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  1. This is totally true. All the downcast Dons fans should remember how quickly it can turn. Also, he can do a decent job as a big bodied stopper. He’s just a tad limited as far as disposal goes.

  2. They had a board cleanout and hired the best CEO in the business.

  3. Well the weird thing is we did fairly well in 2021. Like when your team isn't the best, the one thing you want is for them to have a crack each week and I think we consistently did that year, for the first time in a long time.

  4. David Barham is a cocky, annoying prick.

  5. And aside from blowing up the board to make a clumsy attempt for Clarkson at the last minute, and aside from completely dragging Rutten through the dirt for two weeks, and aside from being unable to hold a press conference without seeming like an incompetent fool, and aside from hiring Thorburn...

  6. At this point his best chances might to be to ring people up and pretend he's someone from a different club. Then just put "Essendon" in the paperwork and hope the player doesn't notice.

  7. To be fair it's a mickey mouse pick 1 this year

  8. Are you sure, I've heard some experts saying that donald duck would go before mickey

  9. It's the lesser of 100 members or 5% of members. The EGM at the end of 2007 was triggered with about 150 signatures

  10. After that they changed the rules so it's just the 5%. You can find the details in the clubs constitution online.

  11. Thanks, just had a look. Section 10.2 calls it out and refers to the Corporations Act (relevant section 249D), for the 5% threshold on Eligible Members.

  12. To my mind the advantage would be action now instead of waiting til the AGM and letting the current decision makers do more damage in the meantime. Just want to see some accountability from the board and the president for their actions, even if it's just them being forced to front up to angry members. What do you think?

  13. Oh god. Imagine if you had a meeting with a peer over lunch and you have to do the Welcome to Country before you start eating.

  14. Welcome to the lunch room, welcome to the water cooler, welcome to saying hi as you pass each other in the hall...

  15. My ballot has 2 gop running for governor and a fucking cop that resigned because she was running too violent of a precinct running for Senate. Dems couldn't fucking bother getting anyone to run against the war profiteering piece of human shit that is my incumbent in the house....

  16. Yeah and other players that had previously been linked to us, like Bobby Hill and Dunkley, now aren't interested at all.

  17. This is a photoshop fake but the TDS crowd, once again, believes everything because of their brainwashed hatred.

  18. Trump posted it himself you colossal moron.

  19. Who cares about the specific sermon, you can just go to their site and read about any of their awful views.

  20. What a huge personality upgrade that would be.

  21. the biggest issue i can recognise is not bottoming out, you constantly hover from slightly above average to below average. You’ve never fully committed to a sustained rebuild effort

  22. We have the second youngest list in the league..

  23. Well I don't want to blame it all on 9/11 but it certainly didn't help.

  24. I know right? I don't know jack shit about most club's boards, because for the most part they stay in the background and quietly get things done. Meanwhile there's this fucking clownshow....

  25. "If you want to make this team you better start smoking meth"

  26. I've been through some pretty dark days and incompetence but to a degree I also felt like a lot of it was also bad timing.

  27. I think part of the frustration is that we have already suffered through so much, and we hear a lot of words about change but somehow are still an incompetently-led club. It's good that we are having an external review but this board has got to be cleaned out properly.

  28. Jeff went just before you, I think it's back onto the Kangaroos turn now isn't it?

  29. Maybe but would Jeff really wait politely for someone else to have a turn?

  30. Just a bit of food for thought but part of the optics over this was if he would allow his faith to impact his position as CEO of Essendon. If we look back at his time at NAB you’ll see that NAB participated in The International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia.

  31. It's not his faith, it's that he's literally a leader of the church. How can he be a leader of an anti-women, anti-LGBTI church and at the same time be the leader of an inclusive football club?

  32. Lol SEN callers are up in arms. Just a bunch of old men in shambles. Even one caller asking why people are so angry at Christian’s and not “Muslims”. Jeepers.

  33. That's the scariest thing to me, the implication that all the NAB stuff didn't worry the club at all.

  34. Or threaten enough people that they all get together and say enough is enough.

  35. I dunno it seems like Russians mainly prefer to just stand by and let it happen.

  36. I mean the coup of the board for the rushed chase of Clarkson when we had no shot, that terrible press conference days later leaving rutten out to dry scaring away other potential coaching candidates, hiring of this CEO. Seems like an incompetent buffoon

  37. Completely agree. At least the board coup got us the external review, but going for Clarko so late in the game was an embarrassment, and the way they treated Rutten was abominable. In every press conference he seems incompetent, and now we have this complete debacle of a CEO appointment.

  38. Amazing that many people laud players such as Gary Ablett Jnr and Bachar Houli who have literally identical views on gay marriage and abortion, but they can’t cop this administrator.

  39. Almost as though there's a difference between players and someone who is supposed to lead a whole organisation...

  40. so how's Essendon's wild ride going so far? the board is ridiculously out of touch

  41. I want heads to roll on the board, but that doesn't change the fact that the current board members are the ones that actually got us an external review and that actually ran a real process for finding a coach. The "same olds" you mentioned were the ones that got pushed out.

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