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  1. Like all religions it has a capacity for good and a capacity for evil

  2. Here’s the real twist: Star Wars will remain as Mediocre as ever regardless because they only have Fan Fiction level creators working for them.

  3. It certainly seemed a priority when they were releasing billion-dollar films at a rapid pace under Iger. Iger even went so far as to rush Solo out the door when it probably wasn't ready, and it didn't do well.

  4. Disney was in a healthier spot at the time, focussing on developing a brand within the film vertical of Disney was likely an important thing at that time

  5. MSW on the Jeff Sneider story: said he talked to people at Pinewood, and there's some evidence that they are planning to begin construction for a Star Wars movie in April-May. Said it depends on Taika turning his movie around December.

  6. I feel like losing the taika film would be a big loss PR wise for Lucasfilm

  7. Many do, but it's already a crowded market. Why don't french people play more basketball?

  8. That is why OP didn't include it. No Way Home's $1.9 billion revenue without China destroys their argument.

  9. So what’s going to be Disney’s narrative for the failure?

  10. Yeah and it also looks boring you could make elsa a lesbian but frozen 3 would do great

  11. I think if people hate the movie because they are homophobic it's fair to call them out for being homophobic but if the movie is bad it's also fair to call the movie out as bad.

  12. When the day comes that Kathleen Kennedy actually retires/moves on, you just know that these chuds will be taking credit. I hope she names Rian Johnson as her successor, or Ta-Nahisi Coates.

  13. As hilarious as it would be neither of those people would be good fits for the role

  14. “KK might actually be gone.” Hasn’t he been saying this for years? and it’s still not true

  15. To be fair, campea is a more reliable source than, say, zeroh but until some trade or reputable journalist can back it up I wouldn't listen

  16. And the day before, Campea said the exact opposite. Different insiders told him two very different things and it just worked out that he had the remain news published before the fired one.

  17. His argument there makes sense. He said that his assumption that Kennedy is safe was based on her and iger having a historically strong working relationship and chapek being a roadblock to more films being completed. Not based on actual insiders saying she was safe

  18. I want to do the same thing - am debating between a pitcher of brandy, bitters & fruit that guests can add their own soda to (Fresca is best imo) or include the soda with the mix and make a floating ice ring for the punch bowl.

  19. So what I read was that you should multiply your recipe by 12 if using a whole bottle of liquor. So you get like 700ml of alcohol, 3oz of simple, 24 dashes of bitters...and I'm gonna muddle one cherry, see how much liquid that is, and add that times 12 as well. Maybe more bitters...and then some water to dilute it since the drink won't be stirred

  20. orange and cherry usually get muddled, but there wouldnt be any muddling in a mix like this

  21. I’ll be interested to see how he goes about keeping things fresh yet again for the third one. Without going into spoilers, these movies now clearly have a theme, but what separates Knives Out from Glass Onion is that one is a lot more about heritage whilst the other focuses upon opportunity in more ways than one.

  22. I heard speculation that if knives out was about old money, glass Onion about new money, KO3 would be about borrowed money and KO4 blue money

  23. He said he would like to do it but his current focus is knives out 2 and 3 due to the stupid amount of money Netflix paid

  24. I’m not saying he didn’t say anything good about Star Wars but as you said, he seemed to have gotten bitter about how it overshadowed the great or better work that he did in his career. He also didn’t seem to understand why people like it so much.

  25. I love star wars but it was kind of the beginning of the end of a lot of good trends in films that has developed through the mid century. Lucas and Spielberg made too much money for studios and it changes the entire model for the worse

  26. Alec Guinness probably would’ve been glad if they did straight up replace him with Ewan though. Alec supposedly didn’t have that high of an opinion on Star Wars and for the Kenobi character and wouldn’t have wanted to be remembered for Kenobi.

  27. its more complicated than that. He liked Star Wars fine (he is very complimentary in early interviews on it) but he considered it a silly kids movie and he was a serious actor. So as time went on and all people recognized him from was Star Wars he got bitter...But it seems it was more of a negative reaction to how it overshadowed his serious work as an actor than the film itself

  28. Our roads are crap. Our cities need more money for services. Our parks in danger of being privatized. But sure lets cut taxes

  29. If that’s what it does then it will only just barely break even if at all, according to Cameron’s own statements in the media.

  30. I dont know if Cameron's statements are correct. I think he may be trying to hype up the size of the film. IF this movie cost $350-$400M to make (the reported range), and has a 150M marketing budget, then it needs to make in the ballpark of 1B without china to make a profit in theaters alone, without counting the video sales and such.

  31. Why does anyone care what the box office $'s are for a movie unless you're part of the production? It's not like you made any money from this. Such a weird obsession.

  32. Yes, but at the same time we should continue to investigate this as an anti lgbt hate crime

  33. I think a lot of liberals are not particularly interested in meaningful change structurally, and that leftists are so invested in structural change that some ignore immediate ways to help people.

  34. My girlfriend read his book, and apparently a lot of it is just trashing the other Monty Python guys?

  35. Not really. Its mostly talking about his childhood. The only trashing I remember is towards Terry Gilliam, and even that was pretty light saying he is a weird guy. Which is completely fair. But if memory serves he speaks highly of Chapman, talks about Palin being a very friendly person, and that he and Terry Jones are just very different people and personalities. I cant recall him saying anything about Eric Idle

  36. John Cleese was probably my favorite of the Pythons, and I read his autobiography and it was great, but in so many ways he is the kind of person he mocked decades ago

  37. yoda was stopping rocks thrown with the force, Rey was lifting rocks that had no momentum. Even ignoring all the spiritual or thematic reasons why it works, the physics of lifting rocks not in motion versus rocks in motion is very different

  38. They really don't make movies like Pirates 1-3 anymore. Rewatching them recently made me pretty sad for how cookie cutter the practical and VFX work is on Hollywood movies nowadays.

  39. I think shooting on film is a big reason that even mundane studio films from over a decade ago look so good compared to now. Film required greater on set discipline and technique, more consequence for getting it wrong, and more planning and thought due to the physical and limited nature of film. Plus needing to get more of it right in camera

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