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  1. My walmarts turned the old card aisles into candy/as seen on TV products

  2. One of mine did this too. I think they got tired of dealing with the flippers. A couple others still have cards but of course not the one closest to my house.

  3. I refuse to even walk into mine anymore because they're fucking scalpers.

  4. This is how I am basically. Only thing I’ll go in for is supplies bc it’s cheaper than buying online.

  5. I think we all know what we're getting into at this point buying Topps Chrome. But it's shiny and we can't help it.

  6. Totally agree. I’ve been buying hobby boxes this year, but had already told myself that I would limit it to a few Chrome blasters and that’s all. They’re really for my kid anyway, so he’s not looking for value either.

  7. The company that released 2021 product one month ago?

  8. Haha I was thinking the same thing!

  9. There’s still him and his family who may want the card!

  10. He’s from my hometown! Would be a much cooler fact if he was actually decent.

  11. This is one my son’s favorite. Hopefully the hobby box I ordered from Topps will get here before next season starts 😑

  12. That fact that people are buying this with its god awful check list is amazing. People are just showing Topps its OK to release a garbage product

  13. “No son, some dude on the internet said it’s a garbage checklist & we shouldn’t placate Topps doing this to everyone.” - Me, never.

  14. Enjoy your overpriced, mass produced garbage. Hopefully your lucky and get something good. Atleast you can get Julio and Witt..... oh wait only SP lol want Spencer Strider? He only has an auto in the entire checklist. Having 4/6 big rookies as Short Prints is a massive change in the Topps Business model. It makes it that if collectors want them, they need to spend endless money just to attempt to get them.

  15. Good thing we collect for fun and aren’t chasing anything. But it was nice pulling a Julio SP from S2.

  16. The Hawk was my fav as a kid, so naturally now I have a ton of his cards. I love scouring eBay for oddball junk wax of his.

  17. Nice! After adding these today, I have about 75-100 unique cards of him plus about 40-50 duplicates. I also have about 15-20 autographs from games and/or appearances over the years, plus a few non-card autos like a picture and Starting Lineup figure still in package.

  18. Impressive! I prob have close to the same amount of cards + a few autos. I live in New Orleans & they just recently renamed a local college baseball tournament after him. I’m hoping he makes an appearance soon. I’ve never met him in person.

  19. I ordered a 2022 Fire hobby box from Topps, when I realized that Target had the same thing for $5 cheaper and free shipping (altogether like $20 cheaper) I went to cancel only to realize doesn't let you cancel orders.

  20. Had the exact same thing happen with me. So annoyed but I never would have thought that Target would have Fire hobby boxes.

  21. Yep I was shocked when I saw them on their website...ah well I eventually talked myself into buying a 2nd one since they were available lol.

  22. I thought about doing that but figured I’d save that money and blow it on Chrome instead. 😆

  23. My kid picked a winner with Machado on Sunday. He actually hit two!

  24. My favorite all time player. I’m currently on a mission to collect as many of his cards as possible.

  25. This community is awesome. I don’t just say that - I’ve had plenty of experiences on here dealing with great people who have helped me a ton in many different aspects of my collecting and enjoying the hobby, as a whole. One particular experience, though, stands out and it involves this card. 2020 A&G Chrome Tony Gwynn 1/5.

  26. Thanks for sharing, that’s an awesome story!

  27. I’m so annoyed that I can’t watch on tonight since I’m in NOLA and the game is blacked out due to being in the Astros territory 🤬

  28. PSA 6…I know that was a pretty penny! I have a raw version of this, nowhere near the condition this one is in. Congrats!

  29. This one is on my list as well. That's a sweet looking 2 considering there no white spots on the front. Good find!

  30. I'm a newspaper pressman. Created this, custom "card" from one of the plates I used to print the pictures of the local pro team.

  31. That’s such a cool idea. Great job!

  32. Haven’t doubled up. My kid didn’t want to lol. Went back & checked & we would have split on Saturday if we had done that. Acuna blasted his 440 feet.

  33. Do you have any Pete Alonso HRC you’d be willing to trade?

  34. Just double checked & I don’t have any Alonso’s. Sorry.

  35. Braves fan here & agree, this is a great looking card.

  36. If you think about it, the ringworm is a weak excuse. And if it was just a mistake, the MLB wouldn’t have slapped him with such a huge suspension. They have spent time and money (re)building a brand with him being one of the centerpieces of a young, exciting sport. It doesn’t make good business sense to suspend one of the faces of your game unless there was truth behind him using it to "cheat" his way back. They know it was cheating and chose to make an example out of him. Had they not and sided with him, the truth would have eventually come out and it would hurt the MLB more than if they just faced it head on.

  37. Weak excuse is right, considering his PR firm screwed up when googling the steroid he used. There is no chance his suspension gets reduced.

  38. Nice! I saw the sellers post & thought about this one. Also recently someone at a show had a 4 that he was selling for $750. It was the best looking 4 I’ve ever seen, just couldn’t pull the trigger.

  39. Yeah the guy I bought this from was a wonderful dealer. Great guy. I originally stepped away from this card because I didn’t want to pay the $375 he was firm in the beginning. Stepped away actually had a dream about it. All I remember at this point was being at a show and every card in the display case was a Jackie Robinson 1954 SGC A. I woke up hit up the seller, and was like bro I just had a dream about this card. I really really want to do this deal, will you do $350 and he accepted. I am so glad he did because this card is gorgeous in person. It makes me so happy every time I look at it.

  40. That’s a great story & now you have it! It’s on my list to eventually buy. If I wind up having a dream about it, I’ll get one the next day!

  41. Braves fan here. Do you have a card of Minter giving up a 3 run bomb in Philly by chance?

  42. I had a bad feeling about that game. Had some weird scoring plays for both teams.

  43. Im glad someone caught on to my comment 😁

  44. If you’re lucky it will be a Topps Now card today! 😆😫

  45. The guy’s grandad is/was cool as a cucumber for this collection, no doubt about that, but let’s not get all sentimental over that generation as a whole, as it’s already been proven they are almost solely responsible for mounting climate change, the horrible wealth inequality that persists today and just generally adopting a “Rules for thee, not for me” approach with everything from Social Security to how much the wealthy (don’t) pay in taxes. And this isn’t even mentioning their views on Black/Brown-skinned people and their views towards women, which were abhorrent by any modern standard.

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