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  1. seemed that life was so wonderful

  2. Getting some Jennifer Aniston myself

  3. Absolute projection. Putin is everything they say about Zelensky. Except maybe jewish. I'm sure they have doubts all the time when the "official" story doesn't make any sense, but are capable of brushing it aside. When asked about these things, they turn to stone and want to change subject.

  4. They litterally built their entire country in another COUNTRY. Emagine if we decided to make Denmark west Skåne over night, would u be found of us?

  5. This. Plus they expand it by building more settlements. Some even outright defend this by saying it's their god-given right. Those people aren't too far from the muslims that call for their expulsion. I'm personally not as much pro-islam as I am anti-Israel. Israelis and their supporters always fall back on their right to simply defend their country. No mention of the people they've driven out of their homes.

  6. So much progress in a century and some people are still following bullshit religions that are few thousand years old. Millions of years of evolution, held back by belief in supernatural. The goddamn Roman empire lasted nearly as long as Islam has been a thing. All of our religions are recent inventions on the evolutionary timescale. Yet they hold so much power over people.

  7. OP posts mostly Pro-Russian (Wagner included) content and is quick to anger if anyone points out any flaws or the fact that he is a vatnik.

  8. This is 100% training footage. Russians are ramping up propaganda production. Lots of old footage and faked stuff circulating now.

  9. This is from nearly year ago. Lot of russian propaganda here.

  10. Killed a civie too. Absolute advantage in equipment and endless war until they've "pacified" the area.

  11. And Gaza blockaded. And settlements expanding.

  12. Fuck you. They gave him conflicting orders at gunpoint. They had all the time in the world to have one of the officers go in and restrain him.

  13. Kids need to learn that there are repercussions. The more lax they have it when young, the more surprised they'll be when entering adulthood and dealing with the justice system. This is the result of failed parenting and teachers not given enough room to discipline and control their students. Send all the rowdy fuckheads to special ED, where there's a monster with a stick.

  14. Way too high up in 99% of situations. Then you're just lugging around another gun that's mostly useless.

  15. You could hear that thing buzz real close. You could probably hit a drone 100m up in the air with some decently heavy shot.

  16. Nah, this is when you reach for that handset dangling from your gear and call for every available aircraft over Australia to drop their ordnance on that field. Napalm preferred, but dumping large passengers out of a commercial plane will do in a pinch.

  17. Spiders are friends, not cannon fodder

  18. You type well.. for a spider

  19. Nolan's gonna detonate a Davy Crockett in the adjacent building during the premiere. The audience will be blown away by the practical effects.

  20. I lead a large organization's (F500) digital marketing for North America, we spend over 100 million per year on ad buying. Prior to my current role, I led a global analytics / data science function. Everything we do is scientifically tested and calibrated. The amount of intelligence that goes into ad placement is quite startling, and believe me, it works. The key to it working is of course that a single impression is very, very cheap.

  21. This is why I have adblockers on everything. To say I don't respect your profession, is putting it mildly. It's manipulative and driven by greed. Creating want for something people don't need.

  22. Turn the 'thin blue line' purple

  23. Yeah, even with a recon drone, which allows them to see what's going on inside the home, we still get THIS.

  24. It can make it worse. They've got all the gadgets to surround and kill a person, it's what they are equipped for. It's where their mental state is at. Who cares about correct location, de-escalation or talking to people. Let's just rush a building and shoot the occupants, right?

  25. Why even add "America" in the title? There aren't a lot of people from Myanmar or North Korea posting here and where else does police behave like that? Even russian police just beats you up but doesn't shoot you.

  26. Exactly. I'd wager that only in countries like Brazil and Venezuela, are cops this eager to shoot you. Nowhere in the developed world do you have shootings like this regularly. Police need to be professionals at engaging with people, not engaging in combat. American police get all the gear, none of the training and all the bad apples.

  27. I thought there must be someone who comes off well, but I realize that even the wife seems kind of like an asshole for not giving them any food or hay for the horses. I suppose she is the only one you could argue has some sort of justification for her actions, but it still isn't exactly nice.

  28. This being 1156, there often wasn't much food to go around. Someone ransacking your home could mean that you won't last the winter.

  29. Hope that kid ends up in prison. Little piece of shit.

  30. Wait what? You can't watch Channel 5 because of an allegation made by a person who first asked for money from Andrew? The fuck. It's like anyone can now make a claim and make someone look like fucking Bill Cosby. And the moment that shit hits the news, people turn their backs on the creator, even if it's just rumours.

  31. Seuraavaks riihimäen vankilan muureja vois laajentaa niin, että ne ympäröis koko riksun.

  32. Ei huonompi ratkaisu. Kunhan Peltosaari ja muut kaupungin katukuvaa piristävät eloisat lähiöt jäävät sisäpuolelle, niin hyvä tulee. Junaliikenne voidaan varmasti katkaista tai kiertää muuri kokonaan. Tämä kiihdyttäisi Riihimäen jo luontaista näivettymistä ja toivottavasti tuhoaisi koko kyläpahasen noin vuosikymmenessä.

  33. I’d say he showed mercy by putting them out of their misery. He was def in pain. A favor one might say.

  34. Executing an incapacitated person isn't "mercy".

  35. Kinda reminds me of Chick-fil-A, and how the founders funded (or still do?) anti-gay shit.

  36. Tyres are also notoriously known for ricochets.

  37. Really? What about shrapnel? I thought they'd soak it up due to it getting embedded in the soft rubber. But it probably just aswell bounce back if hitting it at a poor angle.

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