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  1. Mmm, and what a sexy pair of legs (and heels) they are too 1😍πŸ”₯😍

  2. I wanna smoke with you and eat that pussy

  3. Smoking hot I'll put my face between that sexy booty of yours

  4. Great view, very sexy, but just out of reach. I can't quite get my lips and tongue around your dick 😫

  5. Very edible and very desirable.

  6. If Barry Sanders played for the Cowboys he would have won more Super Bowls than Emmitt Smith.

  7. Every modern game. Why does MGS5 need a leveling system? Not everything has to be a god damned RPG.

  8. Despite rave reviews, I also did not love 5. Unfortunately I jumped on the Microsoft train after PS2 so didn't get to play MGS4 or Rising. They're both on my list.

  9. MGS4 and every game before it in that series was good. After MGS4 I lost interest.

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