. It’s been a while but iirc those “statements” like “ate food” are said by the character as part of their dialogue pack. Check in there maybe. There could be a message in there that you can activate/include or could possibly add one.

  11. I never played with FCS. Thank you for the insight

  12. it's the one that says "BAD MAGIC FINDER" on it

  13. Well cause I don´t know all mechanics. But a mate told me as long as I got very high armor I only have to fear really high hits. It works good so far, but ofc the Voll slam was not part of the idea.

  14. That's just a bunch of sad, frustrated nerds. Don't worry mate.

  15. have we started the fire?

  16. Just give me endless harvest(ritual version)

  17. Wow, that's a lot quicker than I thought. Those eggs put a high multiplier on xp gain?

  18. It's +67k% base growth at 1 mil eggs. Also passive items except magnet doesn't matter anymore for example crown gives just 8% exp.

  19. Most of the leveling builds I see are like "get to eighty in five minutes with this one zany trick" and then they want you to take a bunch of move speed and some uniques that technically get you enough damage and technically make you just tanky enough to do it with forty deaths or whatever.

  20. Thanks for your advice. I did palm twink with astramentis before and it was smooth, that's usually in those guides. Im more intrested in starting without anything like in speedrun environment. Unfortunately we don't have many speedruns or racing events these days.

  21. Get agility to let's say a 100 and enjoy the game. You just need some time to ADAPT

  22. Emerald herald is the best waifu. Good choice!

  23. They don't have time to implement those changes. They need to push a new league every 3 months and there is poe2 "that will fix everything" but so far it is just making things worse.

  24. There is no downside. By ggg vision it should have at least - 50% quant of dropped splinters

  25. Hm, I will give it a try when I decide to give PoE some time. Your mouse and KB still works im gamepad mode, right?

  26. No it doesn't unfortunately, you need to log out and switch back to get full control over kb+m

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