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  1. Different group of people living in england

  2. 5 delta force guys, standing stoically as 400 nine mil rounds per second simply plink off their superior armor

  3. 5 delta force guys using cover and casually mowing down the underarmed people with weapons that can pierce the cover those people try and use

  4. The tattoo is nice but my brain doesn’t like how it looks like it wraps through the skin

  5. It's wrapping around the collar bone though.

  6. Reliving life with no memory of life. What’s the point? You could’ve already done it and just dont remember

  7. The fact you can relive it very cool

  8. But they said without the knowledge you have now meaning you don’t remember so reliving it is pointless it just rewinds time and then everything goes the same

  9. Typically you’d want to go for multiples of 21 for division width. Specifically 21 or 42. You might change it depending on the terrain you primarily are fighting on

  10. Isn't that just a plot of Redo of Healer to begin with?

  11. Really good. I think it would be perfect if the dress was more like what iron valiant has which doesn’t block the front but covers the back

  12. I wanna know why gallade can't be female in the games. Gardevoir can be both male and female but not gallade. Why?

  13. Right but we go off what is confirmed, not what is speculation.

  14. Chaos had issues creating races. That’s why there are so many and chaos ended up getting sealed. Chaos could create things but we have no clue if it had combat power

  15. I mean, Chaos is the progenitor of everything, including combat power. So how would it not have any if it gave the Gods their abilities and so on?

  16. It is entirely possible to have an ability that is only creation based.

  17. We have records and both rome and Greece had a hatred of women

  18. Honestly, I’m wondering who would be the villain. How do you top Chaos who holds power over reality and life itself?

  19. That’s the thing. You don’t actually have to top it. The enemies and the protagonists can be weaker which then makes cameos from the old characters more impactful because they will be really strong and not useless

  20. Look. Cù can’t keep dodging and blocking an infinite number of NPs forever. He’ll get skewered eventually and if Gilgamesh is serious, he’ll launch so many NPs that Cù can’t counter-attack.

  21. Yes cu will die eventually. I said it’s unlikely but there is a possibility cu could kill gil

  22. It’s closer to infinitesimal than unlikely.


  24. Listen. Adhd is very non visual novel friendly

  25. My attention is deficit even if I don’t want it to be

  26. It's fortunate that HOI4 only deals with military tech so old, it's been declassified...

  27. Or else we’d have people leaking specs on the forums to get their tanks buffed

  28. Yeah, should've imagined that. Why do they like hoi4? Why are they here?

  29. I have no idea. Also I forgot to list fascists and communists but those should be obvious

  30. I'll hope that the existence of fascists on this sub is just a joke that formed around this sub

  31. R5: A grandpa enjoying a nice old realistic replay of his past experiences

  32. I’d be surprised if he lived during the German empire

  33. Barbarian: I'll rage as I fall, Gravity itself cannot kill me!

  34. creates homebrew fall damage rules since raw is too nice(and stops way before terminal velocity)

  35. Which part of Europe though? I find that the pope hates it when England gets taken over by heretics and non christians

  36. England has a catholic holy site. That’s why

  37. Austria still mad that the greater German solution never happened

  38. Funny how they used to want to be part of Germany

  39. Not familiar. Do those guys have climbing speeds, or just spider climb?

  40. They have spider climb which includes a climbing speed I can walk on the ceiling at 35 feet per round and you can’t stop me

  41. The rest of New England(besides Connecticut): hates Massachusetts Massachusetts: wants to murder new york

  42. I am now in the lord of the rings universe but wierd

  43. Not yet! As of this posting, I'm at 139/366 of the original series! Really enjoying it so far.

  44. checks filler count oh god please tell me you skipped the filler

  45. Yes! I’m watching with a friend and we skipped Bount and the Stolen Hogyoku so far, and I don’t think I’m missing anything critical.

  46. Even with real world physics it’s actually impossible for an artificer to make a nuke due to them not having any of the requirements to make them

  47. Russia is ridiculously hard to capitulate. France is ridiculously easy

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