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Trump Calls Biden 'Enemy of the State' in 'Fully Unhinged' Speech. "This is, quite simply, a speech intended to incite domestic terrorists to kill FBI agents and members of the Biden administration," said one attorney.

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Biden vows to crack down on colleges 'jacking up costs' and causing student debt to spiral after Trump 'looked the other way'

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  1. Using: |Total Income| - |Total Expenditure| = Total Profit/Loss

  2. Yeah but you have to average in how much time it takes the average person to calculate this and how much they get paid per hour… so still in the positive!

  3. tell us you are in a fascist death cult without telling us you are in a fascist death cult.

  4. If they were just killing themselves it’d be nbd. That is not their plan.

  5. Yes. Please uninvite Trump to any of my past, current or future events as well? I wouldn’t want him showing up at my future niece or nephew’s birthday party without a gift blathering on about stolen elections. That would just be embarrassing.

  6. I actually have one of these I bought in Alexandria, VA. It’s a really interesting piece.

  7. Pretty unremarkable if you ask me. The size and color are about the same as you can find anywhere, at least where I live, they're really a dime a dozen. I would assume it's not even that old, as they usually darken with age. So yeah, peel that bad boy open and eat it. Oh, and neat rock.

  8. Where are you getting 12 bananas for $0.10?! Drop your banana guy’s contact info!

  9. Looks like Eliot from Stardew if he was a pirate!

  10. I looked at the situation and gave an opinion don't look that deep into it everything is in quantum physics

  11. Everything “is in” that hard!

  12. Imprecise and false. How you call Ads blocking? It's content filtering. It's also a DHCP server, and does many blocking and client managing functions. Compiling via script a Blocklist effectively makes it a content filter. But it's already a content filter, you can blacklist via direct specification or through regex domains to not be resolved, so it allows you to apply full control over what's to be resolved and whatnot

  13. You clearly have no idea what you are talking about and you don’t understand the underlying networking technology.

  14. I was kickin' it with a buddy and he connected to my WiFi and after like 15 mins he read me all my passwords. No clue how he did it, but he did.

  15. Is it possible if someone connects to your hotspot? I only use my hotspot for internet.

  16. Generally hotspots are a little different as far as their configuration. I wouldn’t say it’s impossible if someone knows what they are doing but configurability of hotspots is generally a bit more locked down and primarily uses the cellular network for configurations.

  17. Helium-3 in abundance on the Moon is not new. This has been known for decades. and its energy applications for human race.

  18. I actually really like that as ridiculous as it is. Should be in a science fiction novel, maybe already is.

  19. Dark Brandon found a strong pocket of malarkey and has been fed.

  20. Can someone just turn off their power for 3 days or 7 days or whatever it is, put old timey radios in their windows for EBS and make them think “the storm is coming”? That way we can figure out who is coming out guns blazing and shut them down with little to no incident? That way we can move on in a rational society and rejoin the international community?

  21. “Do I look like I a know what a JPEG is? All I want is a picture of a ghot dahng hotdog” :6344:


  23. 8 times? Seems excessive for someone who wasn’t threatening.

  24. No bugger will drink it. Plus of course the advantage of dog’s milk is when it goes off it tastes exactly the same as when it’s fresh.

  25. The problem with most of humanity is that we look at resources as ours: primarily through religion. This is definitely a cleaner alternative than current options but it comes with its own issues. We are advanced enough that we should be able to look at those issues and plan for them. The scientific community absolutely plans for these things but when it comes to money it usually falls short.

  26. Here is my problem with people complaining about waste. To me its always used as a way to stand in front of progress. Wind turbine blades is a great example. The tower is metal and can be recycled. The nacelle is mainly a motor that can be recycled. So we're left with the blades as the main source of waste.

  27. I completely get you and I have the same frustrations on that. My concerns were definitely turbine / engine related but mostly because they are submerged (from my reading). Anything underwater is frightening to me because it’s our last relatively untapped resource. It is also the dumping grounds of so much human garbage.

  28. I mean he didn’t just look the other way he capitalized on that shit. He paid a settlement. He is a criminal.

  29. Is legit petrified wood valuable?

  30. Oh please. Look up Midgley and led. You aren’t even in the running for top killers sir.

  31. I’m more into guns than most Australians. I took the time many years ago to go through the licensing process and got a firearms license, was a member of a club, had lots of fun target shooting and have done multiple range days at with various firearms in the US. Yes, guns can be fun.

  32. I absolutely agree with you. I had to do a lot more work to get my driver’s license than I had to do when I bought my first firearm.

  33. Just wish more Americans felt the same way. It’s so frustrating hearing about all the needless gun deaths over there.

  34. Maybe it’s super American of me but do you know the phrase “the squeaky wheel gets the grease”? Some groups in the United States have taken that to a new extreme.

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