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  1. NTA you are allowed to make your own choices about how much to drink, when to drink it and who to drink it with.

  2. YTA. You're the asshole. Holy fuck dude you are the asshole. Every baby is different. The fact that this child is a girl has nothing to do with anything, but clearly you are butthurt about it based on the way you included that little tidbit.

  3. NTA. I posted photos of the day I got engaged with my ring on display too, its pretty standard to do.

  4. I love kids, am pregnant right now (yay!) And my original wedding plan was child free (canceled due to covid but whatever). Who wants to drink and party with a bunch of kids around that you have to modify and censor in front of?

  5. I....dont understand why he was upset at all? You saw a spoiler, you didn't spoil it for him, and you could have just watched the show like normal??

  6. NTA. It was an off leash dog park where gasp dogs are off their leashes!!

  7. NTA. You are doing your best to provide proper care for a helpless creature.

  8. NTA. You were honest about your experience. Maybe they will learn from the feedback and improve, maybe they won't

  9. She commented on your body publicly without taking you aside privately, why is no one concerned about that behavior making YOU uncomfortable? Why would they only be concerned when she was?

  10. You think being bullied is going to affect him more than his own parent not accepting him (and taking his clothes?!)?

  11. She's 9, its a seat in a car. Be the grown up and let her share it with you.

  12. So let's see...They make fun of you if you try to eat the food that they like/cook, but get mad or make fun of you when you eat the food you actually like...they are so insecure about their food habits that they feel fat whenever they see someone eat lettuce, and build up some devious ploy in their heads about how your food choice is entirely to manipulate them into not suing you?

  13. I have social anxiety, when I was much younger (teenager) and didn't have a handle on it... I have been like her, asking people to do things for me because if I did them I'd full on panic. Her asking you to do these things means she is comfortable with you.

  14. The virus comment was irrelevant and unnecessary. He was not any danger to you, you could have 100% gotten your frustrations out without bringing up the virus in that situation.

  15. NTA but ita gonna be hard on all of you, and it sounds like he does have some mental health issues. You will have to come to terms with the very real possibility he ends up homeless.

  16. NTA, your girlfriend should be able to handle not having a running catalogue of your every interaction.

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