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  1. Earlier this year, an F1 driver got COVID and a retired driver (only a few years removed) filled in on very short notice. By the end of the race, he couldn’t even hold his head up in the corners. He was resting his head on the cockpit surround. And that’s someone who knew what he was getting into and was (in theory) keeping himself in shape hoping for a new ride.

  2. Is this supposed to hold onto dear life with 1 screw? I imagine M.2 ports are getting yanked off the PCB when cases are set down hard. Anyone who has used this can comment?

  3. I have one installed, works great. SSD runs cool as a cucumber, with no thermal throttling. Works great for drives that cook.

  4. Oh yeah the big thing too is they might not need to buy a charter or run an unchartered car if Kurt retires as well. RCR is alot like Williams in F1 before the new bosses took over. They rely alot on short term deals for drivers and sponsors and dont like to branch things out or adapt. Roush was like that and look what happened. Keselowski is the first breath of fresh air in meetings in ages, and for example even when puccia was clearly not a cup caliber crew chief jack refused to make a move.

  5. matty p was one caution away from winning a race with biffy boo.

  6. Hate to burst anyone's bubble, but the only reason the pit box is configured this way is because it once belonged to a team that Bootie Barker CC'ed for (Maybe Germain?) and it was configured to allow him to access to the top of the box.

  7. I almost bought one of these yesterday, and didn't.

  8. How is it? I'm thinking of getting one. Is the RAM clearance decent? I'm getting Corsair Vengeance which is 34mm I believe.

  9. Truthfully, I have not mounted it yet. Just picked up a bracket for it this past weekend.

  10. Please let me know if you find a solution, I am in the exact same boat. I don't even have the "appeal" button that it speaks of. I also have no violations on file. I think someone mass reported my page.

  11. Poopoodoodoo. Hope they hit 199 for mid week madness

  12. So how did you mate up the Dell front panel to the B550M board? I recently opened up a 3020 with the same idea in mind but the connectors are not standard.

  13. Using a flat blade screwdriver to get it to turn on now. Will have to do some soldering to get it to work with the front button

  14. love the dual fan push/pull on the AIO, I've never seen that before but it makes perfect sense

  15. It was commonly done about 15 or 20 years ago with another motor and transmission mounted in the front with emaxx motors and ESC or one super rooster ESC with two stock motors

  16. What's your CPU and what are your temps with this AIO?

  17. Ryzen 7 5700G. It was idling around 41 today but has dipped into the high 20's before. To be honest not really sure why it does that

  18. Nah, I just put it together from parts I had plus a few. I might use it as such, though. It's going to need some more graphic horsepower if so

  19. There is a job posting for RFK on LinkedIn for their trackside IT technician position.

  20. Is the A team IT-centric or are there other types of personnel? Thinking… people who are setting up trailers/tents, running gear A>B, etc?

  21. The A Team consists of people who are there for the whole weekend, from start to finish. Crew chief, engineers, IT guy, mechanics, tire guys, primary truck drivers, basically all of the crew besides the pit crew and some of the PR folks.

  22. Some of the biggest drama queens in the garage are on the pit crews

  23. I applaud you for trying, but eBay don't ask no questions.

  24. Ford Maverick? Supposed to fit bigger guys ok and they're priced very competitively.

  25. Wait list for 2023 models opens up this new stock available, local dealer had one used...for $43k. So not something you can just go buy

  26. Drugs, suicidal, and/or mental illness. Sad the man couldn't receive the help he needed, but he clearly was not thinking like a rational person would and his irrational behavior led to his death. I feel like in these scenarios, police need to call in backup and allow more space to avoid confrontation. They could have had more units on scene to detain him as soon as the taser landed and avoided him ever reaching for a weapon. If you feel the need to point a loaded firearm at someone for your safety, it's probably not safe for you to engage. Call and wait for backup.

  27. Yes, because we have an abundance of law enforcement officers ready to try to talk someone down who had the strength to shake off a taser and is now wielding a hammer.

  28. Is this for your 5G/internet setup, or for an IoT data-only presence?

  29. 5G Internet setup for cellular failover for a car lot that utilizes an ipsec vpn tunnel

  30. Ask the rep to look up the SOC code SIPV4 or the C2 doc "Public static IP features: Business", but it won't work on consumer accounts, just business accounts.

  31. This is a joke with this year's schedule like it is.

  32. ^ This guy gets it! This is the kinda thing I wish there was more of on this sub.

  33. The new car is giving a lot of the smaller teams and hungrier drivers a fair chance at running better and competing for wins, for now.

  34. We just watched Steve Austin and Kevin Steen main event WrestleMania with Cody Rhodes on the undercard and a cameo by Scott Steiner. In 2022.

  35. At what part did he come on? I missed that

  36. What did you choose not to race mini late models at Mill Hill Speedway and why was it because you were afraid of getting whooped?

  37. When someone has enough time and desire to watch the cameras THIS closely over a kid's need to go work somewhere else

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