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  1. You are doing the correct things now. You are refusing to meet in person. You haven't given him a personal phone number. You do no respond to him out of work hours. This is all good.

  2. Get the cat out with friends or pet boarding pronto.

  3. gas stations shut their bathrooms at 10 pm even if they're open all night

  4. Anyone who TELLS you they can be trusted can't be

  5. -Don’t take things too seriously. In my experience Americans find how irreverent British people are to be a culture shock. Politics, religion, and most importantly you yourself, are things to mock and be made fun of, rather than to hold in high regard.

  6. if you like liver, you'll like black pudding

  7. "if I had wanted your help I would have asked for it".....which may cue a man baby tantrum.

  8. Creepy knows perfectly well what your soft nos mean....I would not approach him directly and let management/HR handle it.

  9. it was an oasis when I was in grad school in IA

  10. Kulibyaka aka kulibach is a salmon and rice pastry, really tasty. Goblutzi are cabbage rolls I think?

  11. I especially hate it when they beg by crowding up behind me.....they know EXACTLY what they're doing.

  12. OP tried to disengage already and when she did he doubled down by telling her he’s friends with the landlord.

  13. He took OP's package, which in the US is a felony.

  14. M&S has chocolate Brussels sprouts for those who hate the vegetable.

  15. One thing I'd say is pigs in blanket seem to be different in the US than the UK. In th UK it is little sausages wrapped in bacon. In the US it looks a bit like a sausage roll but I'm only getting this information from watching American films.

  16. I've seen US style pigs in blankets called pigs in duvets in the UK.

  17. I’m not the person you replied to but a woman post a week ago that a man cat called her so she shrieked, “come on let’s go fuck right now!!” 😂

  18. My cousin in Israel was teaching adult English classes there...when a male student sniggered in Hebrew about what he wanted to do to her she asked in Hebrew did he want to to that right here, right now? and he shut up.

  19. Join us Jews! Go to a movie in the theaters and then go to a Chinese restaurant.

  20. This member of the tribe picks a blockbuster for Xmas eve and an art house/revival for Xmas Day

  21. Chinese restaurants are often open on Christmas and have a lot of customers who don’t celebrate Christmas there. It could be fun to treat yourself to a nice meal.

  22. In 1966 someone wrote to Ann Landers calculating what a housewife's labor was worth. In today's dollars it would be around $78k a year.

  23. Allergena makes a ca/NV mix sold at sprouts

  24. Peel back the banana, then with the index finger of your dominant hand, insert the tip of your index finger into the top of the banana flesh and it splits into three equal segments. Eat the segments separately and watch every XY in the area grow pale and quiet.

  25. I figured this out as a kid by unpeeling the whole banana and poking a finger into the dimple at the stem end.

  26. If you've read 70's/80's kids/YA, Norma Klein,Judy Blume and Paula Danziger have books set here.

  27. Free but because Shabbat the gift shop and cafe are closed.

  28. He saw that you had your phone out,doing something that did not involve him. HE'S the one being rude by thinking he was still owed your attention.

  29. I voted early in midtown NYC, there was a cop onsite and a police car with flashing lights parked outside. Nothing happened there.... but there was a bomb threat on Sunday at an early voting site in East Harlem, which has a majority Latinx population.

  30. what he's doing with the gifts and favors is favor sharking

  31. do you have any advice for what to do to stop it without seeming like an unreasonable asshole? I don't want to seem paranoid and like I'm the controlling asshole if I tell her she can't accept the presents, or if he tells other people that I flipped out over some little things he got from work. Unfortunately, law school is a very reputation heavy area. If I seem overly emotional or paranoid, it will be rough. I've already had problems after I turned a guy down, and lost a lot of friends. I'm also interested in going into a male dominated field within law.

  32. If she's not ready to cut him off completely, nor willing to pack and ship his remaining stuff to him I think it's best for you to move out.

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