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  1. More like apes always wrong 🤣

  2. Fucking A!!!... Kenny is going to smother me in mayo and light me on fire... I FUCKED UP ROYALLY!...

  3. Godspeed Shill, thank you for your service 🫡

  4. There's a post on SS asking what will happen when the apes 'lock the float'. Since this is their one remaining 'catalyst', I was hoping for some insight into ape-thought but everyone agree that it had never happened in the history of the stock market, so nobody knows. If nobody knows, why are the apes so enthusiastic about DRSing their shares?

  5. I pinned it because it's so funny when they were buying them paying more than 500$ and saying that those things were going to be history lmao

  6. But but but the DD has NEVER been proven wrong!!!!

  7. Apes literally think they are shorting every company and making infinite money. Yet they also think they are running out of ammo for the past two years.

  8. Wait hold up, their main focus is profits?

  9. “You’re telling me that if murder, for example, was legal that a fuck ton of us wouldn’t go rub out a MFer?”

  10. You wanna bet he has to record in his parents backyard because they threw him out when he wouldn't shut up about his non financial advice during family supper?

  11. As a self confessed Apple fanboy, I fkn hate AirPods.

  12. Let me guess. Single mom. 2-3 kids. Terrible paycheck. Bets it all on GME with her welfare check.

  13. Cmon, no need to bash single mothers

  14. I mean, you can apparently go around raping and molesting and House of Cards can still last 6 years.

  15. These people NEVER cease to amaze me with their unhinged bullshit 😂🤣

  16. I thought this was satire until I read the rest of the thread…

  17. Forgot to say NFA - send him to jail!

  18. Oh yeah I completely forgot about that guy

  19. “When I’m selling, someone else is buying?!?!”

  20. i’m not arguing the fact that he rugged unsuspecting BBBY “investors”- but HE didn’t make a cool $60M profit. Bed Bath did. that money went directly to the board. fact check me. i’m one of them, after all…

  21. 😁😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  22. These people are fucking instance, how in god’s name can you take a CARTOON so seriously?

  23. I saw a teenage kid today walking back and forth on a sidewalk in front of his parents apartment, with a mask on. We got problems.

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