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  1. Then I wonder you get if you buy the second one? Give us your money and we’ll send whatever we feel like!

  2. Maybe it was just supposed to be a joke, like my uncle used to find a penny and say “we eat good tonight!”

  3. If that happened to me I wouldn’t buy it. Nothing I want on mercari is an essential, it’s all fun anyway so I’d rather give my money to someone with good intentions.

  4. I’ve tried being polite and waiting. Never works because they’re not just moving slowly, they’re checked out.

  5. I was just there for the blacklight posters and the lava lamps 😉

  6. I hate it. Last month I took a nap in the afternoon and forgot my phone downstairs. My dad called and I didn’t answer, then he texted and when I didn’t respond in 2 hours he drove to my house pissed as fuck that I didn’t answer. It’s so expected now for everyone to always be able to reach everyone that he really thought I must be dead. I appreciate the concern I suppose but fuck what happened to my privacy.

  7. I doubt there was one since selling posts are prohibited in the sub rules.

  8. Fuck, this subreddit is apparently full of people that have never worn boots. Yes, the creases are normal, they come from actually wearing them. Yes, they will be different on each side, your feet are shaped differently from each other. Just wear and enjoy them. Boots are individual to each person, that's the point.

  9. It’s full of people who’ve been shamed into putting crease guards in their sneakers.


  11. I avoid it simply because it takes twice as long to get to its destination, and for what I sell UPS is comparably priced.

  12. I get the annoyance. There’s something my dad told me about when he sold real estate and a seller would want to counter an offer for something very small. He told them “You have your house sold for X. If you counter now, that offer is gone, and you essentially buy back your house again for X in the hopes of getting X back plus Y.”

  13. Everyone knows Gen-x is working toward Walmart greeter retirement

  14. It’s utterly depressing how many elderly people are babysitting the self checkouts at Kroger. Like this may be a window into the future.

  15. Yeah both of them are yellow. But the NY ones are smooth leather. These are suede which makes them much more comfy.

  16. I’m sorry my bad. It’s nubuck exactly.

  17. Close enough. With the look of them I expected smooth so that’s an interesting surprise

  18. Other time this subject came up, there were people thinking it’s literally price-gouging and illegal to ever charge something other than the original selling price for anything. I expect their grandparents to sell me the house they bought in 1980 for exactly what they paid then.

  19. If they’re not one of the docs labeled waterproof they aren’t going to be.

  20. I think they might not wanna call too much attention to vintage Doc Marten's quality lol. People will realize what happened to the brand and so some digging. Everything from the private equity firm to the downgrades in 2003 which they argue didn't affect the boots. My solovairs say otherwise.

  21. Junior docs are probably made softer so kids don’t have to get blisters and rip their heels.

  22. 1, and then I forget and grab the empty end of the carton. The weight pulls the other end down, pops the lid and eggs almost fall out. I need a better plan.

  23. Lol, this and their new "lost package" policy are ridiculous. They honestly think they deserve more than Ebay in payment processing fees? What a joke.

  24. Leather dye is the most solid permanent solution. And don’t listen to the people bitching about changing the sacred boot. There are so many people pretending to be part of the mythic legend of dr martens that they’ve missed the part where customization was a huge part of that past. People have been darkening red boots and stitches with black and adding studs and paint forever. That’s why they sell all that pre made now.

  25. The makeup looks nice. There seems to be some kind of dark highlighting cream on her neck and chest though. Why does it look like that?

  26. That it doesn’t belong on this sub tbh. I’m sure it’s a great brand but it’s no longer Doc martens so I don’t know why we continue to rehash it

  27. If they’re humans then they’re humans that skim the subject line then click a button to send a generic form letter. They’re not actual humans responding with any thought or consideration.

  28. Since it’s all fabric, I think a professional tailor or seamstress (sorry, don’t know a gender neutral word?) could hand sew something nicer looking, although it would never be completely invisible.

  29. Seamstor/Seamstress. I'm not aware of a gender neutral version am(or a need for one) but Taylor is a different skill set, focus/discipline.

  30. Yeah that’s why I listed them separately, there are people sewing other items beside garments anyway. I think the sewist term suggested would’ve conveyed what I wanted to say — someone skilled in sewing in some discipline.

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