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  1. I had a 1988 Honda Prelude that color, and I absolutely loved it! (underpowered as hell but loved it anyway)

  2. My Rx is similar to yours, and while I don't need to wear glasses most of the time, the improvement in sharpness and comfort when I wear them is well worth it. I wear them for driving (often in daytime, always at night), watching anything with captions or sports scores and movies or tv with high quality graphics. I don't get headaches without them, but everything looks plainer and clearer with them.

  3. Their whitefish salad is the best anywhere.

  4. For the most part, we're just asking you to tell us if you want the lens weaker or stronger. ie, if you like #1 (the weaker lens), we make it 0.25D (1 click of the lens) weaker and ask the same question. When you reverse your answer ("no, make it a step weaker"), we backtrack. When they're the same or too close to call, we're done with that part of the prescription (simplified). We will often change up the numbers and show you the same pair again to confirm the choice. An experienced refractionist can also get a lot from different responses we get... if you can read the line perfectly and easily, it means something different than someone who struggles and misses 2 letters.

  5. I really love Cost Split (iOS) for this... granted, it won't run in a web browser, but it's pretty easy to use and lets you easily designate unequal responsibilities for payments.

  6. Anything that imparts high G forces to the head/eyes can be a risk factor for a tear or detachment. Other than boxing & bungie jumping, the one I mention most is having an airbag discharge in your face.

  7. I was there... was going to college at Oneonta State, had become a bigtime Deadhead over the past few years. I drove my old Duster to the show with 3 friends. Memory of the show is a bit dim, but I remember someone throwing a handfuls of wooden tongue depressors with ~Dead~ with a rose printed in red on them into the crowd. (Kept mine for years til it got lost in the shuffle). I remember the show being amazing, but no real details.

  8. Wake up to find out that you are the size of a squirrel...

  9. Lenses that are too tight can be bad for eye health due to inadequate tear exchange under the lens. Too loose and they'll be uncomfortable, you can feel them moving around.

  10. I’ll be at Philly and NYC definitely (as always), hopefully Boulder, maybe Burgettstown and Cincinnati (probably not Cincy, though).

  11. Love the name tag idea... will be at NYC, hopefully SPAC and Boulder, would love to say hi and thanks if I see you

  12. Amazing show! But could someone ask their lighting people to stop shining those spots directly into our eyes for minutes at a time? Not only does it make it impossible to see the horns and strings, but it's REALLY annoying.

  13. After almost 50 years of seeing the Dead in one configuration or another, I'm repeatedly amazed by their ability to reinvent their sound. The Westville Bobby & Wolf Bros show last night was just stunningly good. I've heard these same songs hundreds of times live, yet last night they sounded as lush and fresh as ever, with new arrangements, horns & strings & steel. Really looking forward to PITS and summer tour, hoping they add an acoustic set!

  14. Great show! Two hour + first set, and these guys are hot and tight as anything! We were supposed to be in London now, but the queens death made us decide to switch to Paris, and lo and behold DSO sealed the deal. They didn’t do anything to the seats, but basically you can sit anywhere in the venue you want. Now, waiting for the second set.

  15. Yeah Rob Barraco is awesome, sitting 6th row right in front of him

  16. You need a lobotomy, I'll get a saw... best line!

  17. The contact one is actually better... we use numbing drops so you won't feel a thing.

  18. Eyes of the World (Grateful Dead), 3/29/90 with Branford Marsalis

  19. The sound at the Boulder shows was pristine and perfect!

  20. Online tests can’t diagnose a retinal detachment, go see an eye doctor asap

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