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  1. We've all been there, hell I'm still there, been in this game for 7 going on 8 years, had a little bit of success here and there, but no accolades like you. I also have an agent that I get maybe 5 auditions a year from(Yes, you read that right). I submit for projects on my own via AA but I seldom get called in, I have a decent resume am a great looking guy with great shots, but still nobody wants to give me a chance, but...... I have absolutely NO desire to quit. I've already made the decision that I'm going to die doing this, whether I'm successful or not, this is the life I chose, im just waiting for it to choose me. As others have said, take a break, pick up a hobby, cycling and coding are a few of my favorites. Just relax and enjoy your life for what it is, and don't stress over what it isn't. There's no point in stressing over something you can't control. But no matter what, don't quit, you've already come this far. Keep going. But remember to stop and smell those roses..... I hear they're beautiful this time of year. ;)

  2. This is the most inspirational post about acting I’ve read! Thank you!! I’m going to save it and reread in the times of need. And you’re absolutely destined for success with that attitude, good luck!

  3. This HAS to be turned into a movie!! That would be a great cliffhanger for the plot lol

  4. People will know the out come anyway, but great cinematic suspense either way

  5. She's a bit of a tomboy but has a soft spot for girly things.

  6. Умница и красавица! Удачи всей вашей семье! ❤️

  7. Если Вы серьезно) то мой вам совет, не медлить, а убегать как можно быстрее, нечего тратить свою жизнь на бессмысленную борьбу, лучше вести войну в интернете, переубеждая людей и распространяя реальную ситуацию не опасаясь оказаться за решеткой. У меня была виза, но я узнал тут много людей русских, кто сбежал через Мексику без визы, благо в Мексику не нужна виза для россиян. Покупаете билет до Тихуаны, берете такси из аэропорта до границы с США, и сдаётесь на границе американским офицерам. Ещё есть лазейки через койотов, но не думаю что это законно рассказывать) но это тоже верный способ, так тоже русские делают и быстрее оказываются на территории США. Из за ковида сейчас долго не держат в тюрьме, говорят неделю максимум. А вообще на эту тему много людей снимают видео и рассказывают как они это сделали, в русском сегменте ютуба)

  8. Можно узнать, вы по туристической остались как беженец? Или у вас рабочая?

  9. Туристическая виза, просите политическое убежище

  10. Поняла, спасибо вам огромное за ваши ответы! Удачи вам в вашей новой жизни в новой стране!)))

  11. Hi, sorry to suddenly return to this, but with the invasion now actually happening, could you tell me what the current mood over there is?

  12. Massive panic and anger with our government. It’s chaos here today, nothing is working properly. Again, it’s always normal citizens who are suffering, never the elite or the government officials, who will start running to the US or the UK right now…

  13. Thank you! Just in: EU is to to close all active visas of Russian citizens to the EU countries. So not only are we hated by the entire world for our government, but we also cannot run anywhere. Seems pretty interesting!

  14. Make everyone on this planet think like me lol. I wonder if that would really solve the world’s problems like it seems in my head

  15. After my mom’s chemo was over and she was told it worked. Immediately all the emotions came out, the sense of relief was immeasurable, never felt anything like this before. Still get the similar relief every time she has her 6 month checkups

  16. At uni we were sitting in class and looking at clothes online. I saw something ridiculously expensive and said “For this price I could buy a private jet”. My roommate turned around, she didn’t know what were talking about and said “wait you wanna buy a private jet? Don’t buy from the , my dad bought his from them and is still complaining about how it’s not worth the price, they don’t even have a kitchen”. And then the conversation switched to other people feeling bad for HER DAD for buying it from that brand, and then switching to complaining about lack of storage units or something for private jets in the UK? I was (and still am) too poor to understand, but what I got is that… listening to rich people complaining is a mix between depressing and hella entertaining at the same time lol

  17. Well if it’s about small accounts, doubt they will bother to fix it

  18. This reminds me of the time when I worked as a housekeeper in a hotel. They let us rent a room at the same hotel, discounted room price deducted from our wages. So on my day off my manager started knocking on my door at 6 am in the morning, and when I didn’t want to get up she unlocked the door with a manager’s key, entered my room, physically shook me to wake me up and told me she needs me to work today as someone didn’t show up. She gave me 10 minutes to change into uniform and start a full day shift lol. Needless to say, I didn’t get another day off that week haha. Oh the memories…

  19. my god if any manager put their hands on me I would deck them o_o ESPECIALLY IF I WAS ASLEEP AND HAD NO IDEA WHO THEY WERE???

  20. Thank you so much! Yes I was naive and very young, and needed the job desperately so couldn’t leave immediately. This is in the past though luckily!

  21. Ok there is SO much to process… with every line I’m reading I’m thinking “ok it can’t get worse” BUT IT IN FACT DOES GET WORSE

  22. If there is a corpse in my basement I may refer to it as “the thing in my basement” because it is unpleasant and I would like to distance myself from it. Not entirely a conscious decision.

  23. Goodness friend, I’m so sorry for you!! Sending lots of Reddit hugs!! And I’m sure your cat is in heaven eating all her/his favourite food!

  24. I legitimately thought this said protect against humanity. I mean, is it still wrong?

  25. Got excited as I’ve read the ad as “the solution to fight against humanity”. Oh the disappointment

  26. Hey guys, I’m in the same boat haha! Just got contacted today by an “Alva Johansson”, good to know it’s a scam (as most of the companies reaching out are, unfortunately). I wouldn’t collaborate anyway unless I was paid money upfront or offered free stuff with free shipping. So my advice would be to never “buy something at a discounted price” cause 99.9% of the time it’s a scam

  27. But The Little Mermaid doesn’t die in the movie?? Right? So confused

  28. Ah I see, thank you so much! I guess it’s not from the original Little Mermaid then?

  29. No not that actually. Not gonna bore you with too many details, but my dad was an alcoholic so I saw how he was treating my mom in my childhood, I think that was one of the first reasons. And then after my bff tried to kill me (so sorry if that’s too depressing) my boyfriend and all our friends didn’t want to do anything with me cause they didn’t want to get involved in such heavy stuff

  30. Aww bless, you seem like a good person, I hope good things come your way. ❤️🤗😘

  31. So I was a working model most of my life and modelled for some big fashion brands. And I’ve also been depressed and super insecure most of my life. In terms of “beauty pass” - I’ve never been hit on by guys really. Same with most of my model friends. I never get approached anywhere, Ive never been complimented by anyone other than other girls and some nice but old men in my dms. I’ve never had a “pretty” pass so in my opinion it’s a big old myth. So what I want to say is that really, looks don’t matter at all, neither in life nor in relationships! (In my opinion and from my experience).

  32. What the actual hell???? I’m so mad rn imma go punch some pillows. Some people just don’t have a heart!! Even if the company thinks they’re right, there are 1000 ways of how they could’ve handled the situation. And they went with a disgusting one. WHERE DO I DOWNVOTE THEM?

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