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  1. The quavers in a swing piece are offset, and instead of being equally spaced they are counted on the first and third quaver triplet in each beat. That means you can 'feel' a swing beat in 4/4 by counting four groups of quaver triplets. Compare that to 12/8, where there are 4 beats, each made up of 3 quavers - exactly like the make up of a 4/4 swing beat. This is why they can be 'felt' in the same way.

  2. Expanding on #4: up tempo swing uses even 8ths, and the swing is in the articulation of the notes rather than their duration. Donna Lee is a good example.

  3. Interesting that it's still producing steam despite no way to pull water into the condensers!

  4. To be completely fair to myself, I’ve iterated number 6 in the way you described the entire internship. Regardless though, I’m failing to see why being transparent is such a bad thing. If I’m a manager, I would want to know if someone is getting burnt out so we can go through together and figure out what’s blocking you, causing you issues, etc. maybe I just don’t have enough experience to understand yet. Just doesn’t sit right with me though I will say. Being judge mental is on them, and honestly that character trait wouldn’t be one I want in a manager anyway .

  5. There are some managers you can trust with transparency, and some you cannot. Sounds like this one is the latter.

  6. It is 4/4 the whole way through, no deviations. I just tapped a steady beat for the entire song just to confirm. The Latin rhythms have some fun syncopation and it's easy to get thrown off, but they are all in reference to a consistent 4/4 meter, both the verses and the chorus.

  7. Definitely 4/4, and I think it's in a 3-2 clave as well.

  8. I'm sure there will be no ventilation or temperature issues cramming kids in that thing like sardines for an indeterminate amount of time.

  9. Also, when the shooter brings a grenade and drops it through one of the air holes ...

  10. I would just start peppering in a few different ones and write the hook to fit the one they latch onto

  11. Yes. Trying to predict what the party will do ahead of time leads only to despair.

  12. I think what they are saying makes sense. It’s like the Supreme Court is always doing Congress’s job. Congress should have passed a federal law after Roe v Wade. They had 50 years to do it. I’m 100% pro choice.

  13. This court would've just tossed that federal law. They don't need a reason other than "we have the votes".

  14. If you read the actual ruling, it has nothing to do with abortion itself and everything to do with the flimsy legal theories Roe was built on, basically finding nonexistent rights in the “penumbra of the constitution.”

  15. Because they've never needed to, as there's never been a national law allowing it.

  16. I see woke reddit is still in denial about Miami crushing NYC.

  17. I, too, have had the misfortune of reading the NY Post.

  18. There is zero difference between QAnon delusion and progressive delusion about ground truths and facts

  19. Did you know that apples and oranges are actually vegetables?

  20. They had their opportunity in 2008 and didn't use it.

  21. Any law passed in 2008 would've been mooted by this court.

  22. Not necessarily. The weaknesses of roe involved the due process clause used in the original ruling.

  23. I mean we're arguing hypotheticals, so you could be right, but I think any law passed would've had similar weaknesses. If the right to privacy doesn't exist then I don't know how any abortion law survives.

  24. The Statesman restaurant critic captured my experiences there too with his review -

  25. "It would be like opening a fancy pie shop and earnestly calling it Remember the a la Mode."

  26. Pixie mute + plunger. They're smoothly opening and closing the plunger while triple tonguing a repeated note, which is how you get that weird phasing effect. Cool sound!

  27. Could also be just hand movement (instead of the plunger). And there is a whole family of more obscure mutes from that era that it might be instead of a pixie mute (shastock, etc) but if I was going to recreate it today I'd notate pixie and plunger unless I knew I was writing for specifically a trad band that specializes in this sort of thing.

  28. Wait until you read Martin the Warrior. That's got to be saddest one.

  29. UT is paying him to call them communist traitors, and he thinks that's unfair to him.

  30. If you're an over-planner like me, save $10k before you move. You don't have to but it makes the whole process way easier.

  31. Funny story, HR at UT makes them list the bottom of the bracket on postings. Why? Who knows.

  32. Yes, some people will want the hustle and bustle, the culture etc of a city even if jobs aren’t location-relevant.

  33. On the other hand, the smaller communities are doing everything they can to keep people like me away from them by doubling down on religious autocracy as a preferred form of government.

  34. And which is the "worst" party, as you say? I know who you mean, but it's like type of mentality that causes the issues we face today. When people say both parties are the same, I hope they mean both parties are absolute dogshit. The only truly best form of party is no party. Our very first president tried to teach us that. Stop buying into this stupid dem/rep bullshit. It's only designed to keep us fighting amongst ourselves. Vote for politicians and bills that align with our individual views whichever party they belong to. That's how it should work. This issue has been going on far too fucking long. Just abolish the two party system already.

  35. The founders decried parties, but they also built a system that requires parties to function and then immediately formed the first parties as soon as the constitution was ratified. They're baked in.

  36. The most interesting thing that ever happened to me in EVE was fighting in the war that ex-faculty declared on the university. Sadly the hordes of screaming newbies in rifters wasn't enough to step them from blowing up the university station.

  37. In my mind, I would only write it that way if it facilitates a better performance (because of the emphasis on the downbeat and strong beats, for example). If writing it as two 4/4 bars doesn't change how a player would interpret the beats because of using accents, I would stick to that. There's no right answer, but I would consider the performer's perspective to be more important than the theoretical one. You'll get the feeling of a 7/8–9/8 pattern a lot stronger by writing it that way, but your performer would be more likely to get lost or lose their place compared to writing it as 4/4–4/4 with accents.

  38. I agree with this. Who's playing it? What's the genre? Will they be sightreading it on a stage with bad lighting while sharing a stand with the bassist? The more challenging the performance environment, the more likely I am to avoid meter changes.

  39. Uhhh, where does the Bible mention pornography? Pornography didn’t exist in Biblical times. Isn’t scientific consensus even from conservative scientists, that Climate Change, indeed DOES exist

  40. Didn't you know? Pornography is actually an Aramaic word originally.

  41. The 1940s-1990s were an aberration ushered in by FDR's monumental victory over the Supreme Court in establishing the New Deal. For the rest of its history, the Supreme Court has been as described above, a panel of senescent conservative hindrances to any social progress and cheerleaders for big business. The exception is over; we're back in the rule.

  42. Agreed. Dred Scott? The Taney court? That's the status quo for SCOTUS.

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