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  1. Threads like this one really highlight who is a libertarian, and who is simply full of shit and a giant hypocrite. Luckily, in this sub, we already know who the idiots are that bathe in their own hypocrisy. But it's nice when they just put it on full display.

  2. Obama had a member of the weather underground visit the White House. Imagine if Ron Desantis had the Viking shaman visit the White House the hysteria it would cause.

  3. Culprits were arrested. The political leadership of the left didn't minimize it, nor play videos of it while they sang the national anthem, nor support the culprits in any way. So it has zero relevance to the ongoing discussion of Jan 6th.

  4. Brian kemp is a fucking moron. Anything anyone wants to claim he did like refuse lockdowns as “libertarian” go take a look at: His voting record on taxes His voting record on election ID bullshit How many election polling places he closed in D heavy areas His voting record on giving tax breaks AND tax credits for corporations and the rich His admins work on creating barriers to entry for professions. How many abortion clinics his admin forced to close Oh, and, lest we forget he “won” an election for Governor while…being in charge of the state election process… Great guy.

  5. Oh yeah, this wasn't defending Kemp. Fuck him. Rather we have a few Republicans here always claiming Trump was anti lockdown. I was just pointing out that Trump is an idiot who takes any side of any issue depending on how he thinks it'll benefit him. I think this story highlights both of those points quite well.


  7. Anyone telling you the press is the enemy, is the enemy. Are journalists perfect? No. Do they get things wrong? Yes. A free press is still key.

  8. It's all cultural Marxism! I know, I read a lot about it. Game over!!!

  9. Let me guess, when democrats call out this authoritarian move by Israel they will be called anti-semites by Republicans, by Putin and other right wing trolls. And then we’ll get a little “what about Zelensky, he shut down on opposition party” yeah he shut down a party loyal to Putin who is invading Ukraine.

  10. What Netanyahu is doing in Israel is truly frightening. Hopefully everyone recognizes the looming threats, but I fear you're correct.

  11. James Lindsay relies on dumb people to listen to his bullshit.

  12. If someone encourages you to commit an act of violence and you do, that's not entrapment.

  13. Rolling Stone published a completely fake story

  14. You posted the Rolling Story in question to this sub

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