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  1. That dog weighs more than I do. Thinking back on the size of some of mine I’d say they’re pretty mastiff.

  2. The dog weighs more than most people. That’s nearly 100kg of dog.

  3. I doubt it after Jin’s trailer. Maybe as DLC?

  4. I’ve just got a hit box type controller and found that my first session with it was frustrating, as I couldn’t get input timings down or locate the directional buttons. Two sessions later and I’m impressed with how much progress I’ve made.

  5. I hated it at first, but now I love it. She sounds like an angry Japanese man and I’m here for it.

  6. Mgs4 was robbed. I’ll probably be downvoted by the gta4 fans but it’s just my opinion

  7. I think most will agree that 3 was a lot better than 4. 1, 2, and Peace Walker were also better than 4.

  8. 19” 5:4 monitor here. Not tiny, but certainly not as large as purpose-built light gun cabinets. What do you think?

  9. I’d say that’s too small. I’d be like shooting fish in a barrel.

  10. Ive been PC gaming since 1997. You never needed a top tier card to run current games maxed. Top tier cards were for people pushing extreme triple monitor configurations (before 4K), and now for 4K.

  11. It’s not coming this year. It’s all part of the slow, simmering hype cycle.

  12. I like how some people are complaining about not getting new characters announced.

  13. I’m not annoyed annoyed but like I am slightly peeved at the fact that all the trailers so far are back-to-back characters already known to be in the roster thanks to the early trailers and not any new or unconfirmed guys, because the wait to see if some of my non-main-cast mains made it is totally killing me lol. Ah but still, what they’ve shown so far is sick.

  14. They’re showing more detail in terms of move lists for the already announced characters. This is in the build up to the closed alpha at Evo Japan.

  15. In the south I haven’t had any issues for a while. 48 hour take two working days, 24 hour take one.

  16. I have the cloth that comes with the photo box but idk I’m liking the silver back drop a bit 😄👍

  17. I’ve got this same light box. You need to use the coloured inlays to diffuse the light and provide cleaner pictures - at the moment my eyes are drawn to the rain drop patter of the backdrop, not the figure.

  18. I swapped out the directional caps for Green as I thought it looked cool :)

  19. I’m from the UK and recently got back into Tekken 7. I bought a fight stick (Mayflash F300 Elite) and enjoyed learning a new control style.

  20. Umm... Doom probably. I'm old enough to remember when Doom 1 came out and while I didn't finish Doom 3 (and didn't yet touch Doom Eternal's dlc stuff) I played all 5 games and a truckload of custom maps and shit.

  21. Hi fellow DOOM and TEKKEN fan! I still play the original DOOM - check out customs wads like Sunlust.

  22. I'm usually more of a medium difficulty kind of person but I'll make a note to check it out whenever I get back to Doom :)

  23. Sunlust scales well at all difficulties. Truly a wonderful experience.

  24. Jin parry works on elbows and knees. They break generic b+1+3/b+2+4 counters, but Jin parry does not give a shit. It parries everything.

  25. This looks rather similar to the AI art that resulted in AI art being banned from the sub.

  26. How lame and talentless do you have to be to post AI generated “art” and pass it off as your own?

  27. Hey man you're touching at a really key concept of learning in psych. There's a sweet spot when it comes to learning and engagement called the flow state where on one side is frustration and the other is boredom. If you find yourself too easily slipping into the frustration side and falling out of your flow state then taking breaks and reframing are a good way to help re-enter yourself since once you get frustrated it'll only take more and more energy to try and bring yourself out of it which will only leave you more exhausted.

  28. Wonderful answer. I really believe in this mode of learning.

  29. Mostly unbox and shelve, but I just bought a light box so have been having fun with photography on my iPhone 14.

  30. How do you find out who sent your name the the care team? I had one a while ago and wondered wtf it was about.

  31. You can’t, but if it’s unsolicited and out of nowhere after you’ve just had a disagreement with fellow Redditor with a very fragile ego and a swathe of insecurities, you can be sure you’ve been trolled.

  32. That's what confused me most, I hadn't had a fight with anyone for a few days. Unlike me.

  33. Lol I hear you. It’s a really shitty troll. It’s not even remotely funny: it’s just sad.

  34. I do like Mezco, but goddamn sometimes their heads are way too big.

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