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  1. Never minb. I found out that I never beat the level in Map that you're supposed to transform into Baba to win Map. I beat it and now I have 100% completed the regular Baba is Yyou.

  2. „kipisi“ is usually not used as „part“ but it this case it fits and I would also used it in that way. The good thing about pi is, it usually forces the word after it to be a noun (if you would literally translate it as „of X Y“). Like jan pi wawa ala (Person of no strength).

  3. ala a. toki pona la, ni li lon: A pi B pi C. ni li lon ala: A pi (B pi C). sona sina li sama toki ma. toki ma la, nimi ‚pi‘ mute li lon. ona li jo e kon ante. taso toki pona la, nimi ‚pi’ en nimi wan taso li ken ala lon.

  4. pi ma Netelan describes the kipisi, not the kasi.

  5. The first answer explains that in this specific instance, you can deduce which one is being implied. I'm talking about the construction in general. We are both right.

  6. foggy glass, because if we orient the board so that the king is on e and the queen is on d, the foggy glass is on 1 and 2

  7. what if it just deletes any timeline where the things coming from the future are different from the things going into the past

  8. There are no separate timelines. There is only one with multiple loops in it. Imagine it like a Russian doll with infinite possible smaller dolls in it. No matter what, you can always have a event inside a bigger time loop. You can always wrap the smaller time loop inside a bigger one.

  9. quantum mechanics makes timelines branch, but no timelines can exist where the time travel doesn't

  10. just tell 'em that it's the one-timeline time travel.

  11. by making sure you have checked every single number before you try multiple

  12. just sit back n relax, you goin to the future at 1 second per second

  13. it would not exist during that time, since it went to the future

  14. what proof ? i think the proof is very flimsy .

  15. it just means that you yourself don't cycle through, instead there are many copies of you in the loop

  16. My "jumping" is a little more complex than that. Every time I jump, random chance is altered, totally different people could ask questions. And building a device is quite challenging, so I'm not going to build one just to prove myself to a few people. And "With" is impossible, but it would be possible for you to do it before or after me. Would you like to know what jumping feels like? It's rather anticlimactic.

  17. how much is the probabilities changed

  18. I always remembered that the reciprocal functions are the reciprocal of their third letter. seCtant = 1/Cosine, coSectant = 1/Sine, coTangent = 1/Tangent.

  19. It is really dreadful, and the apologists replying to you only prove your point more. I wonder if mathematicians in other cultures extend factorial to the complex plane differently, i.e. the natural way?

  20. the natural way is the gamma function shifted

  21. The hyper leach would be a normal enemies that has the ability to climb your inner organs and suck your health. Their pretty small and can jump more than 5 to 8 blocks away. They attack in small groups. They gave 3 eyes, and 12 legs.

  22. when i checked out the dimension, i saw a bunch of floating concrete powder before instantly crashing, so it may have to do with the fact that all that falling at the same time

  23. but i don't think those things automatically update

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