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[Charania] BREAKING: The Brooklyn Nets are trading Kyrie Irving to the Dallas Mavericks for Spencer Dinwiddie, Dorian Finney-Smith, a first-round and multiple second-round picks, sources tell @TheAthletic @Stadium.

Did somebody say 'Murica?

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  1. Maybe it's fair but the Democrats (to say nothing about the Republicans) aren't even willing to close some loopholes in the capital gains tax. A wealth tax would seem to be a non-starter. So what are we supposed to do with this information?

  2. Kyrie is a top 15 player and instantly makes the Mavs an elite title contender.

  3. Here’s the 3 point cheapest solution for corporations to stop “Quiet Quitting”…

  4. At this point, it's fair to say companies are willing to sacrifice profit out of spite.

  5. I agree with you, but Walmart gave me my annual raise this month and it was... 2%.

  6. Walmart should be paying people $25/hour. They could easily still be profitable.

  7. I think the idea is to avoid using the banking system to reduce their power.

  8. Would be interesting to know how much they make in stock options in order to get the full picture

  9. Exactly. Steve Jobs was famous for his $1 salary. Even Elon has taken the $1 salary in the past:

  10. And THIS is why we say tax the rich. They don’t pay income tax on the $1 salary and there are so many loopholes for everything else.

  11. Well said - including the minute capital gains taxes they pay on their stock.

  12. I feel great sadness & anger at how dehumanized workers are. Solidarity with the iPhone workers disciplined for hydrating themselves during a long shift.

  13. Love when socialism gets equated to Leninism and people then ask if I loved Stalin

  14. Republicans love "socialism" in the form of TARP, Fed QE, Cares Act, oil subsidies, military industrial complex subsidies.

  15. What pisses me off about the dems (and that's how I vote, no both sides bs), is that when they do get power back they don't rollback enough of the republicans mess - off the top of my head: the trump tax cuts for the rich (I pay 10k more per yr), the ss cuts you mention, and Clinton's assault rifle ban.

  16. What you're describing friend is the ratchet effect. The Republicans move us 3 steps to the right, & the Democrats moving us back 1 step to the left is considered a win.

  17. The Moral Majority & Jerry Falwell rebranded segreationism into a pro-life crusade. Falwell himself was a segregationist, and only shifted his tactics when that went out of vogue.

  18. Because boomers have been brainwashed into being bootlickers and people are so divided that no one will come together to fight class inequality.

  19. You would think the least these greedy corporations could do is subsidize the commute when they are crying about not being in the office.

  20. True, but given the GOP leadership wants us to be Gilead I'm not expecting them to care.

  21. As soon as Jimmy Dore went off the deep end in early 2021 sucking up to Boogaloo boys I knew he had become a right winger.

  22. Hakeem Jeffries is a hedge fund stooge, not a progressive cell in his body.

  23. I think it's a difference in party policy and ethics. In most western countries right wing politics involves pandering to their base, claiming false things about the left parties and being all round loud dicks. Dirty politics.

  24. Yeah. I know American politics suck and you're picking the lesser of two evils.... But you know what will change that? If the apathetic left actually vote. Oh, and the Boomer's to die off. The last ones important but not the complete deal.

  25. They feel emboldened. They know that Joe Biden has said nothing as Starbucks, Amazon, etc. crush their unions.

  26. Solidarity, paraprofessionals have a very tough job. And are severely underpaid & underappeciated for it.

  27. As a REI member, there is no reason to not keep them taken care of.


  29. Call it what it is, Republicans. You’re denouncing the government doing anything to help its citizens.

  30. I'm disturbed so many Democrats voted in favor of this ridiculous bill. Including Hakeem Jeffries!

  31. It's disgusting how arrogantly unions are stonewalled. But the higher ups know there is no accountability & they don't care how much their workers are suffering.

  32. I don’t know how those in union-busting careers sleep at night.

  33. They tell themselves they are just a cog in the system, that they are fair & their $250 donation to charity each year makes them a good person.

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