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Daily Discussion Thread for September 16, 2022

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  1. Bears got greedy, now they will go back to predicting doomsday crash for the next 10 years

  2. Amazing how one day relief rally gets bulls foaming at the mouth for another historic run lmao. Fucking regarded.

  3. So releasing a new phone identical to last years but 200$ more expensive is not a good business plan?

  4. iPhones are the same cost they were last year wtf are you talking about? They haven’t raised prices in years.

  5. Stop loss don’t always fill. It could gap. You are truly regarded.

  6. I use Firefox as my browser, Thunderbird for email and for search. Have them on botj Windows and Mac. Works for 99% of what I need. Every once in a while, I need to use another browser, but it reminds me why I like Firefox...

  7. DuckDuckGo is garbage for most searches. Just not up to snuff relative to google. Agree on the rest.

  8. Catapult. I want to see people literally getting launched into the air cuz their portfolios are shot.

  9. As a retard 3 times over, I try not to use the word towards individuals and only towards situations. Reclamation is real and cool but using a word as a pejorative isnt reclamation, its just doing the thing that was done to you. Reclamation is specifically referring to yourself or others in your cohort as the term, not slinging it at others vitriolically.

  10. What a crock of shit. The leaked DM’s where she’s telling Adrianah “I know what it’s like to go through SA” contradict her not knowing at the time. Two witnesses told her Adrianah was touched inappropriately and andrianah herself didn’t know at the time. So why would Adrianah stating it’s not SA when Maya asked amount I anything? She was already told by two witnesses that it was SA. Good riddance maya.

  11. Hello fello Dalibaner! You will enjoy the game, trust me. Just get the demo and take it from there. First play through just wing it. Make that spaghetti base. Then when you get stuck after a while look up how others solved some problems and get an idea how to progress further. Eventually youll be able to get to the end all on your own.

  12. George got his bag. I don’t think this is going anywhere because I don’t think George cares.

  13. That looks ridiculously silly on your wrist.

  14. Nah I wanna keep my profits. Not holding over weekend. Might reload Monday depending on the setup.

  15. Hasn't destiny sided with kiwi farms and laughed at rape victims? Doesn't exactly scream non-red pill to me.

  16. Tell me you’ve never watched his content and only rely on Reddit comments without telling me.

  17. I don't rely on reddit comments, I rely on tweets he personally wrote.

  18. Why won’t anyone buy my Steam Deck? I’m asking for like $50 over msrp. These things were selling for double just a few months ago

  19. uh idk if youre paying attention but they got their manufacturing all caught up. soo no market for scalpers anymore.

  20. Yeah I use Bixby and she is tired of me! "Hey Siri, Hey Bixby, Hey Google, remind me about my eggs in 10 minutes" There is also location reminders. "Remind me to do X when I get home"

  21. I use this and then rely on my apple watch to ping my wrist to remind me because I put my phone down and forget about it as soon as I get home lmao. God bless the reminders app!

  22. What’s the timespan that it takes you to go from 500 to 10k?

  23. The entire cycle is usually 3 months. With the descent taking place over a week more or less typically.

  24. I feel you thought, training the brain to make shitty mistakes can be hard

  25. Yeah I mean I’m comfortable regardless and every now and then I take a band or two out so I’m up overall but yeah. Buncha parabolas on my all time chart with TD.

  26. I made one bagger today, nothing crazy but profit is profit and had puts expiring for next week so think i made the right call. Trying to not get greedy anymore

  27. 100% is great. 30% is a reasonable target. Be very happy with 100%.

  28. Better. The depth of risk currently present is nowhere near as bad as dot com or 08.

  29. Crypto bros and divorce, name a more iconic duo.

  30. What’s the benefit of this one over one of the many third party ones? Does anyone know?

  31. All the ports are outward facing from the back, none on the side. Really clean sleek design. Im sure it outputs 60hz. Has DP and HMDI. Right angle custom fit USB-C input. But Jsaux does that all as well I believe, with the exception of the side ethernet port, so I guess price point will be the deciding factor.

  32. The biggest sad. At least I get my divi....

  33. Actual flaming dumpster fire. Holy fucking shit this is so bad.

  34. I tried to reject a steam deck I ordered due to instant regret as instructed by customer support and the driver said fine and then marked it as delivered and I had to go to the central office and pick it up by asking the manager and sharing a sob story as a poor student to guilt them. I don’t trust FedEx at all and would assume they are at fault. That said if your boyfriend didn’t sign for it I would report this to steam customer service and tell the truth and see what they can do. Worst case credit card charge back.

  35. I cant understand this comment but I dont know why. Its like its missing something but I dont know what lol.

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